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Archangel Jophiel: The Sweetness of Beauty May 6, 2024

Archangel Jophiel: The Sweetness of Beauty

by Lee Degani

At our April Meditation Healing Circle, AAJophiel came with a beautiful message for us all. I know it is not always easy for us to see the beauty within ourselves which he asks us to do, although we certainly see it in others! One thing I keep going back to is that when we focus on beauty, it is a way for us to heal. Just that in itself seems so amazingly “beautiful!”


“Beloveds, I am Archangel Jofiel,* angel of beauty, angel of the beauty of you. For did you not know that we are connected? For when you show the beauty of who you are, it enhances the beauty of my energy.

Now let us sit together in the middle of the Tree of Life in Tiferet which is also the sacred heart space. And there is beauty in sweetness, is there not? And there is beauty in every cell of your essence. You were designed as such with your cooperation and your doing. You were designed to be able to open up and allow the beauty within to radiate outwards.

Are there times when you wonder, is there really beauty within me, Jofiel? I don’t always feel beautiful. And sometimes, I look at myself and I find all the things that are in need of improvement or healing and I say to you, there is a beauty in no matter how you view yourself.

I am asking you now to view yourself from a different lens, to see the shining brightness that is coming from your crown. To see the compassion, the beauty of compassion that is coming from your heart. The caring and what your hands do for so many. Oh, I see you, I know what you do. And the beauty of your physical self.

Know, that if you focus on the beauty, this is a way to heal. Now can you find beauty in that which you may consider not beautiful? Perhaps things that are happening in the world and you say, well, where is the beauty in that? That is why we are here tonight, is it not? To shift, to change. But know beauty is found everywhere. When a mother calls out for help, and there is no one to answer that call, when you have compassion and you send hope and you see a beautiful flower forming, the beauty that you are witnessing is being sent to that young mother.

Beauty has a power greater than you really have ever thought about. That is why, the world has so much beauty and why nature especially has beauty for you to look at, to envelop yourself in, to share with others.

So I leave you with these thoughts, Beloved. Know that if you find the beauty in a flower or in the smile of a child, or in the wrinkles on your face, you are bringing beauty into consciousness. And that is radiating to all who need some beauty in their lives. So thank you.

I leave you with the beauty of these thoughts. Farewell. ”