Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, June 13th, 2017

aa michaelDear Ones,

Every day you are becoming more and more pure Source Energy.

Your crystalline bodies are morphing into the most incredible bodies of Light.


You and the Divine are ONE.

With these new reference points Dear Hearts allow this information to permeate your cells until this is ALL YOU KNOW.

You will live as a Master lives, and speak as a Master speaks.

As Masters becoming, it is incumbent upon you to radiate the LOVE YOU ARE out to fellow beings on the Planet.

As more of you are able to embrace the changes that are now flowing rapidly into your daily awareness it is timely to assist others who are stumbling along the path way. So many are stumbling……

As everything speeds up, the time has NEVER been so urgent to embrace these changes, allow them to more through you, and then incorporate the knowledge and wisdoms gained into your own awareness.

At the speed of ‘LIGHT’ is the order of these days. Rapidly everyone is shifting and changing – your beautiful bodies can feel over loaded, overwhelmed, by such rapidity. Consequently breathing in the LIGHT, breathing in the LOVE assists your physical vessel to hold these new patterns and downloads each of you are receiving.

This continued influx of energies will increase and many are feeling the acceleration of the Great Shift, that ALL on the Planet are experiencing.

For some this is not what they wish to experience, and you will see mass exits from the Earth, of those Souls not wishing to participate in this next level of Ascension. All and everyone is in perfect timing.

Great Beings will evolve from this, and YOU

Dear Ones are THEY.

What is in store for you is beyond exciting, mystifying and magical.

As always Dear Ones there is CHOICE. You always get to CHOOSE the energetics you wish to play with.

Not everyone will make the same choice and that is perfectly fine – be at peace with other’s choices. This lifetime, you chose to experience, is an experiment and many will chose different facets of that experiment. No wrong choice Dear Ones, the ultimate smorgasbord

For those who chose LOVE AND LIGHT there is work to be done. Each of you has a role to play in aligning this Love, Light, Peace and Abundance on your Planet of Free Will.

Step up Dear Ones, feel into your heart energy – what is it you wish to create and to bring to the Smorgasbord table?

Each and everyone of YOU has a unique gift to set forth. Hands on Hearts Dear Ones, ask for guidance if you are still searching for your ultimate truth.

Dear Ones, as always the answer lies within YOU. At your deepest level of Being YOU KNOW.

Now is that time to REMEMBER, and move into your unique TRUTH.

Dear Hearts, as always we are honoured to stand beside you at this most unique of times on Planet Earth.

You are loved beyond measure Dear Friends,


» Source – Channel: Leslie Anne Menzies