Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, June 28th, 2017

Dear Ones,

Acknowledge and embrace the Creator Beings that you are. Speak to your I AM PRESENCE, THE I AM THAT I AM vibration of your Soul/Self. Now is the time to allow these gifts, the Creative Manifestation you have long hidden from yourselves.

Your remembrance and Mastery is returning. As you allow these memories to unfold and re-awaken you will no longer be caught in the outmoded thought patterns that have had you inprisioned, in the limited belief of who you are.

As Creator Beings you can step easily into your Creative Mastery and reclaim your true being-ness. The very reason you stepped foot on Planet Earth for this lifetime.

As you fully accept yourselves as Creator Beings you no longer allow old negative thoughts or beliefs to control your daily activities.


So much of the old has been transmuted from your physical vehicles and as more refined Light Codes flow through, the last vestiges of the old belief patterns will leave FOREVER.

Truly this is a time like no other.

The opportunities for growth and expansion into your true Mastery is what you are witnessing. As always Dear Ones, it is a choice how you view what is unfolding in and around you.

Viewed from the old 3rd dimensional negative separation, your life and your world would look “grim.” However, as the New 5th Dimensional Earth is evolving you KNOW you have a choice to live in that Mastery of Belief in the Oneness of ALL. In the 5D reality, illness and accidents will no longer exist as the vibration of the Planet will have evolved out of fear, lack, limitation into the New reality of Peace, Co-operation, Co-Creation, Love, Abundance and Perfect Health for all Beings residing on the New Earth.

Dear Ones the choice is yours – how will you choose to experience this next Evolutionary Step?

Open your Hearts and Higher Minds allow the Light of Creation to flow into every cell and atom of your beautiful bodies. Allow this incredible Light Energy to permeate your bodies until all you know and radiate is Light.

Light-Beings, Light-Masters, that is who you are and that is where you are flowing each day as you continue to open your hearts wider to allow the energy of Creation to flow through and around you. As you then ground that Golden Liquid Light of Creation into the Earth, consciously you are allowing Mother Earth and ALL humanity to share in this Light.

You are leading the way Dear Hearts, All in the Galaxy are focused on YOU and how you are allowing this evolution to unravel.

So many watching, loving, supporting and cheering you on Dear Ones. For YOU it is all in a days “work.” Soon you will understand what it is you have been creating all this time and you too, like us, will marvel at what transpires.

Walking every step of this incredible path with YOU.

» Source – Channel: Leslie Anne Menzies