Archangel Jophiel via Linda Dillon, August 7th, 2020

What Lies Ahead in this Intergalactic/Galactic Portal Called Terra Gaia? | Archangel Jophiel via Linda Dillon

Greetings, I AM Jophiel. Yes, Bringer of the Grail, Anchor and Keeper of Unity and Balance, explorer of the omniverse. And part of what I do, beloveds, on behalf of you but particularly on behalf of the Mother/Father/One is I work with the balance between the universes; I work with the balance between your dimensions; I work with the balance between your fields, your bodies, your heart, your mind, your soul. And in that balance is the unity. And in that balance and unity is the fullness of reunion. For truly, what is this unfoldment all about? It is about the balancing. It is about the unity within and without, above and below, that you can be in the fullness of reunion… not a singular reunion, most certainly a reunion with your sacred self, but a reunion in the unity with your star family. Everything is in place. A reunion so that you truly come to understand, as Nova Gaians, that you are part and parcel, integral, not only to your universe, not only to the multiverse but to the Mother’s infinite whole.

We have given you many tools and examples that it is a puzzle, it is a tapestry, it is a mosaic. But you don’t simply take threads or pieces of mosaic and just throw them anywhere. No, there is a harmony, there is an infinite beauty… your beauty, your balance. And this is what you are not aiming for, this is where you are. And your greatest challenge is the acceptance, the anchoring, the surrender to who you are, both in the unique beauty of your sacred self, of your room, of your home, of your neighborhood, of your planet, because it is only in that acceptance and surrender that you step forth… we say claiming your ascension, claiming your sacred self.

Too often on this beautiful earth, Gaia, claiming has taken on a sense of self-entitlement, of pushing, and shoving, and abuse of control. Claiming is not that… it is knowing, knowing, living, embodying the perfect balance of who you are. One of the reasons that I… enjoy is too small a word… I am passionate about exploring the universes is that there is so much to see, yes, to help with, yes, to help balance and unify, but primarily, it is so darn beautiful. Everything! You are part of that infinite creation that is being unified and restored… this planet, like the Mother’s garden.

Can you imagine your planet without an ocean, or a stream, a blade of grass, a pebble, a kernel of sand, without clouds and sky? You are just as much a part of that… that beauty, that splendor, that diversity, that variety… it is you! And that is why I am bringing my attention back to you, so that this time of completion, not of being stuck in the womb, not of muttering about when or if, but to truly be in the time of completion as who you are.

So, I am coming, no, not to rearrange but most certainly to hold up the mosaic, the tapestry, so that you can see simply by looking, say, “Oh, there is my place”, and you can swim through the Mother’s infinite ocean of time, you can fly with your angel wings, your jet-pack, your fairy wings, it matters not. It is not just about finding your place and saying, “Oh, thank god I’m home!” And your home for the moment, all of you to whom I speak, is on planet, in form… let me be extraordinarily clear about that.

But it is not just about finding home, it is about being home in the most personal, private way, and in the biggest way that you can possibly imagine. And when you have integrated, anchored, when you have your home, then I will say to you, “Let’s go visiting. Let’s go traveling. Let’s discover this interdimensional world that you live in. Let us create, not a planet as it was for the Creator Race, but so far beyond… because that was the beginning point.” So, yes, you’ve already brought yourselves back to that.

Now I say to you, “Claim, surrender to the truth of who you are. Anchor your balance, and then let us create together, with the Mother, with Her tutelage. Let us look at what lies ahead in this intergalactic/galactic portal called Terra Gaia. The future awaits you, oh yes, but let me tell you my beloved friends, the future is now.

So, breathe magenta, breathe violet, breathe amethyst, breathe the Milky Way, breathe the Healers of Tralana, breathe your essential, not only essence but potential. And turn to me, for I am with you. Let us go together, yes, the Mighty Five are at your beck and call! And you are so loved, not in a generic, wholesome way, but personally, uniquely. Not only are you known… oh yes, you are known… but you are cherished, and honored, and admired. I would not be speaking to you this way if you were not ready for this fullness, for this recreation, and the new creation.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.