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Archangel Jophiel via Lee Degani, February 5th, 2018


I come to show you the beauty that is within thee, the beauty in all, for in the center of every particle there is light…Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am Jophiel, Archangel of beauty and I come to you this day to show you the beauty that is within thee. The beauty that is inside the plants, the beauty that is inside the dogs, the beauty that is inside the cats, the beauty that is inside each atom, each wave that vibrates, each love song, each shout of joy, each dance, for there is beauty in all.

Beauty comes from a dimension that you have access to. You go into this dimension without even realizing it every time you appreciate something of beauty. And there is beauty in every aspect, even that which you would consider not to be beautiful. Perhaps you would think the ugly toad or the child that is disfigured is not beautiful. But dear ones, beloveds, remember there is beauty in everything that you come across, that you see, that you hear about.

It is sometimes difficult to see the beauty, this we know, especially when you may fall into the depths of despair or rage, of sadness. But within that sadness, within that despair, within that rage, there is beauty, for the center of every particle there is light. There is Source, there is God and there is beauty, for this is what is beautiful.

When you look in the mirror and look in your eyes and you see the parts of your body that perhaps you do not think are beautiful…. Oh, I have a spot there, I have a bulge here, my skin is beginning to wrinkle there… there is beauty. You have a saying that beauty is skin deep. You have a saying beautiful inside as outside. These sayings have truth to them and have been given to you.

So, how do you find the beauty when you do not see it, when you don’t understand how it can be there, when it is hidden from you? Sometimes in the moment, no, you cannot see that beauty, for you need to go through the steps of experiencing that which is painful. But afterwards when all is calm and when there are shifts and changes, you see what is beautiful.

Look into the heart, look into the eyes of the child that is disfigured, what you would call disfigured but we would only say is beautiful. Do you not see the beauty within, the joy? This child has come to fulfill his purpose, her purpose of opening hearts, of eliciting compassion, of helping the people around to see what their priorities are.

There is a standard that you have created of what is beautiful. I ask you to put that standard aside and look and see in each body, in each word, that there is beauty. And for the child that struggles and for the adult that struggles, I ask you to see the beauty in that as well. For the struggling brings accomplishment, for the struggling brings love. The struggling becomes joy because it is no longer a struggle.

You are at that point beloveds where it no longer needs to be a struggle. It no longer needs to be to a struggle to see the beauty within. It no longer needs to be a struggle to take care of the animals and yes, you wonder where is the beauty in the abuse of animals. Look deep deep within and the beauty is that there is no longer acceptance of that. And if you reach the innermost essence, the heart of these sacred animals, and I do not just mean animals that are revered in places of worship or in religions or traditions, I mean each animal that has come to earth is sacred…as you all are, by the way. Look into the heart and see the joy the animal is bringing forth, the compassion, the love, that he or she has fulfilled the purpose.

Yes, it is much for you to understand, to comprehend, we know this. But even within that there is beauty, the beauty of trying to understand what our words are saying. So, I ask you now to just open your hearts and let the words just fill you, the energies of the words, the vibrations of the words, the love and joy of the words, the beauty of the words. And as you bring those into your sacred self, may you see the beauty that is yours, that is within you, that you see beauty as we see it.

You are loved. You are loved, every particle, every atom, every part of your essence, for it is all beautiful. Amen. And so it is.

I am Jophiel, angel of beauty, Archangel of beauty. Farewell.

By permission.

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