Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, October 30th, 2020

Archangel Michael via Linda Dilllon: Progress Report on World Peace

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 30, 2020. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: How are we doing with world peace, Lord?

AAM: (sigh… Long silence as AAM plays for Linda an horrific “video” of all the destruction worldwide.)

Steve: Lord? Should I repeat my question?

AAM: No. I am giving the channel a chance for she has felt the…. [Trails off.]

World peace is on a very strong forward thrust and it is on a very strong backward thrust and you are seeing that level of friction on so many various fronts and levels and demonstrations.

Now let us begin with truly the good news because as we have said time after time after time that world peace, global peace, universal piece, the planetary peace comes when the hearts of humanity, the collective heart and the individual heart yearns for peace.

And when I say peace, you know (1) but I will reemphasize that I am not merely speaking about the absence of war. I am speaking of the deep, profound yearning and practice of peace which incorporates of course non-aggressive, supportive, kind, loving, gentle, strong actions as well as beingness.

On that front, in terms of the collective, there is an overwhelming majority of human beings, given the chaos of rebirth, given the chaos of certainly the last year but certainly the last couple of centuries to put it mildly.

There is a deep profound yearning for peace, not merely the cessation of chaos, not merely the cessation of armed conflict (and when I say armed conflict I also include economic conflict because that is one of the greatest arms of all).

So humans, regardless of where they are living have reached the place where there is collective and individual yearning for that sense of well-being.

It is not just but it certainly includes the sense of safety and security. And not only being attended to but the ability to attend to one another.

Now, are there still, during this, shall we call it, final sweep, those that still wish to do harm on various levels, it matters not? Yes, there are and that is based, as you well know, on egoic inclinations or a parasitic inclination to live off of others and to basically steal their energy.

Yes, there are still some but by far the majority (we would say 90% of the humans) wish to live in peace, wish to be the peace.

Now peace as you know, comes, quite literally – even when the definitions are slightly different, it matters not – from the grassroots. That is the ONLY place it can come from. It is from the wellspring, the heart, the desire of the soul and the mind paired with action.

So in terms of that forward progression on world peace, it’s extraordinarily close.

The backwards thrust that I referred to is [from] those that are still holding tight with corruption and abuse, violence, mayhem onto what they perceive as the reins of power. [They] will hurt, harm, destroy anything that threatens their platform.

Which, is a platform that is based in the lowest common denominator of what you think of as the old third dimension.

So as the collective desire (and actions) for peace has grown, the resistance and recalcitrance of this small group has also grown because in some ways their environment, they believe they are fighting for their lives.

And they are because to them, life is position. Life is that position to control and abuse power. Now is that being defeated? Group by group, nation by nation… Yes, it is.

So while it may look like there is still a fair bit of upheaval, and it is not to deny that, there is also enormous progress that is and has been made.