Love is our new reality

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“God’s Concert” – GCR/RV Sermon – Wednesday – June 14, 2017

“God’s Concert” – GCR/RV Sermon – Wednesday – June 14, 2017


The cabal has long been blown to smithereens.

That’s right, into a bazillion little irrelevant pieces, so small no eye can see their once believed “all powerful” dark realm on earth.

Rebellion against God was and is so futile. Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

Yet, we still talk of the big, bad cabal. The darkness. The fear. Why if there is no longer a threat?

Hey, if you redeem gold backed currency at any rate it means that everything stated above is accurate and true. So……

Just because we’ve always known lack and are afraid collectively to let go of our anger, pain, suffering… and yes… monetary scarcity… doesn’t make the lie of our permanent captivity so.

In fact, so what. I said it. Seriously, so what about all your misery and agony.

Let it go. All of it. Now!

The universe doesn’t care. At all. In the least. It only gives us what we give to it–and reproduces our vibration identically.

Good thoughts in, good results back out. Bad thoughts in, bad results back out. God thoughts in, God results back out.

Meaning, if you have been singing a song that has been off key your entire life, you may not know what the correct pitch even sounds like.

But once you do, you can change your pitch and thus change your results as long as you are willing to keep singing in tune with God.

It takes disciple to hold such a note. But it takes surrender to change your song in the first place.

Innocence. Sincerity. Humility. That’s the receipt for greatness. Not force, control and bravado.

Living in tune with God versus living out of tune is the whole game because our bodies are just tuning forks always communicating with the universe.

The choice of which song we sing and how in tune we sing it is entirely our own.

Sing out of tune, and well, your audience will continue to be few and far between. Scarcity will result, and doubt will creep in due to a lack of harmony with the universe.

However, surrender to God and suddenly you’ll start singing in tune, miraculously in fact the universe with increase your audience, rapidly.

Your voice will suddenly be heard around the world–echoing in places and into people’s hearts that you never imagined reaching

Take this Yosef fellow for example. I didn’t exist in Dinarland two years ago.

Now my posts reach over five million people weekly in over forty countries. And some are even translated in multiple languages.

Why? I surrendered and began singing in tune with and for God, for free, just to be in the choir of His benevolent concert.

So can you. And soon, you will all be asked to take your own economic ministry. To serve Him as I have served you.

See, abundance always comes when being in tune (in service) with the correct frequency of Heaven. And scarcity–in various forms and degrees–always comes with every other note that’s not truly God quality (not of service).

The choice to serve or be in tune with God, using your own unique voice, is again entirely your call. But the will to constantly surrender to His Will, to fall into grace instead of away from it is truly every human being’s challenge.

But hear me when I say this brothers and sisters, constant surrender is the only pathway to becoming and staying One with God’s universal melody.

And Christ the only true Messianic bridge awaiting all who courageously choose to crossover into an eternal and unconditional servant.

The is what it means to be chosen–we must keep choosing God–and the money is only going to make that more difficult.

Please do change your tune to God’s song today. I beg of you. You are worth everything. So much so, Christ was sacrificed on Calvary Hill so you could have eternal life now.

That happened. A man of 33 years old named Emmanuel surrendered the ghost first in mid to late August.

Now it’s your turn to serve humanity in your divine covenant war just as Emmanuel (God with us) once did.

Let’s sing together with and for God as One glorious chorus of mercy versus some fractured internet group of broke independents who drone on about an enemy long vanquished.

Release the in endlessly misery, in fighting and suffering caused by illusion. Renounce it in Christ’s name and move on to disbursing blessings versus rehashing burdens.

We’ve done that for 13 millennia. Enough is enough. Sobeit.

Let silence now fill your mind and listen for your heart’s direction.

Yes it is possible to love and be loved this much. Christ was indeed God in form. And the Spirit of Lord is always alive within you–cheering you forward across the Master’s bridge of surrender and faith.

Unconditionally. Gracefully. Eternally.

Follow Him blinded by faith and lend your voice to ours so we can sing the Lord’s song, in a concert of redemption that will shake the Heavens!


It’s safe. Hosanna promised. Let go.

Offered with love from the heart of Yeshua Ben Yosef.

God is with us.