Love is our new reality

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Saul via John Smallman, June 13th, 2017


Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday June 13th.

All is well!  Do not focus with fear or alarm on the news of catastrophes and conflicts across the world.  Just hold the steady intent to send love and healing to those who are suffering, it will help them to release all that is bringing suffering into their lives.  Even in war-torn areas people can be happy!  Happiness arises when you accept what arises without judgment – negative or positive – and deal lovingly with the issues presented to you.  You are all on Earth to assist in humanity’s awakening process which is, of course, also your own awakening process.  Everyone on Earth is to awaken and needs to awaken into Reality, your natural state where you are Love and you know yourselves as Love.

To awaken is to allow the illusion and all its attachments and distractions to dissolve or disintegrate so that your true nature is no longer hidden from you.  Choosing and intending to be loving will massively alter your perception of the world around you as you recognize that all who are not in alignment with Love are just desperately calling out for Love, your Love.  You chose to be incarnate at this time to be Yourselves and to share and extend Yourselves in Love to all with whom you interact personally, and also to all of humanity.  That is what is meant by the Tsunami of Love.  It is humanity becoming increasingly aware that its true nature is Love, and your intentions bring this into the awareness of those with whom you interact, and to many, many more of whom you are completely unaware.

You are only unaware because of your choice to undergo the severely limited experience that being human provides.  BUT, you chose to be on Earth in this time period because you knew you could assist enormously in the awakening process, and because you wanted to assist.  Love, which is what you are, always seeks to assist those who are calling out for Love – all who are in pain and suffering, regardless of the causes of their pain and suffering.  It is very unloving to look at someone who is attempting to self-destruct and judge them harshly for not ceasing that kind of self-damaging behavior. Many of them come into your awareness to help you to awaken by ceasing to judge them!

Judgment is something everyone needs to release.  It is endemic throughout the world and it leads only to conflict and intense suffering.  Replace it with discernment where you wisely choose those with whom you wish to spend time while neither judging them nor those with whom you choose not to spend time.  You are all individuals with your own specific life paths to follow, each one is unique and was planned with great care, wisdom, and foresight before incarnating so that you would encounter situations that would present you with the lessons you had chosen to receive and learn.

You can have no idea of another’s path or chosen lessons, therefore to attempt to “correct” another is extremely arrogant.  Only offer guidance or advice if and when it is sought.  With your children provide a safe, loving, and accepting environment in which they can grow and develop their own inborn creative gifts, gifts that are frequently very, very different from those of their parents.  As they grow issues of authority and guidance will naturally arise, and you do have the necessary wisdom to deal with these issues non-judgmentally.  Children learn fast, so constant repetition of instructions is not necessary, what is required is that you live true to yourselves, lovingly demonstrating your beliefs by just living them.  Obviously occasional correction is needed so that they learn the social norms of the society in which they are growing up.  As adults, when they have a modicum of experience under their belts they can, if they choose, modify or discard some of the behavioral norms they have learned when they find that they no longer serve them.

A large number of humanity’s glorious creative achievements were made possible by the diversity of personal characteristics that each one involved was able to call on as new ideas were called for to resolve a situation or problem in a friendly, cooperative, and harmonious manner.  In your diversity lies your strength.  And you are strong, very strong, you just choose to focus more on your presumed (i.e. self-judged) inadequacies.  Doing that distracts you from fully developing your own unique talents and abilities.

You all have them, it is just that certain competences and abilities are held up as examples of what various areas of society have “judged” to be the best and most appropriate ones to which children and students should direct their time and effort.  However, all across the world there are shining examples of people who dropped out of school or university to develop their own ideas, and who have been extremely successful.  Do what pleases and inspires you rather than following a well-trodden path that pays the bills but stresses you out or bores you to tears.

You are all creative beings because God, who created you, is creative, and He created you like unto Himself.  Allow yourselves to be you, do not try to be what someone else is.  Honor yourselves as your heavenly Father always does, forgive yourselves for your errors or mis-steps – they are of no consequence – and enjoy being the being that God created as you.

You are all divine beings with vast creative abilities, abilities that can sometimes lie dormant within you for years, gestating and preparing to come on-line at the most appropriate moment in your ongoing human lives.  You all know people who appear to have developed late in life, and often they are judged as having wasted the major portion of their human lives.  This is most definitely not the case.  Some blossom as child geniuses while others delay their creative endeavors until later in life, and both paths, and all in between, are completely valid.  Society’s standards are not God’s, they are frequently unethical, dishonest, and lacking in integrity, and many choose to turn a blind eye to this deficiency.  Later, awareness will arise to show them that they were misguided.  Don’t judge yourselves harshly if that happens or is happening to you, you needed to learn that lesson and therefore hearty congratulations are in order because you have learned it!

To create is your purpose, and you are all, without exception, very creative beings.  However, for many, during their childhood and early adulthood, their creative abilities were suppressed or denied either by the teachers and authority figures who had power or dominance over them, or by themselves as they strove to comply and receive praise, acceptance, and love.  Love is your nature, but as human infants and small children you need to receive unconditional love and acceptance from those adults and older siblings in your family.  Frequently this does not happen, or is not perceived to happen, and when this occurs infants grow up feeling unloved, unacceptable, and are then unable to love themselves or others.  As a result many adults seek help and assistance through psychotherapy with their heavily sensed feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.

Love is your nature, and deprived of It, although you never are, you suffer enormously.  Those of you reading or listening to this message are aware enough to understand this very clearly.  This and many other channeled messages keep stressing the need for you to recognize this fully and let go of all self-disparagement and negative self-judgment.  When you read messages telling you this they resonate with you, very powerfully, and then you return to your daily living and discard or forget this very important truth!  God loves you infinitely because He created you, so surely you can start to love yourselves?  It is insane not to, and, unfortunately, many are indeed insane.

The world around you – inhabited by family, friends, acquaintances, workplace associates, bosses, politicians, religious and governmental authority figures, and the 24/7 media – is constantly judging and disparaging people and situations, and so Love is mostly unacknowledged and unseen, even though without It you would not exist.

So let me remind you yet again:  “You are all, every single human being without exception, the infinitely loved children of God!”  God’s Love for you is unceasing and is utterly without conditions of any kind, so PLEASE release allyour own disparaging and negative self-perceptions because they are completely invalid!  Yes, of course, as humans you say and do things that are not loving, but doing that is not your nature, it is a fearful reaction or response to a person or situation.  Forgive yourselves for these errors, if you have hurt someone then certainly attempt to make amends to heal that hurt.  If the attempt is rejected let it go.  You made an error, you did your best to heal it, now move on without regrets.  Regrets are about the past and the past is past.  Suffering is a result of focusing on past hurts and reliving them, so why would you do that?  You could be living joyfully in the present.

Guilt plays a large rôle in suffering because you replay and replay situations where you could have behaved or spoken differently, while feeling guilty and shameful.  But the whole point is that having learned the lesson you move on, in the present moment, the only time there is.  In the now moment you can be very happy if you don’t focus on your past errors.  Let them go, and set the intent not to repeat them.

When you feel down, lonely, abandoned, go within and ask for a Love squeeze, A N D allow yourselves to open to receive it instead of immediately telling yourselves you are unworthy of it.  You are never unworthy of Love, It is your true nature, It is what you are, and deep within yourselves, if you will allow yourselves to know it you will see that you do know it.  There is only Love!

With so very much love, Saul.