Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via James McConnell, January 22nd, 2017

“Archangel Michael”
I am “Archangel Michael”.

Yes, I led the remainder of this meditation. It is important for each one of you to know and understand who you are. And where you are going with all of this. You have heard many, many times what this all about, how this is going to happen. You have also heard us say that we do not know how this is going to happen exactly.

We have certain understandings that you do not have at this point. If you were to remember who you are, you would remember that many of you have been to this point before in many, different ways. You have moved into different systems before and been called the “system busters”. You have busted systems wide open previously.

You have been at my side many times before. Many of you are and have fought alongside with me. Yes, I have my blue sword of truth. You, each one have your own sword of truth. That sword of truth now is beginning to ring out. You have closed your ears to all of those things that have been spoken of for some time now, programming that has been going on. You have been turning away from that, as a collective.

More and more you are finding that your sword of truth is now reaching out and bringing the answers. Bringing the truth forward to all of those who don’t have an idea about a truth coming forward. They find themselves in their comfort zones. Sitting back and letting the world revolve around them instead of stepping forward and helping the world evolve.

That is what you are here for, my friends. You are here to help the entire process. You are part of this orchestration that has been spoken of many times. You are here to do your part whether it is greater or smaller. It matters not. You are the ones who are making all of this happen. You are in the process now, in the beginning of this year 2017 when many of you thought you’d already be up in those clouds. Thought you’d already ascended back from the 2012 time and all the promises that were made then.

I tell you now, that those promises have been and are being fulfilled. You only need to look around yourself. See the many changes that have happened. Stop looking at what hasn’t happened and look at what has transpired, what has begun.

You know that the end of the old 3D paradigm illusion is very near an end. You are going to more and more see through the veil as it continues to drop very fast. Yes, as was said earlier in this conversation we do see the light coming on everywhere. We do see the flame ablaze in each of you. Many more are starting to blaze. Many more are awakening.

This is the process of Ascension. This is what must happen for this mass Ascension to occur. It takes all of you. It takes all of us to help to bring this about. Even if you feel that you have no part in this know that is not true because your thoughts, your every thought, becomes a thing and becomes reality. All of those you come in contact with around you are affected.

When you move into a room or situation that is more of a negative vibration, yes you can turn around and walk away from it. Or you can go in and fight. Fight those negative vibrations. Fight the darkness that might be there.

Be the Light Warrior that many of you came here to be. Many of you will be called shortly to do exactly that. For “Sananda” is gathering the masses. Gathering those to him. As well as “Ashtar” and “St. Germain” and myself and “Sanat Kumara”, all of us are calling you to us. We are there by your side to finally end this battle of the dark versus the Light.

It was never a question in doubt that the Light would win. But it took all of you to bring this about and make this real and making it real you have done. We applaud you now. We stand back and wonder at how much you have accomplished in such a short time. For you it is lifetimes. For us it is just a brief moment within an eternity.

It is extremely important, the role which you play now as you continue to play this in the weeks and months ahead. There are going to be many changes, many shifts of consciousness that are going to occur. Much of the old is going to fall away. The old within your government. The old within your financial system. The old within relationships. All of this is going to fall away as it needs to. For the new to be born, the new dawn to occur there must first be the setting sun. The setting sun is the third dimensional paradigm. The new dawn to appear is your new Golden Age.

For all of you my friends, my brothers, my sisters, be of good cheer now. Know that you are in the last leg of the race, as “Sananda” is fond of saying. You are nearing the finish line. Several of you have crossed it and are turning back not even knowing that you have crossed it. As you cross the finish line, we are right there beside you. Helping you, nudging you and sometimes even carrying you those final steps.

I am “Archangel Michael”. All of my love, my peace be with all of you. As you continue on this journey know that part of this journey is about to end and a new glorious journey is about to begin. Peace and love.