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Archangel Jophiel via Genoveva Coyle, January 3d, 2019


Have the courage to stop, to look, and to feel into your fears as they bring you information and helpful tips…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Archangel Jophiel. I am your family, your protector, and big beloved brother. I am your guide and teacher, always by your side in love, and in deepest appreciation of your work.

It is with great admiration and gratitude that I come to you this day, for I want to talk to you about living free and true to your dearest selves now, while you are traveling this intense journey of transformation of planet Earth and of the entire human collective. You all remember me, for you traveled with me thousands of years ago with Yeshua and my beloved Mary. Yes, all of you were accompanying us on that memorable journey.

And I come to say to you that even if you had seen and perceived me as a very strong and wise one – that indeed, yes, I did have great responsibility because I had to make sure that I did not get weak and fail. I knew that I needed to provide strong support for my wife – blessed Mary, and my son – because I knew he had such a great mission and purpose in strengthening the faith of humanity and of the planet…and way beyond. I was carefully guided, dearest ones, in the same manner – not more, not less – but maybe differently than that in which all of you are being guided. But there were many times when I had become fearful of losing my way, of failing in my mission by becoming sidetracked and taking the easy way out.

And just as my son – beloved Jesus – has said to thee recently, we feel that this journey of yours that you are bravely engaging in is so much more intense, while at the same time being slippery, and full of traps, and dangers from different types of paths.

This is why I come to talk to you about fear, about my old friend fear, for fear has been described to you in many ways, but not often as being your ally and friend. You are happy and grateful when you are warned by the “real” fear, such as a bear or huge truck coming your way, or even a less visible intrusion that helps you to fight and run, or simply setting clear and strong boundaries. But how about other types of fear, less acute and clear cut – possibly influencing your choices and saving you from inappropriate action?

You have been told that you need to run away, let go of, or discard those fears, for they are not serving you, in fact, they are only keeping you in a false bubble of security and smallness. You have been told that fear is your enemy, that you need to fight it and use every tool you have at your disposal to diminish and dissolve it.

And yet, I am saying to thee that your fear is a best friend to you, that it is close to you and to your hearts when you are in danger. I am saying to thee that it is yours, and highly personal, because you – your highest selves in their wisdom – have made it specific for you, encoded with information and helpful tips based on your history of extreme or less drastic negative lessons that you have experienced. You see, you all know that there is an impersonal type of fear – fear of loud noise, or fear of falling, etc. – that every human being has been equipped with.

And then you have been told that there are those “evil” cousins of fear that have been programmed into your mind by the old matrix to hold you in a place or space of limitation and suffering, and it is these that you have to eliminate.

And yet I come today to say to you that this is not of the truth, and actually to dare you to look into the eyes of your fears – any kind of fear. See me standing behind you, uplifting you, holding you in my huge arms, for you are not alone. Have the courage to stop, to look, and to feel into your fears!

Fear comes to you directly and touches your hearts. Yes, it is cold and uncomfortable, a unique and unforgettable chill upon your hearts. But it is just wanting you to listen and to pay attention to it because it is important, because it is a way to guide you to safety and away from danger while you travel deep into unfamiliar and unknown spaces where your other senses might not be as acute and helpful to thee. It doesn’t matter if you are dreaming, or traveling astrally with parts of yourselves, or talking casually with a friend, or sharing stories in the daylight, for fear acts in the same fashion, always touching your hearts.

And are you paying attention to it? Do you give it a second thought and listen to it? Or are you just brushing it away as a nuisance, as you have done so many times?

You might be surprised to hear your fear talking back to you, in a friendly and sweet tone, telling you that it has come to you to warn you because you are getting closer and closer to a certain probable unwanted outcome and reality. You are indeed such powerful creators, and you know how many times you manifested unconsciously that which you did not particularly enjoy. Was a fearful warning around? Most likely yes, but never taken into consideration!

So, I am saying to thee, stop wishing the fear to go away, instead just endeavor to listen and learn, to take corrective actions before you manifest the situations that have hurt you in the past – in this lifetime, and/or in previous ones. Heed the message within your fears and chose to shift your position, to balance and change your energy flow.

Most of the time all that you need to do is focus your attention where you have been neglecting to look, and see that you are still holding onto some debris of the old programming. Set the intention to attract the positive and the best outcome, and then hold onto the high vibration, seeing and envisioning the peace and joy of your own freedom already manifest.

This is what stepping up into your Divine Authority means; it is taking responsibility for all that comes into your reality, dear hearts. This is what it means to be your powerful ascended master-self, when you are paying attention to every single detail and speck of information that comes to thee, knowing how to uncover and discover the gem and the truth contained within.

I will leave you now with my love, strength, and courage. I am with you always, even if I close this message with a joyful goodbye. Farewell!

By permission.

©2019 Council of Love, Inc.