Archangel Jophiel via Genoveva Coyle, November 6, 2018


Take the light, the knowledge, and the love of the New You to the ones that are not yet fully awakened. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Archangel Jophiel. I AM your brother, I AM your beloved and close family, I AM your protector, your adviser, your friend.

I come in love to assure thee that I am with you, that there is no time when we are not watching and assisting you in this work of spreading the truth, the light, and the love of the Mother/Father/One at this time of transformation on planet Earth.

You see, I know that walking on Earth at this time of chaos is not an easy task. I feel and completely understand your feelings of being out of this world, of alienation, and of not being truly heard the way you intend, for I was in your shoes and I know how it feels.

You have this mission to walk between your fellow human souls who are still covered in veils, and who believe the old programming of the third dimensionality – of scarcity and enslavement – and you are to be their awakeners, and then their way showers.

Many of you have been spending lots of time during the past few years in solitude, more or less, connecting and communing with us – so not quite alone – but nevertheless not really connected and completely being and living in the world. And now, since your recent stepping up into mastery you are being asked to go back and to take the light, the knowledge, and the love of the New You to the ones that are not yet fully awakened.

Dearest brave hearts, there is not one that doesn’t feel the discontent and the call for change by their souls. But they are not quite sure where to look for answers and many times they go out to others seeking answers to their dilemmas. And so, you are the ones called to go and plant the seeds of change, to give them a little nudge to open up to other possibilities that might challenge their current and limited view, but that will, in fact, assist them to bring back more hope and excitement into their lives.

Do not be surprised to find that their ego-minds will be resisting your words vehemently, and they may become quite combative, for you are triggering and opening up their fears of the unknown, and their felt need to preserve the status quo. Know that I have your back and hold you in my arms always. Know that you do not have to engage in any debate, or try to explain your point of view and your truth. Simply and calmly state your truth, if and when asked, and then allow your peace and love to enfold them. Be assured that your confidence and serenity, your body and light language will do all the work needed far more efficiently than many spoken words.

In due time the seeds that you are planting by your mere bright and beautiful presence around them will sprout and grow under the careful guidance of their own angelic guardians and higher selves.

We do understand that it is far easier to communicate with souls whose minds and hearts are like your own; brothers and sisters that have been on the same path as you, and who have cleared and eliminated the old, achieving mastery as well. But your intention and purpose is to assist everyone to find their way back home into the heart of the One and this is done by being willing to meet and getting close to as many souls as possible.

A quick smile, a sincere look in their eyes, or a light, thoughtful, and compassionate touch can open hearts with the power of love that is yours, dearest hearts. So do not underestimate your power.

Stay with my peace and strength, stay with my love! Farewell.

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.