Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, April 13th

Archangel Michael on the Reval, ISIS, and Inertia

Michael 23In a personal reading I had with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on April 13, 2016, I asked him what was holding up the Reval. Very soon into his answer it became clear that he wanted the discussion shared with everyone.   

The answer: A great deal of nations’ back-and-forthing and ISIS. However lightworkers are also yielding to inertia, simply waiting for the Reval and not creating. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: What remains to be done on the Reval, Lord?

Archangel Michael: Very little remains to be done. Most of the agreements, and we do say most, are in place. But you look at this (and I do not mean just you), you look at this from the perspective of yourself of course, and of a, what we would say, a rather small community in terms of the general global populace [i.e., lightworkers].

The enormity of this undertaking involves millions and millions and millions of people and, within that, also the bureaucracies of pretty much every nation upon the planet.

Now you also know that simply because a nation does not see it in their best interest to agree to such a re-evaluation of financial systems doesn’t make them evil or discordant or recalcitrant. Many of these people take their positions of responsibility seriously and believe, rightly or wrongly, that they are acting in the best interests of the people.

So this has certainly been a stumbling block because what has happened consistently is that you will have one nation agree, and one not. Then the second nation will agree and the first will withdraw and the 13th will agree and the 14th withdraw and so there has been a great deal of this back-and-forthing.

That is even before the mechanics of such a massive undertaking come to the forefront.

The other piece has been the presence, the growing dominance and force of ISIS throughout the Middle East and the East and the desire, and we would suggest position, of many of those nations’ states, that they do not wish to in any way fund that expeditionary force to a greater level than they already have.

Many of their resources have been destroyed but for some that is still not adequate.

That is a major stumbling block, but not insurmountable.

We do hear the human cry, “Why is the Company of Heaven not interfering or overriding?” We cannot and we will not override free will. It is against universal law.

So do we nudge, do we encourage, do we inspire, do we point in the direction? Yes, more often than you can possibly imagine.

But that is what the two major hurdles of delay have been.

Now the other thing and this is spiritual, not the mechanics or the politics shall we say of the situation, but something that concerns us so I will bring it to the forefront for discussion.

[For] many – and I do not simply mean those of the Lightworker/Loveholder community because that is but a very small segment of those who have invested in this undertaking –  [the Reval] has created huge inertia. There are many in all of these communities that have placed their lives more or less on hold and are not going forward in their own expansion, anchoring, creative love process to claim their life, their dreams.

And you say, “Well, they can’t do anything, Lord, until such time as they have funds” and that is not what I’m talking about.

I am talking about that, in the everyday, small reality, they have pushed the pause button. Now there are times when the Divine Mother or I, but mostly the Mother, will put someone in “the pause,” on sabbatical because they are exhausted or they have worked with me to such an extent that they need that time away; they need to rest.

There are times when the Mother has placed the entire planet in what you think of as the pause and you all know what that feels like. It is a period of waiting, of anticipating of building the energy. It feels like you’re in the void that is not quite the void. It is the pause.  But that is not what I am speaking of.

What I am speaking of is a number of people who have stopped doing what they choose to create [even] in the smallest of ways, spiritually, practically, emotionally, mentally.

You know, as my good friend, how often I have said and encouraged so many to dream big but in some ways the dream is part of the creation. And you know that because you are very busy with the Michaelangelo Fund.

We are not talking to you now, but this has created from our perspective, a spiritual logjam.

Steve: What is the “this,” Lord, that has created a spiritual logjam?

AAM: Those who basically are not acknowledging their own power to create, to shift the energy in the direction and in the movement in positive ways that would result in all of these logjams being removed.

Steve: Right.

AAM: So they are in a waiting mode rather than in a proactive, knowing, sending-energy, belief mode. And that creates inertia.

So when people say to thee, and they do, “What can we do?”  They are not heads of state, they are not bureaucrats highly placed, they are not within the fold of ISIS, and they are not part of the IMF or so on and so on.

What they can do is re-claim their power, their life, their actions and send the energy of the vision that you are all holding. Thoughts, emotions and energy hold power! So do not turn away from your power! That is all I have to say on this.

Steve: Lord, given what you’ve said, what is it that leads you to say that it could be soon because it sounds like there’s a lot yet to do?

AAM: No, most agreements are reached. ISIS is being addressed as you well know by the team that I work with, the archangels so can it change? Not in the blink of an eye unless it is the eye of One but could it change what in your field feels like fairly rapidly? Yes, it could.

Steve: Now it sounds like you would like me to post this discussion with you. It sounds like it is for everybody.

AAM: That is correct.