Love is our new reality

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God’s Message via Loretta, June 28th, 2017

God’s Message: Breathe In New Vision

godmessagesBehold the Glory that you are filled with. Look up. Keep your attention high. Let your mind soar. Love the Earth. Love the ground your feet walk on. Love the flowers. Love the dirt. Love it all. Relish this Earth that I have given to you for Joy just as it appears.

If you were out in Nature every day, and under the stars at night, you would love the Earth and Life on Earth more than you may presently love them these days. If there were no doors to open or close or to lock, if keys had not been invented, you would already be well-versed in the Joys of Earth. Your Freedom of Choice is not meant to be put far off to a later date.

You have a Mind that can take you anywhere, and a Heart to take you everywhere. What prevents you? What forwards you?

Take your attention higher.

Worries are not high-minded. Worries keep you looking down rather than up. Worries affirm that which you do not want to affirm.

Put your attention on higher fields than worries. Grow inspiration. Grow Light. Take in deeper breaths and exhale all the past and all its worries. Breathe in new air. Expand your lungs, and expand your vision.

Sing a new tune. Write yourself a new story. No more delays. Now you begin rising to the heights. All you have to do is to let go of where you have been.

Stop holding onto bannisters in your Life.

You learned to swim. Now you are learning to soar. Spread your wings, Beloveds.

You begin with your heart and mind. Impose no boundaries. Decide where you want to go. Plant it in your mind, and then your heart will take off. Or it can be the heart first and the mind later. Who cares which comes first. Heart and mind want to take off together.

Pack your bags ahead of time. Dream your dreams. Your dreams are the engine you start. Your dreams pick you up. They lift you. They take you where you want to go. Your dreams are a signal to you.

You already know that there is more to Life than meets the eye.

There is nowhere you cannot go. There is nothing you cannot be. This is fact, not theory.

What you dream of gives you a head start. Dreams are your take-off point.

If anyone tells you that dreams are folly, dare to follow your dreams over others’ opinions. Cherish your dreams. Let them take you where they will. Dreams will take you places. Give your dreams a chance to carry you high.

Dreams are not motorized. Dreams are not an invention. They are incentives. Dreams are the sparks that light a fire under you.

Take a chance. Waiting for certainties may well delay you. Full steam ahead. There is nothing to lose. If this volley of love doesn’t succeed, you are still ahead of the game. You declared yourself. You had the get-up and go. You took a chance. At the moment you follow your heart, you have succeeded – you have succeeded in taking a chance!

You don’t have to be comfortable. Where did you get that idea? Staying comfortable may be avoiding progress. Sure, give yourself some breathing room, and then go after what your heart seeks. Soon enough, your mind will catch up to you and may even advance ahead of you.

You fear risk. Fear can only hold you back. It doesn’t take you forward. Safety is not your foremost motivation. You risk a lot when you dig your feet in and won’t move.

Discover what your heart desires. How will you know unless you go for it?

You are not being reckless. You are opening up new channels.

» Source – Channel: Loretta