Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Erena Velazquez, April 17th, 2021

Greetings My Beloved Ones,

I am Archangel Michael, I am happy to come today and show to human beings on how to realize, who you really are. You are souls who travelled around different Universes, Galaxies and Planets. Each of you has an individual journey, which includes living many lives in different forms or no form at all just being a pure essence of the soul. You had many different type of experiences.
Your Earth encounters are totally unexpected as your plan was to stay here for a short period of time, just to help to rescue Mother Gaia. Everyone, who chose to be here, got stock, because of the reincarnation machine used by the Dark Ones. As they are enjoying keeping you trapped here on this planet, effecting your memories and forcing you to be here as a hostage, by not letting you leave this part of the Galaxy.
Every time you left the physical body, you were zipped back into another body, so you had a never ending cycle of lives here, life after life. Many of you forgot that you are Love and Light, and your mission here is to spread Love and Light in order to break the Darkness. I want you to start to express to each other only love, kindness, generosity, respect and etc., and not to entertain anymore any negative emotions.
I am, Archangel Michael asking all of you to go deep within your essence and ignite the inner flame of your soul. This fire is going to spread globally as the spark of Light that is going to wake up the rest of the human population.
Your erased memories are going to rush back to you, as soon as you will start staying permanently in the high frequencies. You came to Mother Earth from many Stars Systems, so you carry a lot of unique knowledge, which you are going to share with humanity to create a piece of Heaven on Earth for everyone.
The fire of your Love and Light is going to burn the corrupted souls, who want only to destroy and harm others. Their power is being drastically reduced in many Galaxies, Universes and Planets as millions of beings are fighting them by using different methods to eliminate their oppressive presence permanently, so they can’t hurt other beings.
A lot of you are going to find out that the evolution of your soul involved millions of different lives with valuable experiences, which you will use to help to build a New Earth. You are Angels, Masters, Ancient Priestesses and etc., who are fighters of the Light that eliminate Evil everywhere it casts it’s Dark Shadow. You are a beacon of Hope and Light for all of the beings in all the Universes, Galaxies and Planets, who are fighting for their freedom now from the Darkness.
I am aware that all of you are tired of being here and waiting for the end of your mission, please, keep your energies in high vibrations to transform your body to a new 5D version. The acceleration of the Divine Timing is in accordance with the Divine Plan, which was created a long time ago by Father, Prime Creator, who was forseeing the future, when humanity as Collective Consciousness was going to accept Divinity.
I am Archangel Michael, I am grateful to be here and sending my healing powers and blessings to all of you. Thank you.
Divine Love and Light
Archangel Michael