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The Dragon via Brian, April 13th

This is The Dragon,

Through many channelings, we have said either directly or indirectly that evolved beings cannot just exist within the duality of wrong or right, yes or no. All that is abounds with grey areas, contradictions, and it’s perfectly fine. We explained how contradictions in history can be perfectly valid. One listener accurately responded that although there is no True history, things are more complicated than just “history can be ignored”. You are right when you all say things are complicated. You are not victims of the complication but instead all contribute to it either passively or actively. It makes the game more interesting. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with the game you are playing. Except when you are tired of playing it, and the majority of you on Earth are tired of playing it. You’re not tired to the point that you will stop incarnating on Earth, but instead want to do something more constructive and exciting: you want to make a transformation. In the grand scheme of things, all that matters is that you will enjoy the transformation in whatever way you choose to enjoy it. God-all-that-is loves you, and your experience regardless of what you choose. However, with a bias towards love, there is a bias in the universe towards enjoying creation (whatever that means for you), even when it doesn’t seem that way sometimes experiencing a world of balance of polarity vs harmonic balance.

So, with that, let’s say there’s two over-arching concepts about how you all came to be on Earth. There is the scientific and philosophical concept of the “anthropic principle” and there is the philosophical and theological concept of “intelligent design” (maybe someday scientific, but not in the way you presently have developed it).

For those not familiar, we will pull a definition from our partner that will define the anthropic principle in simple philosophical terms leaving out scientific concepts like entropy. The anthropic principle basically answers a question, “Why does it seem the universe is so perfectly tuned for creating life like human life when a slight change in one constant could make it so life like humans could barely hang on or not exist at all anywhere in the universe?” The anthropic principle answers that with a sort of no-nonsense answer that you may expect to get at an executive meeting, “Well because, silly, we’re sitting here in a universe well tuned for life marvelling at the fact that a universe well tuned for us to exist in happens to also have us existing here.” At first, it may be easy to brush off such an answer as dismissive, however there has been a lot of scientific research that coincides with the anthropic principle such as studies of inflation, entropy and other things. So the anthropic principle is not a dead-end “we aren’t willing to explore further” kind of thing. Instead, it’s one avenue of investigation, but in the scientific community requires digging much deeper. One theory that works very nicely with the anthropic principle is the “many worlds” interpretation – we have discussed this before – because it allows for one universe to exist well-tuned for life but other universes to exist somewhere else that are not well-tuned for life. Keep in mind that when we talk about universe here, we’re talking about lower vibrational universes. Things aren’t so well separated at the very high vibrations that you can call one thing one universe and another thing another universe.

Then there’s intelligent design. Intelligent design is pretty simple. It’s a modernization of a very old concept, perhaps the oldest concept on Earth. From the “very first human” – metaphorically since there was no very first human – who looked around and saw him or herself as being able to do things other animals couldn’t do, pondering at the very reason for his or her existence, thinking if he or she could create things with his or her hands, maybe there was a greater power that could create the world. Couple that with the earlier humans being much better connected to all-that-is and gaia than your present form and “wala” you have a concept that has evolved to this very day being called intelligent design. Intelligent design doesn’t say, for instance, that there was “no big bang”. Some proponents of intelligent design believe that. However others believe that the “creator” could have made the big bang. To some even some of your religious texts were describing the big bang to people that just didn’t have the scientific understanding you do.

These two concepts seem to be at odds, but instead start thinking like the kind of being humans are evolving into. Are they really at odds? Believe it or not, both are correct in a way. There was a framework – rules – that you, the creators experiencing your own creation, set up to define how the universes would function and out of that a physical multiverse appeared in your own thought patterns. One that you could explore. Within this multivese is every possible form of every possible universe that could ever exist based on every possible permetuation of every physical law you know of and haven’t learned of yet. Most exist for less than microseconds at the level of vibration you are experiencing. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still full of non-corporeal life you aren’t aware of even existing in your own universe. It just means it wasn’t a universe conducive to the type of beings you humans presently are. Most are like that. However, there are a bunch of universes that are conducive to life like your own and some more than others. Believe it or not, you’re kind of in the middle, slightly more biased for non-corporeal life than corporeal life believe it or not.

Of course, at the absolute level of all-that-is, these universes were not created, they were eternal, and you are part of all-that-is that is specifically configured (not designed) to explore the universe by not focusing on all of all-that-is (a veil). However, once you move / focus slightly past that absolute all-that-is to the highest vibrational entities that can possibly exist that are not all-that-is, then now you have something interesting. You have something that actually experiences the illusion of being a creator of many universes. It knows that it’s an an eternal part of all-that-is, but it plays the game of being a creator and grabs a few things here, and a few things there and mixes them together and wala! There is “creation soup” served up on a shiny platter.

So, from an absolute BORING perspective, the anthropic principal combined with the multi-worlds theory is correct that at the absolute level, you exist because you had to eternally exist because you were possible. Meaning you were “necessary” from a philosophical standpoint, and are now sitting here marveling at how you can exist when you had to exist. Silly 🙂 However, looking at it this way forgets one very very important thing!

Everything in the universe is conscious!

Many beings that are at your vibrational level don’t realize this. So although everything in the universe exists because it was necessary, every part of the universe is conscious and therefore part of the all-that-is consciousness which just IS, and isn’t any THING. So, the attributes of the creator are imbued in every tiny little piece of the universe. Not necessary self-consciousness, but consciousness, and that’s enough.

Science will eventually realize this and it will open up a lot of doors. A lot of doors.

But no, neither theory is wrong. In fact, at the absolute level neither theory is exclusively right.

They are both useful concepts. In fact, the anthropic principle can protect you from a mistake. It can protect you from believing in absolute determinism to the point that you believe you have no free will. Whereas intelligent design can protect you from thinking that there is no magic to anything, and help you realize you do have help. So both are useful. But neither are absolute Truth.

So, welcome to the world of being conscious creators where everything is not so clean-cut and spoon-fed. It’s time for you to figure out how to make the best use out of concepts like this and not just to understand the world but to APPLY them to your daily life to create magic.

We love you guys and do not see you as limited beings. Instead, we see you as amazing angels, complaining about your world being the way it is, having the tools and experience to change it, but believing you don’t. Even to the point that some of you will stubbornly and viciously defend your present state of affairs. Or parts of it. Even some of you that came to help! However, we don’t see you as limited, at least not a limited potential. We know what you are capable of.

With Love,
The Dragon

Channelled by : Brian, the dragon