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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel via Linda Dillon, May 7th, 2021

Linda Dillon: Archangel Jophiel asks, “What Are the Keys to Nova Earth?”

Let us start with compassion, and let us take this quality and this concept, this belief system, and expand it one hundred, one thousand-fold.


Greetings, I AM Jophiel, angel of the future, Archangel of Completion, Archangel of New Beginnings, and in many ways, Archangel of Structure, of Sacred Geometry, of Repositioning. Welcome. You may call me Jophiel, you may call me Jophie, as you recall the dust that I have given you for transformation eons and ages ago. You may call me Yo, you may call me YoYo. All I am saying, my invitation to your heart and to your head is to call upon me, my beloveds, as I now call upon you, as I call upon you and every single being upon this beautiful planet to step forward in the wonder, in the delight, in the bliss, and in the truth of who you truly are.

You are not some misguided, distracted, lost lamb… you are the Mother’s ground crew. The extraordinary nature of that honor is not always known, or accepted, or realized, and so I bring this to your attention yet again.

Long ago you have asked my sister, Gabrielle, what the keys to heaven are. And that has not changed… it is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and whole-hearted balance. But there is a next question, is there not? What are the keys to Nova Earth? It is not just the keys to your heart… think of it as the combination to open the portals to full capacity, to step forward in the creation… and yes, I am going to be talking to you about this time, and time, and time again… but this day, let us begin. Yes, your keys are love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance… and unity consciousness is the state of being in the higher realms and in this time of new normal.

Now, you say to me, this channel says to me, “And Jophiel, how exactly do we go about achieving this?” So, I am bringing you back to your Blessings and Virtues, and in many ways to the laws of One, the laws of love.

Let us start with compassion, and let us take this quality and this concept, this belief system, and expand it one hundred, one thousand-fold. Because in unity consciousness there can be no unity consciousness, there can be no connectedness, there can be no balance unless phenomenal, extraordinary compassion is fully integrated… not just present but so deeply integrated into your sacred self, and into the fibers, the existence, not of this or that society, this or that religion or belief system, but into the very fiber of the air you breathe.

Now, very often compassion is thought of as the quality of saints, or that it is a stand-back quality. The reason we call this a blessing and a virtue, is that it is a virtue that you hold, and it is a blessing that you bestow, and you bestow upon everybody equally… and that includes yourself. We have been saying, this entire Council has been saying, that it is a time… yes, you will call me a very plain-spoken archangel, even more so than Gabrielle… it is a time to rise above what you think of as petty differences into the glory of truth. Not that you have truth and somebody else doesn’t… but into the truth of love, into the truth of compassion.

An aspect of compassion is the deep profound honoring of another’s journey, of the path that they choose, of the incredible qualities unique to that person that they bring forth, whether they are earth-keeper, or gatekeeper, angelic, star-being… it matters not… you admire them. Inside compassion is the honoring and admiration.

Now, where does this begin? Well, first of all, it begins with a balance of head and heart, of your brilliant, intelligent self. This life is not about dumbing down… it is taking extraordinary leaps into the full brilliance of what you are fully capable of, and that only occurs in the balance of head and heart. Too often, the heart had been completely forgotten, ignored, ruptured, tortured. Now you have learned to be in the truth of your heart… but it does not mean ignoring your brain… the same way you wouldn’t ignore your hands, or your fingers, or your feet. You do not wish to atrophy any part of your sacred self. And so, you have compassion for your sweet self, for that totality of who you are. And in seeing, in every meaning of that word, in seeing and accepting with heart-compassion this truth, then you are able… you enable, you activate yourself… to be able to give, receive, work with, play with compassion for all beings. Not in the quality of mercy… which is very important, and we will talk about that as well… but in the honoring, the admiration, of each being. Not that they are in or out, above or below, they are sacred.

So, I begin, my beloved family, I begin my work with you, my play with you. I bring you compassion, and I bring you the balance of compassion. Go with my magenta love. Go with my joy… my joy… as I see you, I see who you are, and I invite you to do the same. Go in peace, and go, go play, unpack those presents for they are waiting.




Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

Archangel Jophiel via Linda Dillon, August 7th, 2020

What Lies Ahead in this Intergalactic/Galactic Portal Called Terra Gaia? | Archangel Jophiel via Linda Dillon

Greetings, I AM Jophiel. Yes, Bringer of the Grail, Anchor and Keeper of Unity and Balance, explorer of the omniverse. And part of what I do, beloveds, on behalf of you but particularly on behalf of the Mother/Father/One is I work with the balance between the universes; I work with the balance between your dimensions; I work with the balance between your fields, your bodies, your heart, your mind, your soul. And in that balance is the unity. And in that balance and unity is the fullness of reunion. For truly, what is this unfoldment all about? It is about the balancing. It is about the unity within and without, above and below, that you can be in the fullness of reunion… not a singular reunion, most certainly a reunion with your sacred self, but a reunion in the unity with your star family. Everything is in place. A reunion so that you truly come to understand, as Nova Gaians, that you are part and parcel, integral, not only to your universe, not only to the multiverse but to the Mother’s infinite whole.

We have given you many tools and examples that it is a puzzle, it is a tapestry, it is a mosaic. But you don’t simply take threads or pieces of mosaic and just throw them anywhere. No, there is a harmony, there is an infinite beauty… your beauty, your balance. And this is what you are not aiming for, this is where you are. And your greatest challenge is the acceptance, the anchoring, the surrender to who you are, both in the unique beauty of your sacred self, of your room, of your home, of your neighborhood, of your planet, because it is only in that acceptance and surrender that you step forth… we say claiming your ascension, claiming your sacred self.

Too often on this beautiful earth, Gaia, claiming has taken on a sense of self-entitlement, of pushing, and shoving, and abuse of control. Claiming is not that… it is knowing, knowing, living, embodying the perfect balance of who you are. One of the reasons that I… enjoy is too small a word… I am passionate about exploring the universes is that there is so much to see, yes, to help with, yes, to help balance and unify, but primarily, it is so darn beautiful. Everything! You are part of that infinite creation that is being unified and restored… this planet, like the Mother’s garden.

Can you imagine your planet without an ocean, or a stream, a blade of grass, a pebble, a kernel of sand, without clouds and sky? You are just as much a part of that… that beauty, that splendor, that diversity, that variety… it is you! And that is why I am bringing my attention back to you, so that this time of completion, not of being stuck in the womb, not of muttering about when or if, but to truly be in the time of completion as who you are.

So, I am coming, no, not to rearrange but most certainly to hold up the mosaic, the tapestry, so that you can see simply by looking, say, “Oh, there is my place”, and you can swim through the Mother’s infinite ocean of time, you can fly with your angel wings, your jet-pack, your fairy wings, it matters not. It is not just about finding your place and saying, “Oh, thank god I’m home!” And your home for the moment, all of you to whom I speak, is on planet, in form… let me be extraordinarily clear about that.

But it is not just about finding home, it is about being home in the most personal, private way, and in the biggest way that you can possibly imagine. And when you have integrated, anchored, when you have your home, then I will say to you, “Let’s go visiting. Let’s go traveling. Let’s discover this interdimensional world that you live in. Let us create, not a planet as it was for the Creator Race, but so far beyond… because that was the beginning point.” So, yes, you’ve already brought yourselves back to that.

Now I say to you, “Claim, surrender to the truth of who you are. Anchor your balance, and then let us create together, with the Mother, with Her tutelage. Let us look at what lies ahead in this intergalactic/galactic portal called Terra Gaia. The future awaits you, oh yes, but let me tell you my beloved friends, the future is now.

So, breathe magenta, breathe violet, breathe amethyst, breathe the Milky Way, breathe the Healers of Tralana, breathe your essential, not only essence but potential. And turn to me, for I am with you. Let us go together, yes, the Mighty Five are at your beck and call! And you are so loved, not in a generic, wholesome way, but personally, uniquely. Not only are you known… oh yes, you are known… but you are cherished, and honored, and admired. I would not be speaking to you this way if you were not ready for this fullness, for this recreation, and the new creation.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

Archangel Jophiel via Genoveva Coyle, January 3d, 2019


Have the courage to stop, to look, and to feel into your fears as they bring you information and helpful tips…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Archangel Jophiel. I am your family, your protector, and big beloved brother. I am your guide and teacher, always by your side in love, and in deepest appreciation of your work.

It is with great admiration and gratitude that I come to you this day, for I want to talk to you about living free and true to your dearest selves now, while you are traveling this intense journey of transformation of planet Earth and of the entire human collective. You all remember me, for you traveled with me thousands of years ago with Yeshua and my beloved Mary. Yes, all of you were accompanying us on that memorable journey.

And I come to say to you that even if you had seen and perceived me as a very strong and wise one – that indeed, yes, I did have great responsibility because I had to make sure that I did not get weak and fail. I knew that I needed to provide strong support for my wife – blessed Mary, and my son – because I knew he had such a great mission and purpose in strengthening the faith of humanity and of the planet…and way beyond. I was carefully guided, dearest ones, in the same manner – not more, not less – but maybe differently than that in which all of you are being guided. But there were many times when I had become fearful of losing my way, of failing in my mission by becoming sidetracked and taking the easy way out.

And just as my son – beloved Jesus – has said to thee recently, we feel that this journey of yours that you are bravely engaging in is so much more intense, while at the same time being slippery, and full of traps, and dangers from different types of paths.

This is why I come to talk to you about fear, about my old friend fear, for fear has been described to you in many ways, but not often as being your ally and friend. You are happy and grateful when you are warned by the “real” fear, such as a bear or huge truck coming your way, or even a less visible intrusion that helps you to fight and run, or simply setting clear and strong boundaries. But how about other types of fear, less acute and clear cut – possibly influencing your choices and saving you from inappropriate action?

You have been told that you need to run away, let go of, or discard those fears, for they are not serving you, in fact, they are only keeping you in a false bubble of security and smallness. You have been told that fear is your enemy, that you need to fight it and use every tool you have at your disposal to diminish and dissolve it.

And yet, I am saying to thee that your fear is a best friend to you, that it is close to you and to your hearts when you are in danger. I am saying to thee that it is yours, and highly personal, because you – your highest selves in their wisdom – have made it specific for you, encoded with information and helpful tips based on your history of extreme or less drastic negative lessons that you have experienced. You see, you all know that there is an impersonal type of fear – fear of loud noise, or fear of falling, etc. – that every human being has been equipped with.

And then you have been told that there are those “evil” cousins of fear that have been programmed into your mind by the old matrix to hold you in a place or space of limitation and suffering, and it is these that you have to eliminate.

And yet I come today to say to you that this is not of the truth, and actually to dare you to look into the eyes of your fears – any kind of fear. See me standing behind you, uplifting you, holding you in my huge arms, for you are not alone. Have the courage to stop, to look, and to feel into your fears!

Fear comes to you directly and touches your hearts. Yes, it is cold and uncomfortable, a unique and unforgettable chill upon your hearts. But it is just wanting you to listen and to pay attention to it because it is important, because it is a way to guide you to safety and away from danger while you travel deep into unfamiliar and unknown spaces where your other senses might not be as acute and helpful to thee. It doesn’t matter if you are dreaming, or traveling astrally with parts of yourselves, or talking casually with a friend, or sharing stories in the daylight, for fear acts in the same fashion, always touching your hearts.

And are you paying attention to it? Do you give it a second thought and listen to it? Or are you just brushing it away as a nuisance, as you have done so many times?

You might be surprised to hear your fear talking back to you, in a friendly and sweet tone, telling you that it has come to you to warn you because you are getting closer and closer to a certain probable unwanted outcome and reality. You are indeed such powerful creators, and you know how many times you manifested unconsciously that which you did not particularly enjoy. Was a fearful warning around? Most likely yes, but never taken into consideration!

So, I am saying to thee, stop wishing the fear to go away, instead just endeavor to listen and learn, to take corrective actions before you manifest the situations that have hurt you in the past – in this lifetime, and/or in previous ones. Heed the message within your fears and chose to shift your position, to balance and change your energy flow.

Most of the time all that you need to do is focus your attention where you have been neglecting to look, and see that you are still holding onto some debris of the old programming. Set the intention to attract the positive and the best outcome, and then hold onto the high vibration, seeing and envisioning the peace and joy of your own freedom already manifest.

This is what stepping up into your Divine Authority means; it is taking responsibility for all that comes into your reality, dear hearts. This is what it means to be your powerful ascended master-self, when you are paying attention to every single detail and speck of information that comes to thee, knowing how to uncover and discover the gem and the truth contained within.

I will leave you now with my love, strength, and courage. I am with you always, even if I close this message with a joyful goodbye. Farewell!

By permission.

©2019 Council of Love, Inc.

Archangel Jophiel via Genoveva Coyle, November 6, 2018


Take the light, the knowledge, and the love of the New You to the ones that are not yet fully awakened. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Archangel Jophiel. I AM your brother, I AM your beloved and close family, I AM your protector, your adviser, your friend.

I come in love to assure thee that I am with you, that there is no time when we are not watching and assisting you in this work of spreading the truth, the light, and the love of the Mother/Father/One at this time of transformation on planet Earth.

You see, I know that walking on Earth at this time of chaos is not an easy task. I feel and completely understand your feelings of being out of this world, of alienation, and of not being truly heard the way you intend, for I was in your shoes and I know how it feels.

You have this mission to walk between your fellow human souls who are still covered in veils, and who believe the old programming of the third dimensionality – of scarcity and enslavement – and you are to be their awakeners, and then their way showers.

Many of you have been spending lots of time during the past few years in solitude, more or less, connecting and communing with us – so not quite alone – but nevertheless not really connected and completely being and living in the world. And now, since your recent stepping up into mastery you are being asked to go back and to take the light, the knowledge, and the love of the New You to the ones that are not yet fully awakened.

Dearest brave hearts, there is not one that doesn’t feel the discontent and the call for change by their souls. But they are not quite sure where to look for answers and many times they go out to others seeking answers to their dilemmas. And so, you are the ones called to go and plant the seeds of change, to give them a little nudge to open up to other possibilities that might challenge their current and limited view, but that will, in fact, assist them to bring back more hope and excitement into their lives.

Do not be surprised to find that their ego-minds will be resisting your words vehemently, and they may become quite combative, for you are triggering and opening up their fears of the unknown, and their felt need to preserve the status quo. Know that I have your back and hold you in my arms always. Know that you do not have to engage in any debate, or try to explain your point of view and your truth. Simply and calmly state your truth, if and when asked, and then allow your peace and love to enfold them. Be assured that your confidence and serenity, your body and light language will do all the work needed far more efficiently than many spoken words.

In due time the seeds that you are planting by your mere bright and beautiful presence around them will sprout and grow under the careful guidance of their own angelic guardians and higher selves.

We do understand that it is far easier to communicate with souls whose minds and hearts are like your own; brothers and sisters that have been on the same path as you, and who have cleared and eliminated the old, achieving mastery as well. But your intention and purpose is to assist everyone to find their way back home into the heart of the One and this is done by being willing to meet and getting close to as many souls as possible.

A quick smile, a sincere look in their eyes, or a light, thoughtful, and compassionate touch can open hearts with the power of love that is yours, dearest hearts. So do not underestimate your power.

Stay with my peace and strength, stay with my love! Farewell.

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

Archangel Jophiel via Ann Dahlberg, September 11th, 2018

Archangel Jophiel

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Jophiel and I am the one who is spreading joy and your true self is strengthened by my presence. I come to those who dare to stand up for themselves or wish to do so. The more true and sincere people who speak the language of their heart the more joy can be experienced on Earth. The misunderstandings become fewer and people obtain a greater understanding for each other and the experiences they share but still feel and interpret in different ways depending on one’s own experiences. You receive a broader picture and greater understanding for each other’s differences and you discover that the core is still the same. It is the experiences and your ability to share your experiences that set you apart. You even have different abilities, which makes you see things from different perspectives. Imagine the multitude and the joy it can be to share all of this with each other. It is now a time for you to come together and share your experiences. However, this requires that you are true to each other and yourselves. A true and honest person does not judge any other true and honest person. They give thanks for the confidence and move on with a larger trust and belief in themselves and the humanity they belong to. They feel at the bottom of their soul that they have many more experiences than what they now can remember or understand. They are humble in their comportment and know and understand that we all are dependent on each other and that a helping hand is worth more than a chance word.

It is joy that you now will spread over the Earth – the joy over yourselves and each other. It is the joy to once again be able to walk on the path of the roses, where the thorns have turned inwards in order not to hurt your feet. It is love, friendliness and helpfulness that are important now. You are all each other’s equals on one way or another so greet each other humbly and with love as it is through your love that you ascend together – your love to yourselves and the world around you. Let laughter and joy carry you forward now. Let the bells ring in your ears, which tell you that it now is joy that will rein on Earth. It is the joy to exist, the joy to be true, humble and an honest person. It is the joy to be able to sing, dance, paint, write and so on. It is the joy to be oneself and to feel God’s touch in your heart.

Laughter, joy and harmony have returned to Earth. Take hold of these vibrations and let them vibrate within you as much as you can and are able to. You can all feel this vibration in your quite moments of harmony and peace. Bubbles of joy emerge within you and around you. It leads to much laughter and joy. This is when you feel in harmony and are joyful. This vibration you also carry with you when you are occupied with something that gives you strong motivation or is close to your heart. If you want more joy in your life call on me and I will wake up your heart’s longing and joy. It is when you follow your heart that you can find your passion in life. It is a passion that makes your life exactly as alive that you wish it to be.

With these words I leave you now and wish for our next connection soon.

Much love,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL via Jahn J Kassl, June 22nd, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


● The day is near when everything changes.
● The day is near when humanity is released from all blockades.
● The day is near when the light breaks through and makes its way through the human hearts.

The day of days is near, and you are invited to prepare yourself well for it.

Beloved human,

Never fear your inner world, but enter it humbly, attentively and with devotion. Accept what reveals itself to you, whatever it may be; and when you no longer want it to be a part of your life, let it go, delete it and hand it over to God’s light.

Now, the only path is the direct path to God! 
Now, all paths that are supposed to lead you to awareness through SECOND or THIRD PARTIES are detours.

Now is the time when every human being can heal, grow and become, the moment they wholly, completely and absolutely give themselves over to God.

Be prepared to give up everything, be prepared to accept everything, and be prepared to take a good look at everything. Be prepared for really big steps, so that you can conclude your cycle of incarnation in the third dimension of light – and those of you who wish to stay here longer: Open yourselves to new experiences instead of repeating old life patterns.

Great awakening is happening on this earth. What has long been stored on the earth’s “hard drive” and in the hearts of humanity is now released: THE LACK OF LOVE.

Being soft in a hard world used to mean weakness, and it used to be that only the accomplished ones, who were sent to you from heaven at all times, were able to love in a world full of hate. Only few were able to see through the matrix, and hardly anyone managed to overcome it.


Now everything is liberated and put in its right place. Now the regency of light begins.

Humans leave the swamp of fear and step into a new well-tilled field of divine faith, divine love and divine connection. Humanity’s shift from unconsciousness to consciousness is happening now – a process that in the end cracks open all shells, so that compassion can emerge in all human beings. For:

Even the rocks will cry when human hearts are full of love.

It’s time for you to enter into life. Let everything that is happening happen inside of you. Open your heart and humbly ask God for his grace.

The message has been given.

My love flows to you, and your soul will be released from all the pain of many lives.

Say goodbye to this world so that the NEW one can reveal itself to you. Open your heart – because God is here.


Archangel Jophiel via Lee Degani, February 5th, 2018


I come to show you the beauty that is within thee, the beauty in all, for in the center of every particle there is light…Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am Jophiel, Archangel of beauty and I come to you this day to show you the beauty that is within thee. The beauty that is inside the plants, the beauty that is inside the dogs, the beauty that is inside the cats, the beauty that is inside each atom, each wave that vibrates, each love song, each shout of joy, each dance, for there is beauty in all.

Beauty comes from a dimension that you have access to. You go into this dimension without even realizing it every time you appreciate something of beauty. And there is beauty in every aspect, even that which you would consider not to be beautiful. Perhaps you would think the ugly toad or the child that is disfigured is not beautiful. But dear ones, beloveds, remember there is beauty in everything that you come across, that you see, that you hear about.

It is sometimes difficult to see the beauty, this we know, especially when you may fall into the depths of despair or rage, of sadness. But within that sadness, within that despair, within that rage, there is beauty, for the center of every particle there is light. There is Source, there is God and there is beauty, for this is what is beautiful.

When you look in the mirror and look in your eyes and you see the parts of your body that perhaps you do not think are beautiful…. Oh, I have a spot there, I have a bulge here, my skin is beginning to wrinkle there… there is beauty. You have a saying that beauty is skin deep. You have a saying beautiful inside as outside. These sayings have truth to them and have been given to you.

So, how do you find the beauty when you do not see it, when you don’t understand how it can be there, when it is hidden from you? Sometimes in the moment, no, you cannot see that beauty, for you need to go through the steps of experiencing that which is painful. But afterwards when all is calm and when there are shifts and changes, you see what is beautiful.

Look into the heart, look into the eyes of the child that is disfigured, what you would call disfigured but we would only say is beautiful. Do you not see the beauty within, the joy? This child has come to fulfill his purpose, her purpose of opening hearts, of eliciting compassion, of helping the people around to see what their priorities are.

There is a standard that you have created of what is beautiful. I ask you to put that standard aside and look and see in each body, in each word, that there is beauty. And for the child that struggles and for the adult that struggles, I ask you to see the beauty in that as well. For the struggling brings accomplishment, for the struggling brings love. The struggling becomes joy because it is no longer a struggle.

You are at that point beloveds where it no longer needs to be a struggle. It no longer needs to be to a struggle to see the beauty within. It no longer needs to be a struggle to take care of the animals and yes, you wonder where is the beauty in the abuse of animals. Look deep deep within and the beauty is that there is no longer acceptance of that. And if you reach the innermost essence, the heart of these sacred animals, and I do not just mean animals that are revered in places of worship or in religions or traditions, I mean each animal that has come to earth is sacred…as you all are, by the way. Look into the heart and see the joy the animal is bringing forth, the compassion, the love, that he or she has fulfilled the purpose.

Yes, it is much for you to understand, to comprehend, we know this. But even within that there is beauty, the beauty of trying to understand what our words are saying. So, I ask you now to just open your hearts and let the words just fill you, the energies of the words, the vibrations of the words, the love and joy of the words, the beauty of the words. And as you bring those into your sacred self, may you see the beauty that is yours, that is within you, that you see beauty as we see it.

You are loved. You are loved, every particle, every atom, every part of your essence, for it is all beautiful. Amen. And so it is.

I am Jophiel, angel of beauty, Archangel of beauty. Farewell.

By permission.

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Archangel Jophiel via Genoveva Coyle, December 31st, 2017

Forging new paths of love into the darkness is not a task for the faint of the heart. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dear family! I am Archangel Jophiel, your close family, constant companion and protector.And yes, I do not come often to address thee, but this doesn’t mean that I am not always by your side ready to intervene and hold you in my infinite love.

It gives me great pleasure to come here tonight, to reassure you that you have my support and my hand to hold on to while you are taking those first steps into the unknown and into that unfamiliar direction toward which your soul is nudging you.

I said to thee a while ago that in times like this of new beginnings you need to stand firmly into your knowing and that you do not necessarily need to know everything ahead of time. And what that means is that you need to know that you are capable of performing perfectly the task at hand, that you have the know-how and the wisdom to be successful for you are the chosen one, you are the best for this particular endeavor.

Having the details upfront, knowing the entire plan of how things should unfold would slow down the process. It would bring more of the blockages because your ego will always want to take the lead and tell you and us what to do. It also wants to take more credit than is due for the work done, and this would create an imbalance within and eventually diminish your confidence and dim your light.

Stepping into these new missions of love is not any different from any previous ones that you have engaged in and in which you have succeeded already. You have to proceed in trust, setting the intention to bring only light and truth wherever you travel as emissaries of the Mother’s love.

Allow us to do the rest of the work and please do ask for our assistance and intervention anytime and anywhere you find yourselves stuck, confused, or only out of sorts. Again, you are not required to do it all alone without the guidance and assistance from your heavenly family!

Whenever you feel prompted to do so, know that it is your ego wanting you to go back into the old paradigm patterns, proceeding with fear and trepidations, working hard and in the manner of the previous painful ways. There are no special rewards and brownie points for doing it alone or going uphill taking the most difficult route or suffering unnecessarily on your journey.

Forging new paths of love into the darkness, as most of you are engaging in at this time, is not a task for the faint of the heart. And even if you are the strongest ones of the strong, there are times when it is better to see the tasks completed and the missions already accomplished. Trust me when I say to thee that there is not much you’re are missing when we keep the details for a later review, for as you know from the higher perspective there is nothing really that can be hidden away permanently, and so you will have a chance to see everything that you have been involved with later.

Dearest and bravest hearts, proceed with strength and courage! Trust yourselves at all times for you are ready and about to succeed in yet another great mission of love. Know that I have your back now and always!

Go in peace and go with my love and gratitude! Farewell.

By Permission.

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This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.