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Archangel Michael via James McConnell, July 15th, 2018

Archangel Michael   

I AM Archangel Michael.

And I AM pleased to be with you always to be here to share, to bring news. Bring news of the many changes that are coming before you now. Many that you have heard of and some that you have not yet heard of.

But you must know that all is in readiness, all is in the process now of coming together, for being all that you have been hearing for some time now and that you have all come to witness and to be a part of. And being a part of is what you are here for.

You are here to be more than just an observer, though. You are here to participate, be a participant and go about your missions that you have been readied for, for some time because all is in readiness.

Just as Sanat Kumara said in the last week he is here now at the end. He has fulfilled his promise and is ready to move on. Just as Sananda has been saying for some time you have arrived at the finish line. You only need to believe it.

But I tell you that because of so many things that are about to come forward, so many truths that are about to be revealed, several dominoes that are about to begin to fall is because of all of this. That even those of you that are not prepared for this will begin to see and hear and know the truth because the truth can no longer be held back. Even those that attempt to do so have met their defeat. And yes many of them have surrendered. Not all but many have.

Because of this you are at the finish line. Because of this you are ready to move forward with this transition period. You might say up to this point you have been treading water. Now you are about to swim. Swim for the other shore, the one you have not reached yet. The one that is not familiar to you.

Once you reach that other shore, or the road less traveled, you reach that other shore you will find that all along you have known what was on the other side. You just need to come to understand it and to believe it. And once you fully believe then you fully have arrived.

As Archangel Michael I beseech you now to go out, move on, share the light wherever you can. For those moments have arrived where many across the planet, many who have not yet become awakened, will now do so. And they will be ready for answers just as you were, many of you, several years ago when you asked the question: “Why am I here? What is this all about? What am I here to do? What is my mission? What is my purpose?” You asked those questions. You have received many of the answers. And those too that are now going to begin to ask those questions, you will be there as their mentors. You will be there to answer their questions, to give them the light that they are so longing for.

For so many are still in darkness, darkness within their very selves. Darkness that they do not even know that they are in.

They will come to understand this as the light shines forth and they realize that they have been reaching for the light all along but did not know that they were.

I leave you now as Archangel Michael. And I leave you always with my Sword of Truth and my Shield of Strength. Go forth now and share all that you are within you.

Peace and love be with all of you now.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”