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One Who Serves via James McConnell, July 15th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

You can now un-mute your phones now. We do not have a message to follow this.

Now we would take questions here if there are any.

Q & A

Q:  Is Ishtar and Ashtar the same person?


OWS:  They are not. No.


Q:  Can you tell me who Ishtar is and the difference between Ishtar and Ashtar?


OWS:  What we can tell you is that Ashtar is very ancient; has been around for a very long, long time. Comes from times before you can even begin to imagine here, from your three-dimensional understanding. And the one Ishtar is a Being that is separate, certainly from this, but One and the same as well as all are One and the same. So you all come from the One Source — we all come from the One Source. So in that sense we are all the same, all a part of the One. But the one, Ishtar, is what you would say a different understanding, a different revealing here that comes from ancient times as well, [but] then has had a completely different lineage though than from the one Ashtar. We cannot give you too much more on this at this point. There are various information that you can find on your internet about this. Look up Ashtar; look up Ishtar and you will see what we are speaking of here as the difference but yet the One here. Okay?


Q:  Yesterday early morning, in my head I was hearing something. It’s not a buzzing, it’s not a ringing, or related to the ascension or new codes. It felt to be quantum. Then I go for little snooze and I hear it again in my head and it feels like I was hearing something related to light. Like light vibrations like coming from the Sun. Things that I cannot describe the feeling because it is quantum, it’s not 3-D. So what was that I was hearing in my head?


OWS:  You were feeling exactly what the Archangel Michael was giving in this meditation herein terms of coming to understand that which is completely beyond the physical and hearing the vibration of the colors themselves. Hearing the vibration of the Earth. Hearing so much more of what is beyond the physical sense of hearing. This is what you are doing. You may even begin to call it the music of the spheres. You are correct it is part of what you would call the light language.


Q:  Is it the same thing when I see coming from the Sun drawings, codes, like using transference like translucent ink. I feel like circles, circles in different sizes. And different shapes mainly coming from the Sun but almost everywhere. Are those codes coming from the Sun or what?


OWS:  They are not coming from the Sun here. They are coming from beyond the Sun. This is all we can tell you on this now.


Q:  I had the most vivid dream last night like I actually was experiencing it. I’ve not had this dream before which was The Event. What I experienced was a purple haze. My hands were purple, the sky opened up, there was so much bright light. Nobody knew what was happening except for me. And I ran past this person and I said, “I’m afraid I’m leaving now. I send you unconditional love. I probably won’t see you again but I’m going to a different place. But I do send you love.” And this person was like none the wiser. And then I ran to my house and my oldest son, Valentino, said, “Mum, it’s happening.” And I said I know. I grabbed his hand and my little baby’s hand and we looked out the window at this beautiful purple but massively bright sky. And then I woke up. But I had the eeeee sound in my ear like it was so potent in my ear. That was the minute I woke up out of the dream because I woke up out of this Event. I actually felt I was experiencing it. And then this massive eeeee sound in my left ear came through like frequency sound. My question is why am I dreaming about this? Is there a significance as to why I’m dreaming about this? Who was the person I said I’m going I won’t see you again? And the sound in my ear that then obviously woke me up?


OWS:  It was of course a very much a precognitive dream here. You are seeing ahead in what is the potential here for the very near future. ‘Near’ future in terms of what we would say is near; not so much what you might say is near. But it is coming. And you were getting a precursor of this, of what it would be like. For some it will be as you are describing, for others it will be somewhat different. But all will feel a sense of a massive change that is in the air at the time whether they are seeing light, whether they are seeing colors, whether they are feeling something different, whatever it might be. And as to the one that you said you will not see them again, you were speaking to that lower part of your ego that you would be leaving behind.


Q:  Oh joy! [Laughter] That’s good that I leave that lower part of my ego. Oh it was wonderful it was beautiful. Then straight after that that huge frequency eeeee sound in my ear. Was that a code? Was that some download?


OWS:  That was the vibration of the New Earth.


And we will add here that as the James received earlier, correctly we would say, in the sound of the humming sound, that was the sound of the Earth here, the resonance that it provides here to those that have the ears to hear. But what you heard with the eeee sound is the next octave beyond this. That is all we can say on this now.


Q:  For a while now since James had mentioned about the trip to Mexico, I have been seeing (especially when I’m on Sunday group) the doors to where the Lemurian [Records] have been hidden. I’m seeing like a door entrance to that. What’s the meaning of that? Is it a real door I’m seeing or just some kind of symbol?


OWS:  There is not a door as you are speaking but there is an opening that will present itself when the vibrations are reached. The vibrations being that of the Lemurian vibration that those of you that were there at that time and placed the

Records in that vibration. And it is important for those that find themselves down there at the time to reach that same resonance, that same vibration. And when that is done that is the tumblers that are needed to unlock the entrance to be able to enter.


Q:  So that means I was in Lemuria then because if I’m seeing that opening? Was I part of that group in Lemuria that was putting away the files?


OWS:  You were, otherwise you would not be receiving this information that you are getting here.


Q:  I recently discovered that I’m a double star seed and I have Arcturian and Andromedan aspects in the 9th and 10th dimensions. And the Arcturians have given me the message that I’m being prepared to speak the Light Language. And they’ve made changes in my DNA and the changes should be taking place after about two weeks, (which is a week ago when I got the message). My question is: it’s been coming through my mind and I’m wondering if I am becoming able to speak this language because I am part of the team going to Mexico. Is that true?


OWS:  First of all who is the speaking? [Answers]


Yes. We cannot give you that information directly because that decision has not yet been made as to who will be finding themselves down there. But we can tell you that you are correct in that you are receiving the Light Language and will be working with that directly in the times ahead. But we cannot say that it is in the timeframe that you are directly saying here in terms of one or two weeks. What we can tell you though is that it is coming. You are going to be expected or asked you might say to be an emissary in some ways of providing this language, this Light Language, to those who are ready to receive it. So yes.


Q:  First I just wanted to say that I also dreamed of the solar flash and that was great. I’m just wondering if that was a precursor also — which I think it probably was. And I also got that about the eeee, what she was saying is that the Aah Eee Ummm, you know, the half note up? [Yes.]  Is Aramda going to be joining us or be around in the very near future sharing with us?


OWS:  He is always around you. He is always a part of this expression within this group because he is very much involved in this group just as many of us are as well. And he is very much going to be there with you at the Advance and at other times in the not far off future here.


Q:  I have been having this experience of what feels like an energy download that comes through my head. And it’s been going on for a long time and more recently in the last two or three years it’s become more intense. And I’ve been resisting them but now I’m not resisting them. My question is for myself is this because my body contracts and it’s very intense and so I’m not certain if my ego is attempting to prevent the incoming information or frequency but I’m also accepting it now from my higher self if that’s the case. So I’d like some clarification on that.


OWS:  What you are receiving here is something that is being blocked, as you are saying, by your ego center because of past, because of past understandings from past lives and patterns that you have come from and brought into this lifetime as well. And because of this you are being, as we say here, blocked somewhat. But there’s a part of you that is releasing now, letting this go. And once you are able to fully let this go and let go of the past, let go of the patterns especially from the past, then you will be able to move fully and receive this information that you are getting, these downloads as you are saying. And then you will be able to more freely move beyond whatever it is now that you are feeling held back by. Okay?


Q:  Okay and I’m curious if it might have anything to do with my family lineage because we are all very sensitive and as far as being ostracized and also past life memories of the Burning Times.


OWS:  There is the correct in that sense. You are being blocked from this because it was a very disconcerting lifetime that predominantly the source of this pattern comes from. And it was in dealing with the arts … the black arts as we find it at this time.


Q:  I see. Okay. So we were talking about forgiveness earlier so I guess I’ve got some more work to do.


OWS:  Yes. Forgive and forget. Let it all go.


Q:  I know everything boils down to our own discernment but we had a very lively discussion today about a group that publishes these videos that’s called the A Team, Tom Price and the Mother, and I just wanted to know if there’s any little insights you could share about the integrity of this group or some of their postings. And, if you can share, was there some form of surrender from the Queen to President Trump.


OWS:  We seldom will give information about individuals or groups or whatever it might be because we always say it is not the messenger that counts, it is the message. So if the message resonates within you, within your heart center, then you know it to be true. So beyond whether it is this group or that group or this individual or that individual is accurate or bringing forth important news, or whatever it might be, you need to use your discernment at all times. This is what this is all about at this point: using your discernment. Learning to do that. Learning to go within. That is using your discernment. Learning to go within find the center — or as one said earlier — the zero point at your heart center and able to then continue to find the truth that resonates within you.

As to the one you are speaking of the Donald Trump here and the surrendering of the Queen, we cannot give that directly but we can say that you are on the right track.


Q:  A few nights ago I was sitting outside and doing my spiritual work late at night. All of a sudden I felt and heard — very loud and very strong right next to me — I was standing right outside my apartment building and I could feel the vibration and the sound of a heartbeat. Very distinct. And it kind of threw me back I was like, oh what the heck?! What is this? Where is it coming from? I thought maybe somebody had something going on close by that was just bouncing off my building but it went away for a few seconds and came right back. It did let me know whatever [it was] was happening. Did I feel that? Was that part of the fifth dimension we’re feeling and seeing and, actually, you know, just seeing other things in reference to the fifth and higher dimensions?


OWS:  Exactly as you are saying. Yes. Everyone experiences these things in different ways, in different understandings, and you are experiencing an understanding for yourself in that moment. And those moments will increase for everyone here. All of you will begin more and more to experience that humming sound or that vibrational sound that is there in the winds, you just need to open up to it. You need to reach the frequency to be able to experience it. And those of you, many of you are doing this within your dream state now — in that altered realities state, you might say — in those times. And you are experiencing these changes or these revealings beyond the physical understanding, beyond the 3D illusion area understanding. You are getting into the higher vibrations and experiencing what is there at those vibrations. It will open up a whole new vista world to you at that point.


Q:  Very good thank you. Also I’ve been really paying attention to my body lately, especially with all the downloads that are occurring right now, and I realize that they’re doing work at that time when I’m feeling pain go from right leg to left leg right before my eyes, and also tingling is going on in different areas. And that to me is … gosh, I’m so grateful to be able to be experiencing these and knowing it’s our upgrades coming!


OWS:  Yes very good.


Q:  Sometimes my meditations recently in the last few months I find myself impulsively singing, which is interesting to me because I’ve never trained to be a singer and is something I have an affinity for, but it sounds sort of Native American in essence. I’m wondering if this is Light Language that is coming through and if so how can I go about cultivating it further?


OWS:  What we can tell you is just go with it. Whatever it is, go with it. That one there that is Cynthia here, that has been in those groups that were down there and working with these vibrations, what did we tell you in that time Cynthia? We said go with it. Go within. Feel the energy. Feel the vibration. Let it go. Do not be concerned about what anyone else thinks — although there were only those four of you there at the time — but do not be concerned about that. Just let it go, let it be whatever it is that’s within you. Just allow it to be. Just as the song, Let It Be. Okay? And then once you do this you will find that everything is going according to how you need to continue to respond and move forward here. Okay?


Q:  I understand that Samuel the Prophet is of the Brotherhood, probably specifically the Amethystine Order, so my question is, is he hanging with you guys while you work with us? In other words is he part of the group of One Who Serves who is working through James?


OWS:  He directly is not one of the One Who Serves, one of our collective and working through the James here, but he is certainly a part of the Brotherhood. But you must understand that there are many brotherhoods. There is not just the one. There are many infinite number of brotherhoods you might say, throughout the galaxy, throughout the universe, throughout the many universes, and the many dimensions and understandings beyond that so there is so much so yet to understand. But do not be concerned with one individual here. And that one individual, of course as you are saying, the Samuel was not just the Samuel. That Samuel has been many different Beings and experiences before it was the Samuel. You see? So do not become concerned or what you call bogged down with one particular name and understanding to go with that name. There is so much more to that. Just as there is so much more to each and every one of you. Each and every one of you are part of these many brotherhoods and sisterhoods as well or you would otherwise not be on this call. You would not be resonating with these calls. You see?


Q:  Yes thank you. Is he directly connected with Metatron then?


OWS:  We cannot give you that at this point. That revealing will come to you when it is necessary.


Q:  I just am reaching out to get confirmation, if I could, if I am working with the crystals properly and tuning to what its’ ultimate use is going to be. Can you give me a vote on that?


OWS:  You are looking for confirmation as to the direction you are going with these various crystals and the confirmation is there. You are on the right track in many ways. There are some understandings that you have not reached yet, understandings that you knew a long time ago that you had not remembered yet. But that remembrance is also coming back to you or will come back to you. Just need to continue to work directly as you are doing. And when you find yourself at the Advance you will then bring this forward and you will find that there will be others there at the time that will add to your understanding and revealings in those moments.


Q:  Oh I know it’s going to be a great exposé. Thank you very much.


OWS:  Now we are ready to release channel.

One Who Serves

We appreciate everyone that is a part of this expression on a continuing basis. And knowing that you are all so much important here to continue to carry this work forward not only through this one James, but through … there are so many sources now that are bringing this information forward. Not so much bringing information, but bringing the remembrances forward here, so that all are coming into more and more of an awakened state.

And as you continue to awaken, then you create an awakening process all around you so that others that come in contact with your Light also begin to awaken. And as they awaken they continue to help others awaken and so on and so on. So you are all so important to this, whether you are directly involved in bringing the direct information to others or you are what you would say, hanging in the … hanging in the winds? (Is that the correct saying here? In the wings? Hanging in the wings? We are not getting this correctly here.) But standing beside, standing back and allowing for these energies to continue to come through you, these downloads continue to come through you and to you.  

And as this happens you will continue then to be able to share and spread the light further and further. To keep those flames burning within not only each one of you, but encouraging the fanning of the flames within so many more around you.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell

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