Lord Ashtar via Lynne Rondell, October 31st,2020

Your Guides and Angels, How they are Helping | Lord Ashtar via Lynne Rondell


Channel Lynne Rondell


I am just coming back to you this beautiful Thursday with another channeling. This channeling is going to be from Lord Ashtar and he’s going to talk about the role and the purpose of your guides and angels, what they do and how they’re helping all of you so.

Here we go


Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming back through this channel again along with the angelic kingdom as they like to bring through messages along with me for all of you as well. Today we’re going to talk about your guides and angels, what they are, who they are, why they’re with you, the purpose they serve and how they’re helping you now and how they’re helping you on your ascension.

First we’re going to talk about what are guides and angels. Your guides can be family members that have crossed over, your guides can also be ascended masters, your guides can be spiritual beings, your guides can be actually galactic family, your guides can be a lot of different people and things depending on who you are and where you’ve been and who is coming in to actually support your journey on this planet, on this plane and to the fifth dimension.

Everyone has between two to five guides, some only have two. Babies do come in with guides and angels as well as soon as they are arriving onto this planet and plane. Some children enter the womb of a pregnant woman, the souls of some children enter while pregnant.

Those angels and guides are with that pregnant mother and they are supporting the child before it is born. Most time the child’ssoulwill wait till the end and come in either before or right, before or during the childbirth but sometimes the children’ssoul come in very early to experience the entire a pregnancy and that ride but the guides and angels are there to support them on their journey and to support them with their birth and to support them throughout their life.

Your guides and angels do shift from time to time as you elevate. Sometimes you’ll bring in new higher elevated guides and for different things you are doing you will bring in different guides and angels, for different things that you are doing as well that are needed, could be job related, could be a life purpose things or some karma that you have incurred. They’ll help you through that or just your life lessons or karmic lesson that you came in here to work on and to further yourself on angels. Everyone has at least two angels. They would be called guardian angels.

This channeler has actually millions of angels as she does work with the entire angelic kingdom but you all have at least two. Some of you when you’re going through more difficult transitions or journeys have more that come in as some of you that know to actually call the archangels in archangel Raphael, lord Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Metatron. There’s a lot of different archangels if you know can be called in to be of service at different times when it is necessary for you, for extra help but you all do have guides and angels they all serve a purpose, they all are part of your lineage as well.

This channeler will have very ascended masters coming in, for different times in her life. She has had Gandhi to visit her. She has had all kinds of different ascended masters come in when she either needs the protection or they are simply watching and showing her that they are with her or a lesson is to be learned and they actually come in to further her development.

The guides do interchange, not a lot but they do interchange depending on your evolution. The angels, there will be at least two always that stay with you ; these are your two that are chosen to be with you and then more will come in and out as is needed.

All of you did know before you did jump down into your physical shell, your physical form you did know about this ascension journey. A lot of you have just forgotten about it and your angels and guides do know about this journey to the fifth dimension as well.

They are on this road with you. They along with Lord Ashtar, along with the entire angelic kingdom want to bring through a message for all of you now. They’re with you, they’re not leaving any of you side, they’re with you through this journey to the fifth dimension. They are actually helping awaken those that are sleeping, they are nudging you, they’re nudging you not silently but they’re nudging you towards what is for your highest good benefit. They all would love to talk to you, they would love you to know, we’re going to say, that they listen.

They would like you to speak out loud to them even if you cannot hear what they say, it’s important to know that they hear what you say. So this is important all you have to do is speak out loud. I’m feeling this or could you help me with that or i’m sending you love and blessings or could you direct and guide me. They’re listening they want you to open the conversation, they want you to open the connection with them, they’re always listening, they’re always helping you on your journey but they want you to start to verbalize more how you’re feeling, what guidance you need, show me a sign you can say. A lot of your clairvoyance is going to start opening up, that is your third eye, your crown chakra and some on your throat chakra. As these chakra systems open wide up, a lot of you are going to get closer in touch with your angels and guides because you’re going to be able to hear little whispers, you’ll be able to like get intuitive grabs, we’re going to say, and it’s going to really help you to move forward on your journey towards ascension.

The message they, along with me, along with the entire angelic kingdom are bringing through for you today: speak to your angels and guides, know that they’re with you and they’re listening. They’re always around you, they can be very close and protect you if you need that, they can help you with guidance, they can show you different things or push different things into your path if needed.

Just know that they want you to try to connect with them more. We know some of you are doing a beautiful job and it will still come to a lot of you as your clairvoyance and as your development heightens.

Know they are there, know we all are here to support your journey to the fifth dimension. This we hope will make you feel a little bit less anxious, this we hope will help you on your road to your ascension and we want the union for the humans and the angelic realm and your guides, we want that union to be really opened, so now is the time.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic kingdom are sending you such love, sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, angelic kingdom. That’s a wonderful beautiful message thank you very much for that. I’ve been talking to mine for, i don’t know, a very long time and it is important, even if you can’t hear what they have to say to just start the conversation, engage, they’re listening. They’ll help you on your journey with guidance and protection, blessings, healing whatever’s needed.

I hope this message resonates with you. I look forward to sending many more messages through for all of you to really help you on your ascension journey. I’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings.

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfteTUaD1iQ