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Dragons and Dragon People of Maldek (channeled messages)

Azure Dragon Meng Zhang via Erena Velazquez, April 10th, 2020

I am Azure Dragon,
I have been called a Blue Green Dragon, Meng Zhang, I am one of the Ancient ones, which is the God Dragon that represents the essence of Spring and protective abilities. I am here to greet and communicate to humanity. I think humanity needs some guidance and advice. They are now in turmoil and scared for their lives. I came here to help and protect the human civilization with my magical powers and not let the people of Earth be destroyed.
I am Azure Dragon and I have been living for many thousands of years. I am one of the God Dragons, who has a lot of magical abilities, which I will use to protect humanity and help to bring a new beginning to the planet. As of right now, we know people are fighting for their lives, because somebody dropped and released a virus to kill the humans. That virus will just suddenly disappear in the future the same way it came. Everyone should stay calm and try to follow the rules implicated by the government for now. It doesn’t mean everything your government says is good and true. There is a lot of misconception and lies going on through the mass media. They are not telling the whole story on what’s going on with the public. Like, why are so many people are dying and what is really causing this. Is this just only from the virus or that their immune system is compromised or is it, because they are dying from something else. It’s a lot of confusion purposely created by the media without facts.
The media was never standing on the side of the humans. They have always been on the dark side pushing their agenda on humanity. Now, the time is coming, when the news media will need to tell only the truth, they won’t be able to get away with their lies anymore. I am not saying that people are not leaving their physical bodies, yes they are leaving their physical bodies, but their are not dying. They are ascending, what does that mean, that means there is no death. You know that deep inside your soul, this is true, but you are forgetting that the news media and the people in power were never on your side. You also, forgot that you are magical beings yourselves like the dragons, you have magical abilities inside you, but your powers have been put to sleep by the Dark Forces, who used all their fear tactics, all this misbeliefs, and all these things they try to put on you to control you. Like they have done for thousands of years. Oh, lets say about 350,000 years, I think, it’s been long enough that humanity has been enslaved and did what it has been told to do.
I came here today, because I want for the people on Earth to start listening and paying attention to their surroundings and question everything they hear from anyone and anywhere. They also need to be still, and this is the perfect time to be still and to do your daily meditation. You know this from other Ascended Masters and other beings from Galactic civilizations, who have been telling you that you need to meditate, meditate and meditate and pay attention, look at your surroundings and question your masters. Yes, I am calling them your masters, because you follow them with blind faith. Nobody said to follow them because they are your leaders, they are in charge of you, and because they have more money than you, it doesn’t mean that you have less rights than them. You have the same rights, they made everything here to be this way, because it’s convenient and wonderful for them. Has humanity been happy, we say no, they work the jobs they hate, they pay all these bills every month and what do they get in return, very little. Do they feel happy, no.
The time of enslavement is coming to the end. This is why we all need to unite, the human race right now, when they are facing this huge scare, they actually forgot about wars. They are actually trying to help each other by sending to each other technology, equipment and whatever they can, because they understand and feel compassion for each other, which they forgot to do in their daily lives. It’s sad that this needed to happen for the virus event to make them see and be more compassionate. It was not necessary, but it was done on purpose, so now it’s time for the whole humanity to wake up.
You had a successful Saturday meditation, you succeeded in big numbers on who were meditating together on the same day. You opened new energies of 5D, which are flowing right now and surrounding Earth with it’s healing energies, you just need to tune into and start feeling, what that energy can do to you and how it can help you with your healing, because the virus can’t effect you, if you stay in a high vibration. Yes, you may carry the virus on you, but it doesn’t mean you will become sick. The only way you can do this by always being in a high vibration, by being still and listening to the guidance that comes from your soul. Also, doing meditation even for a short time, being grateful for everything you have, for the little things and sending love and light to your neighbor and everyone who surrounds you, that will also bring you up in vibrations. You will end up in high vibrations, where the virus can’t touch you.
I am an Ancient Dragon and I know what I am saying is the truth and you know this too. I came here and I will be flying around Mother Gaia watching and helping out by sending my healing and protective energies. I am also the Dragon who represents the essence of Spring and Spring is here now. I am so happy that I could come and deliver this message, because I know you need to hear from us, from all us, there is a lot of us, the Ascended Masters. There are many of us on the other side and we care and love humanity, but we feel humanity is still in the infant stage. They still need to learn a lot and I am the one who learned through many thousand of years, what is wisdom and what is love and light means, when we send it out and express it to each other, and what healing powers it has.
It’s understandable right now that the whole world is still, everyone is suppose to stay home and do the little things, they need to do and follow what they have been told to do, but it doesn’t mean you need to be slave, it means you need to use your commonsense, we call it commonsense, we the God Dragons. I am not the only one Dragon, today I am just one, Azure one. I am here to tell you that other Dragons are also watching out for you, they are here around the planet sending their wisdom and healing energies to Mother Earth to help and heal the human civilization, who are scared right now and don’t know what the future will bring to them.
Please don’t panic, a new life is coming to you. You understand that you will never go back to your old ways of life again, it’s not possible anymore. The world needs to change no matter what anybody would say or what the dark light would want to do. Their plan never worked and it will never work again. In the meantime, you need to do your work too, this way you can go and do what you need to do to help everyone reach the 5th dimension and leave the 3D reality behind, so you can get your new body, your crystalline body, which is waiting for you, the 5D body. Continue to learn and absorb  wisdom from your Ascended Masters, from all of us, we’re here to help and assist you.
I am sending my love, my magical healing powers and light to all of you. I was grateful to be here. I am Azure Dragon Meng Zhang, who loves and cares for you.
Thank you

Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 3, 2020

Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl | March 3, 2020

Ascended Dragon Collective 3/3/2020

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We greet you humans with love and respect for we are quite aware that this work is arduous. We have been doing our work to assist clearing and cleaning the energies of the bowels of the earth. Much needed to be cleansed. We have been blasting our dragon light underneath just as you have been shining your human light on the surface. We see that this hall of mirrors is shattering. We see tremendous growth and change. We see green where deserts currently exist. We see fresh water abundant, bubbling up from the dry places. We see the animal kingdoms flourishing again, unafraid of mankind. We see mankind and womenkind treating each other with more respect and equality. We see the formation of the new from the crumbling of the old. We see many things.

We see you, human. We see your questions, your ponderings, your insecurities of what is and what is to come. Change this insecurity to security, to curiosity. We dragons find that curiosity leads often to bravery which leads to good deeds and tremendous acts of faith. Now is the time for great faith, little one. For now is the moment of your birthing. 5D is all around you in many ways. But the dross of the charade must be cleared and play out, crumbling into rubble for all eyes to see. We see this as happening imminently. Your money magic is on fire, the lie seen as truth in the ashes. Be not afraid. You are wealthy beyond words for you are the child of the Creator and you can create and manifest what you wish. This will be effortless and joyful for you in the higher dimensions. Your acts of heroism and bravery as you navigate the muck and mire of discordant energies is pleasing to see. We are delighted to partner with you, to blast our flame alongside your flame of faith, of light, for the sword or truth is a sharp sword and all is being cut down that is not of the purest light.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We see you with the golden eyes of Source. We see the dragon codes of light, of the ancient ones, spinning within your individual vortexes as you receive help from all sides, all higher dimensions. We see more light around you now, we see linear codes and fire descending from the heavens with fierce tenacity. You are warriors of heaven. You are much more than you think. It is time to shed the guise and be the warrior openly, but love is your weapon, truth and mercy are your friends and allies. Love. There is a time for war. There is a time for peace. You are in the end war of wars in a much battle hardened and wounded sector. (I am seeing a charred earth, ships that look like Death Stars, battles. I am seeing black dragons that are not ascended fighting the colorful ones in my visions that are ascended.) Yes, little human. Sit. Breathe. Breath in this fire. (I am feeling fire on my crown, heat through my body. I am seeing this charred planet being inundated with fire from heaven of the purest of light, of love. It is a loving fire, fierce in its ability to love. It is overwhelming. I am seeing the light turn everything into gold, into green glowing gold. I am seeing charred vines that are withered become green with light streams in each tendril and vine. I am seeing the light spread, creating green in its pathway. Gaia is reborn. I am seeing waterfalls of the purest of water, animals of the most brilliant vibrancy, healthy, strong in great numbers dotting the earth. I think I am seeing Nova Gaia).

Human, listen wisely, listen true. The light waits no more. The light is here. The truth is here in this now of the great birth of the old into the new. Nova Gaia is a vibrational reality that is within your reach. We are breathing fire of remembrance into your heart spaces. (I am feeling warmth in my heart and feeling it expand a bit more). Remember the vibration of Nova Gaia, of the green planet reborn within you. It is within the DNA codexes of remembrances that is activated by dragon light of the ascended ones with the intention of healing, of rebirth. You are programed to remember. Remember now). I feel wind as they fly around me, great wings flapping. I am cold from the breeze. They are flying in a vortex around me. I feel their power). Human, Rise. Arise in your power to love. The temptation to be in fear will be great. Do not succumb. You are a dragon warrior with us. You are a light bearer, keeper of the Christed flame. A mighty honor, indeed. We are privileged to serve alongside you in battle. The battle for the heart of humanity and for the resources of Gaia has been fierce and ugly. Now is the moment of her rebirth. The light is glowing. Feel the light within you. We have ignited that further aspect of your remembrances of working with us. We will work with you continually until we are called elsewhere to serve. But be assured, we are most eager to see Nova Gaia in all of her beauty as well. We too are eager for rest and relaxation. But not yet. Not yet. We will serve the Mother and the Father of All Things until our leave and rest is requested. We remain alert, on active duty, as should you, human friend of the way. You all have dragon aspects most likely, those reading these words. See through your own golden eyes of Source light and you shall see clearly. (I am sensing that we will be able to read energies and intentions of others more clearly now). You cannot fool a dragon. Only fools try this, once. Be alert. We wish to make ourselves more available for divine protection. We are nearby should you call. Do not be afraid. You have much help in the skies and below. We are the Ascended Dragons. We fly now.

~ galaxygirl

Padme from the Dragon Collective via Angel Skog, July 24th, 2019

Padme from the Dragon Collective via Angel Skog

July 24th, 2019


Beautiful noble and powerful lightworkers,

My heart shines strongly for each and every one of you and regardless of how far you have come on your journey you are unconditionally loved and divinely guided. How important or unimportant you yourself think that every step is we stand close at your side.

Life on Earth is not easy journey. I know this as an aspect of myself lives it with you. With this I want to remind you that your challenges and trials are those that you have waited for the whole time – waited for as you on a soul level know that it is by getting through it that you will take the most important steps forward in your ascension process.

The steps forward are for you yourself to make. However, we are all here with you in different forms and shapes of God in order to guide, protect and help you.

With this truth open your heart and your higher consciousness in order to collect your courage, strength and ambition and take yourself through what it now is that is your divinely determined path home.

With all the love we ask you to call on us when you need help with feeling courage and strength – call on us and we will surround you and help you to lift up to inherent power and courage that you yourself have.

With all our love,

Padme from the dragon collective and dragon riders.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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Alisheryia and Elthor via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, June 24, 2019

Alisheryia and Elthor via Galaxygirl | June 24, 2019

Alisheryia & Elthor 6/24/2019

Greetings human, living in these exciting times. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, greet you now with the Christed flame. We are of the Ascended Dragon Collective. We are mighty, we are strong, as are you, human. You are not as frail as you have been conditioned to believe, it is most true. Indeed, you are powerful beyond measure, you have simply forgotten. For the matrix of this realm has been oppressive, brutal, dark. It is crumbling away as we speak, impotent, inert, but the memory of it lingers and this, friends, is what you are clearing to make way for the new ways.

I Alisheryia speak now. I encase you in the diamond flame. We send you the chrystalline diamond flame now from our hearts to yours, healing perhaps some old woundings that have been rearing their ugly heads for healing. Memories have no power over you unless you allow it. Do not allow. Live in this most sacred now as a new being of crystalline, of Christed light, for your encodements are coming online lovingly moment by moment, but you must allow them to do so. For they will not just burst in. You must allow the process of ascension, you must clean every corner of your many closets of memories and of past pains so that old woundings are cleared. Many of you are doing this and it has been arduous at best. And so my twin flame Elthor, and I Alisheryia, wish to assist, should you allow.

Invite the Christed flame into your cells. See them swish and spin in delight. See your inner workings begin to gleam, to shine, to become fractalized rainbows of joyous light beams. Repeat after me, “I am the Christed flame. I release the past, blessing it in love. I embrace my now with certainty of truth that I am love, and only love, and only and forever shall be love. For love is all there is. I invite my future self of the ascended most perfect now timeline to assist me. I invite my angels, my teams, my dragon friends, to assist me to become the most beautifully perfectly ascended me that I can possibly be, the me that I was born to be, the me that I already am. I allow the process. I now allow the healing. I now allow the light to sweep, clean and clear and burn away past memories with the violet flame. I couple the violet flame with the diamond flame encodements of pure lght and love into my past, parallel, present and future time streams and realities. I accept the healing of forgiveness. I give this freely to myself and to the others who have wounded me, for I know that I too have been ‘the wounder’. I now embrace all of me with the Christed flame. I call upon my higher self to assist, to bless, to guide this process.”

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, breathe upon you. We ignite. We ignite you with our combined twin flame love of diamond encodements, of healing, of power, of strength, of bliss, of joy. Human, much joy awaits. Truly much healing is taking place in this most tumultuous but blessed now. For you are morphing as you slumber, as you speak, as you either choose to grow or choose stagnancy. Choose growth into the light. I Alisheryia, send you nurturing love as I do to my hatchlings. Be comforted. Shells feel fragile now for they are being tapped away, revealing the new tender you inside. Hearts have been broken. They will heal. Allow yourself the gift of the new, of the new healing, of the new experience of joy. Be healed. See the fire burn all around you. You are the fire. Be the fire. Spread your light!

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, have spoken. We speak for the divine masculine and the divine feminine in perfect balance and unity. Be balanced. Be unified. Be emboldened by the new energies of the now, for they are streaming in fast and furiously. We support, we blaze your many pathways with light, but only you may tread, it is a sacred honor of divine choice. Will you choose healing or choose to continue to feel the pain of the past? That is your lesson. Rest awhile. Many encodements are coming in through these words. Should you be ready and allow the healing, sit awhile with this. I Alisheryia and I Elthor speak as one tonight, for we are one. Be healed and be comforted.

~ galaxygirl

Message from Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragons via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, May 19th, 2019

Message from Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragons (5/19/19) | Galaxygirl

Alisheryia & Ascended Dragons 5/19/2019

Greetings, humans. I am Alisheryia of the Ascended Dragon Collective. I speak for the whole tonight. Feel my fiery breath alight upon your crown now, burning away the dross, the debris that you have been carrying for too long. Release it. See it burn away with the violet fire. Become purified, renewed, at peace. For your world has changed dramatically even in this single day, this precious moment of the new. We see Gaia changing now, morphing before our eyes, all a-glow with her crystalline beauty. We see her chakras whirl and spin in beautiful alignment. We see all upon her affected. We see the dark ones struggling, lost, unable to keep their feet a-grip, slipping away, fading into the mist of their own matrix choosing. We see much.

I, Alisheryia, speak for the whole. I am the voice of the divine feminine as are you, shes who are reading these words. It is time for the divine feminine to rise from the ashes, all a-glow, renewed, restored, remade, reborn. She is to be at perfect balance, at-one-ness with the divine male energies. Shes, we need to send the men our light. As one voice of the divine feminine we extend our right limb and sent a mighty vortex of love and healing to the wounded masculine. For they have been wounded, divided, divorced from their true selves. The programming of this world has been harsh, debilitating. Much is to be healed. The men must rise again, along with the divine feminine, at perfect balance, at-one-ment with that of their divine partner. Equality. Balance. Liquid light hovering above in perfect balance, unity and harmony such that both are equally Christed. The divine men and women of Earth, of Nova Gaia are to be blessed, to be truly balanced, restored in their love-making, in their renewal of mutual love, self respect and honoring of each other. Many hatchlings will come to Nova Gaia. Many, many hatchlings! Many new families will be created as twins find their long lost partners. Many joyful tears of re-findings and renewing will be made, cleared, relieved. The time of one sex acting as stronger or better than – this is the old way. It is no longer. NO. Divine unity. Perfection of spinning chakras spinning in unison, in time with the other, in perfect balance, harmony, love, treasuring the other. This is what we see for the new Nova Gaians of the Christed plane, of the Goddess Gaia as she births a new reality. She has many realities, she has many forms. The 3/4d matrix is crumbling, disintegrating under cosmic light and violet fire and the intention and purity of the grounded ones. You grounded team, you dragons on the ground are mighty, formidable, and we love you very much.

We ascended dragons support, guide, balance. We fly with you when you are high, we guard you when you are low, we enwrap ourselves around you when you are wounded. Feel our warmth. We guard you as you slumber. Feel our presence. We journey within you into the bowels of the darkness. Feel our fire, feel our light and be comforted. You are not alone. You have never been alone. You have felt alone and that is a very different thing. For the illusions of this place have twisted many a senses. The twisting of the ages is long past. That which has been sullied is to be cleansed, and we see this cleansing now under our very snouts, for this is occurring in real time friends. The summit. The peak. The wave. All is here, friends. Do you feel the urgency in these words? The time of slumber of starting to meditate tomorrow is long past. It is now. Now is the moment to become the Christed breath, the out-breath of the Mother, her extended hands and feet, her loving embrace. NOW. Now is this time to be the goddess of all things in this moment, to be the Christed breath of pure love, joy, perfection, holiness. You are all of these things, young one, the time of forgetting is long past.

Unfurl your wings and fly. Fly with me, Alisheryia, into the caves of your past rememberings, into what is left that you have hidden away. Be done with it. Cleanse it with me. Extend your right arm and blast your violet flame. No more skeletons in the closet. We now cleanse your ancestral line. No more remnants of pain of the past. We now cleanse your galactic line. All the wars of Gaia’s precious body, all her scars we now cleanse her planetary line, her lineages that have run red with blood, we cleanse with the violet flame, with the violet fire.

All ascended dragons join me. Surround these light workers with me. Together we create a mighty circle of everlasting light and violet fire. We blast our Christed flame with you making a mighty ring of firelight that lights up the past. Over all timelines, all directions all past and future realities, we welcome the Christed light, we welcome Master Yeshua, we welcome all the masters, all the archangels, all the precious elementals. We welcome all of the ascended realms, all of the Christed lighted ones to extend their right hands and their intentions of purity, forming an additional crystalline grid overlay of pure love.

Hello dears, this is Mother God and I add my rose petals as a benediction of blessing over you all, raining rose petals to comfort the hearts of humankind as they morph into the higher ways of my light.

I, Yeshi, am so pleased to be invited! Yes, we all add our Christ light and our essence to this beautiful moment of tranquility and of peace. We bring this peace inward, into our innermost heart space where I am should you like, but more importantly where your own sacred I am presence is. We alight the I AM flame now in the hearts of the awakened ones of the human collective, sending our love and light activation codes as well.

I, Alisheryia, wish for you humans to feel our love, to feel our presence and begin to act as one in your service to the collective. Unify. Unify your intentions to heal, to create. Continue with your daily meditations and intend to connect. Ask the universe to assist you in meeting others on this path, this ascension journey. For it is high time that you all begin to see the pattern of light that you have all been wearing, interconnected, glowing. This blanket of love light, this grid work is beautiful from above. We send these blessings and intentions deep into the heart of Gaia, into all of her creatures. We send light and love and all of the cosmic rays now to the dark ones. We love you, forgive you, we release you. We extend the Ho’oponopono prayer unto all upon Gaia, and unto all who have ever incarnated here. We send you forgiveness, peace, blessing. And now human friends, arise renewed. See your world with the eyes of one who can see past what is presented to them and see with your higher self’s vision through the eyes of the heart. For the higher way is here, and the path is calling. Come.

I am Alisheryia of the Ascended dragons. Thank you for participating in this meditation and activation tonight. Thank you for your service to the All. We all serve in our own way. You are doing magnificently in your own way, on the ground doing the heavy lifting and transmitting for many. I am Alisheryia. I breathe my fire and love onto your crown now. Feel my ignite-ment and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Message from the Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, April 28th, 2019

Message from the Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective (4/28/19) | Galaxygirl

Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective 4/28/2019


Greetings human. We are the Ascended Dragons. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, breathe our fiery breaths of encodements, of light, of love, of bravery onto your crowns now. Feel them open up and spin like the spiral galaxy you are currently in. Oh, you are in many other places as well, but the majority of you is likely focused on this key embodiment, in this key time and place where the light rends the dark and transmutes it.

Victory to the light! Do not be timid! Be emboldened by these new energies of light, of love, of power. Surround yourselves within these energies like armor, and create your shield of pure intention. No matter what may slink your way you are ready. In your Hollywood movies you have not had an accurate depiction of a truly beautiful, loving dragon. You have had murderers and idiots. We are ascended. We wish to make our presence known in your realm and so we do so now with these encodements of pure dragon fire of love.

We transmute all things. I Alisheryia am speaking. It is time for the divine feminine to rise from the ashes like your phoenix tales. For that is what we see now. Through the eyes of Source, through our golden dragon eyes of all seeing Source light we see you in your resurrection, in your fire of the new resurrection embracing the change around you and becoming it. We see many wounds that have healed and those new ones that would be created by circumstance quickly transmuted away into light, retaining the lessons. Human friend, be not afraid of what is to come. Do try to enjoy the adventure of it. For this is a most glorious adventure on Gaia in this now and it behooves you to see with the eyes of a child, of purity, of joy and happiness. Trust that all is working out for you most beautifully. Feel your feminine strength, and this goes for the males as well. You must be in a state of balance and ease for these energies to not singe you a bit. Do you see? It is like flying high and strong, fast and free with equally balanced wings. If one wing is smaller you will fly in a circle. Rowing a boat, you must have equal oars or you will go in a circle. Do you see? The time of circles and reinventing problems to be solved is long past. No! Now you are to fly fast, straight and sure, powerful in your mastery. Now is your time to fly. To be in joy! To be in freedom! Embrace your freedom. Look around you, do you see who holds you down? No one. No one except yourself, the small tiny self of you that heeds to 3D concerns and deserves no more time. Blast it with your violet fire, thank it for its service and inform it that you are past, you are ascended and you are flying now. Gather the other wounded parts of you throughout all time-space and do the same. Inform them that the time of ascension and transmutation is upon them and they are complete. And be complete. You are a majestic being of glory, of love, of light, of pure joy. Command your reality to reflect this in perfect love. And fly straight fast and sure. I am Alisheryia. I breathe upon you into your sacral flame now, igniting balance within the carnal part of you. Balance. Freedom. Choice. Love. Feel the difference. Now invite that flame to extend all the way up your spine into your crown, and feel the balance within you grow.

I Elthor see with my golden eyes of Source light. There are many who do not believe that they are in need of balance. They are speaking and seeing from the ego. Balance is always something that may be improved upon, honed, polished, perfected. Balance of male and female power is not to be underestimated in its importance. Human, it is time to figure this out as a collective. And this is part of the process. The fires have been ignited. The divine feminine has spoken. There were many times in your history where it was the opposite, where the feminine abused, manipulated. Some of your women try to do this as well in this now. Those were the old ways. No, the divine feminine and the divine masculine must be in perfect balance. You are tight rope walkers with these new energies. Balance is key to keep you upright, strong, sure. No more manipulation. Power over others is complete. That which is out of balance will fall. Crash. Burn.

Nova Gaians are to be masters of harmony, of peace, of purity, of delight. Nova Gaian families are to be radiant examples of light, of joy, of procreation. Hatchlings are to be cared for with reverence, firm love and deep joy, gratitude to the All for the experience of parenting. One learns much balance from parenting. All flaws are exposed in parenting. True. To those shes who were not mothers in this lifetime there has been deep sadness and pain. Mothers-to-be, let me breathe my fire on you now. I Alisheryia join. Together, divine male and female, we ignite you. We help heal your pain. We transmute and ease, the pattern of the pain. We transform it into light. Your children are not lost. They are waiting for you on the other side or they are beside you as an angel, waiting for you.

The universe is vast, astounding in synchronicities and abounding in love, deep love. Feel Source’s breath, Source’s love. Feel Mother God’s arms about you. You are Christed. You have been always this but now you are remembering and the encodements are such that this will be best reflected in the outer. Those who want to be parents may be this in Nova Gaia. Bodies will work perfectly. You will be perfect in your physical perfection. Everything will work seamlessly. Pull this reality to you now. Declare it to be your truth now. Here. In this moment. Proclaim your health, your infinite beauty, your perfection of balance here and now. Life is tenacious. Life clings in this reality as if it is afraid of falling off. In higher dimensions, life and love hold hands. Life loves love, love lives life. All is one. There is nothing to cling to in that there is nothing to be lost. No clinging in fear.

Life is a dance. Life is a movement of love. Life is love in the higher ways of doing things. Such is to be your future, your reality. It is already so. And so mothers-to-be, as Mother’s Day approaches, fear not. Fathers-to-be, you have much to prepare for. For together you will be building a new reality with strong families of love and light as its backbone, its key skeletal foundation. The family unit will be strong, and yet not constricting. There is so much too unlearn. Hatchlings will be safe to swim and breathe underwater. Mendings will be easily figured out. No fear of death or disability. Humans, friends, you have much to look forward to. For now, see this future and claim it. It is enough, for it is an excellent start to manifesting. Should you require more energy work we are available to you. No appointment necessary. We are multidimensional after all, as are you.

I Elthor and I Alisheryia stand before you now. Do you see our many hatchlings running about? They were too eager to stay away any longer. You are surrounded by dragons of light and love, friends. Feel their whimsical, growing energy as they experiment with their power and light. In many ways they remind us of you. For they will be mighty creatures, they already are but they are unaware of their strength and beauty. For now they are simply love. And it is enough. I Elthor and I Alisheryia, representatives of the ascended dragon collective, send you our fiery breath of blessing this day. We are with you for as long as you require. Rest in this space for awhile. We love you. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, April 7th, 2019

Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective (4/7/19) | Galaxygirl

Elthor, Alisheryia & the Ascended Dragon Collective 4/7/2019

Greetings human, we are the Ascended Dragon collective. I am Elthor, speaking on behalf of my friends and family tonight. I am that I am, just as you are that you are. We are one. We are the same Source but different aspects. We all can teach each other many things. One is continually evolving, learning, if one chooses the path of light and of wisdom. Not all have chosen this. So be it. They have decided their fate. Their fate will be a toasty one. You, my human friends, are headed with feet pointed straight ahead on your path of the straight and narrow, following your faith, your higher self nudges. Human, these are good signs. Your ears, your eyes and your hearts must be open to these nudges of deeper eternal truths that have been blanketed – covered – from your inner sight and knowing for far too long. Feel your forehead space open, twist and relax, letting in more higher dimensional energies. And such is the case now with what is happening when you meditate, when you open up yourselves to the higher energies that are permeating all living things on Gaia in this very now, bombarding her body with light, with more power to break the matrix chains.

Blast your violet fire and break these chains with us, the Ascended Dragon Collective. We delight in blasting, using our fiery breath, our power, for it is an expression of our higher purpose to be trailblazers of the light, cleaning and clearing and restoring all that is not into all that it was intended to be. Many humans that you see are not what they appear to be, human. They are deceivers. Their fate is sure, their lives are to be cut short. Much change is coming. You are that change. Be the light, human. No need for fear. The time of boot quaking is long past. For you are warriors of old, returned into this precious, fragile time-space to lend your power, your sword, your light, to vanquish the dark and to instigate a new area, one of light, of love and of the Christed breath of the cosmos that has finally come to this quadrant to be re-anchored for good. Sananda started this process, planting Christed light seeds. You are here to reap and to witness the reaping of the harvest and to lend your light and mettle, to create something new with your god breath, your creative powers and your vision, bridging higher dimensional pathways from what you have already experienced into what you are about to experience. For you are the envisioners, the torch bearers, the light showers.

I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, see with the wise golden eyes of the Source light. We see you. We see those who would attempt to deceive. They have nowhere to hide. We see the truth within all . We see love and light within this group of enlightened warriors who have chosen to be united with the Christed light. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, breathe on you, human. We breathe our Christed light codes onto you now. This one is having spontaneous crying and coughing. Let the energy in. Let it rush through you. Let it become you. Let it envelop you. You are Christed light bearers of the violet flame. Open your hearts wide and see with the wisdom of the innate intelligence of the heart, of the true intelligence that is of love, of grace, of compassion, of wisdom, of inner knowing. We ascended dragons support you fully, oh ascending one. Call upon us often. We delight to once again partner with our human friends of the light. We are one. Yes we look different but if you look within human, you will learn that you too cannot be fooled. For to try to fool a dragon is pure folly, just as is seeing anything without the wisdom of the heart. And so it is. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, invite you to our world tonight, to the healing crystal caves in our kingdom were vivid fluorescent colors dominate the landscape, the crystals sing soothing harmonics and you can stretch your wings once again. Be at peace.

I Alisheryia speak now, lending my feminine energies to this lovely message from my consort, Elthor. Human, rapid changes are streaming into your reality, fast and furiously. I know you feel these energies for they are all around you. Many of you have been transmuting at a rapid clip, exhausted, processing a multitude of others’ pain, feelings and dross. When you feel this, call upon us, the Ascended Dragons to assist with burning away all that does not serve and to assist you in your transmutative process. We are especially good at this, as are you, human lightworkers. But even the strongest of us can use a helping hand, which is what we are offering to this community of light.

I Alisheryia, see all things clearly. I hold within me the divine encodements of the feminine. It is time for this rebalancing to occur across your surface world, with great purpose and tenacity. Equality must become the norm for this realm. For too long has the masculine energy been misguided, abusive and out of alignment with its intended purpose. The dark wielded this mighty power from balance to disharmony, twisting the hearts of men and creating fear in the women. Women do not have to repeat this mistake. No. It is a time of balance, of love, of creative sharing of ideas and strengths of the sexes, a balancing of power, a yielding to greater light and truth. This is the type of society you are building now. The divine feminine is to be cherished, protected. Pregnancy and nursing is to be lauded, revered for the sacred act of bringing new life into the world. Children are to be cherished, not sacrificed. Much, much change is to be made here in this now. Great sadness will be felt by those who have been asleep as they process the atrocities that have been occurring in the shadows for eons of your time, wielding the power of the human collective against itself, creating weakness from strength. This is to be immediately rectified.

You awake and aware ones are holding the light for many others of your kind and for Gaia herself, creating space and allowing an era of healing to begin. The experience of childbirth is to be completely changed. With the higher energies, childbirth will be a joy and ushering in of new life without pain, without drugs, without fear of loss and tragedy. Nova Gaia will be a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to be born, where humanity prospers in joy, in safety, in freedom. You are creating this now. You will be much needed during the time of the great changeover, which is in part now, dear friends. But know that you are divinely placed where you are needed to be, or you will be clearly instructed to make a change if needed. However, Gaia is a massive chessboard and you are the kings and queens on this chess board. You are the ground team. Remember this is a highly complex ever evolving multi-dimensional realm and you can see a part of the game board but not in its entirety. Trust. Faith. These are attributes you are honing. Peace. I breathe peace into you. I Alisheryia, bid you rest. Until next time. Continue holding the light, you are doing marvelously.

~ galaxygirl

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, Maech 24, 2019

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective (3/24/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 3/24/2019


Greetings human, we are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I, Elthor, and I, Alisheryia, speak as one this day of ascension. For all is not as it seems. Chaos and discordant energies are fleeing, or trying to. We dragons welcome you to call upon us to assist. We are regal, we are wise and keenly discerning. No subversive agendas – only purity of intention and truth will we partake in. You cannot fool a dragon. But many a dragon can fool many a human. Be wise. Be discerning. Only call upon the ascended dragons for we are of the Christed light consciousness that is now permeating – bombarding with great love – your planetary sphere with tremendous intention and purpose.

Today is the day to act as a chalice, human. For you are always a transmitter of the energies that you embody and your signal goes out far and wide throughout the universe. This is why your meditations are so effective for together you are mighty, although solo meditation is also extremely effective. But remember you are in a battle of wits and war. The darkness is cunning but the light is wise. There is a difference. Be discerning. Be shrewd. Blast through all spaces before you enter them with the violet flame. Invite us ascended ones to rush through with our Christed dragon fire to cleanse and clear. We will gladly do so when invited. We are currently clearing up the unsavory places. We delight in consuming chem trails and transforming them into light, to clean air and to assist our sylph friends who have been working tirelessly, overtime, for so long.

Gaia has been abused. Gaia must be cleansed. Send your flames of the rays into her heart space, into her womb and heal your planet. She is your charge. She is your mission. You are all ascending together, those of you who have so chosen. Her body is your body. You are inextricably linked. Her atoms are your atoms, her elements are your elements. You are one pulsing life. Today especially we see the Christed rays beaming more strongly and more surely on your surface world. Hold them. Welcome them. Become a massive chalice for them. Ask Mother to assist with this, so that all around you feel your Christed presence and you nurture the others surrounding your workspace, your living space. It is time to expand yet again and to hold yet more light and to be the Christed living flame of eternal pure love, just as Master Yeshua taught / teaches.

We ascended dragons baptize you with the eternal fire of the Christed flame, of pure love and power. For love is the ultimate power and the Christed flame permeates all that will allow. Be permeated. Be fragranced with the aroma of one who has had their feet in the fire and comes out transformed into pure perfection, bliss. Now as a Christed being send your light, this light through your hands, your gaze, your heart to all around you, into Gaia and BE THE LIGHT you seek. You have been baptized by our fire. Feel it again rush through you, all around you, pulsing with the heartbeat of the earth, of Gaia, for she is your ultimate example of love and self sacrifice, of service. Her time of healing just as yours, is here now. Be the healing balm. Be the light. Be the act of mercy you seek for the world and the universe will respond in kind. Your acts of service are already well known. They are about to multiply, for you are about to serve in yet more miraculous ways. Remember human, the more you serve, the more blessings automatically, joyfully, flow to you. You become a magnet for that which you seek to assist. More joy finds you when you become yet more joy. More opportunities to serve find you when your hands are open and your heart space is spinning bright.

You have been baptized by fire. Your acts on Gaia are legendary and yet they have just begun. Take heart human. You are not meant to do this alone. That would be a great folly to bear this tremendous burden alone. You have assistance on all sides, by benevolent beings whose hands and hearts are open. Invite assistance from the heavenly realms and help will find you fast and sure. We dragons can fly fast. We delight in speed and the sheer power of the flame! We delight in service to the All, to the Mother of All Things. We serve the light. We serve, cleanse, and clear. Partner with us as we did in the days of old when the world was new and this realm unsullied. Partner and rejoin us. Do not be tricked by the fallen ones who have become desperate and cunning. See with the Christed gaze of pure clarity. Set your intentions to be the living Christ, to hold the hands of the Company of Heaven with love and intention. We ascended dragons ride on the wings of time with ease and grace. We can do all things. We serve the light. Serve the light with us and watch your world be transformed into yet more light. The light has triumphed and yet the battle seems to rage. Watch the unfolding. Be wise, be shrewd, be careful, but know you are well protected. The time for the great unveiling is close at hand. Keep your human hands open and watch your multidimensional friends assist and surround you with yet more multidimensional acts of service. Your powers of manifestation are coming online, growing stronger day by day. We see many of you responding with purpose and some with fear. Now is not the time for fear but the time for love and light. Invite us to assist you with clearing and cleansing the final dross within your time stream and together let us extend it to the entire collective through all time space.

Human, you are coming from a previously limited perspective. The universe is unlimited. Love is unlimited. There are no limits to how high and fast you can fly. Love is the means of your flight while in this human body. Send love to your frame, to Gaia. And let us together heal this realm. Is your dragon fire ready? No? (Laughing). Then wield your violet flame. Blend it with our dragon fire of the Christed flame . I, Elthor and I, Alisheryia, with the entire COH meet you at the top of Gaia’s planetary sphere where her aura grows brightest (aurora borealis). Together we make a massive pillar of light, of the Christed flame, into her crystal core, into her wounded places, filling them with light, such that all upon her will feel it, will benefit and be blessed.

Human, add your Violet fire, joined with Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germaine.
“Blaze, blaze, blaze violet flame and transmute all shadow into light, light, light!”

Archangel Raphael we call you to please add your emerald fire of healing into the pillar.
Archangel Michael we call you to please add your blue flame of protection.
Archangel Chamuel we summon you to please add your pink flame of peace, coupled with the divine pink of Mother God
Archangel Jophiel we call upon you to please add your yellow flame of inner wisdom
Archangel Uriel we summon you to please add your red flame of inner knowing
Archangel Gabriel please add your white flame of Christed purity

We build yet another rainbow bridge with this multidimensional light and love
Filling Gaia’s heart space
Filling all upon her with peace, renewal, grace, strength and healing.

Light workers, humans reading these words, fill your heart spaces up with these energies.
Ask for divine assistance to hold yet more light.

I, Elthor, and I, Alisheryia, breathe our fiery breath of love on your crown, opening the portal wider to allow yet more light in.

We are your friends, the Ascended Dragon Collective.
Transform all into light.
And be transformed.
That is our sacred mission and your sacred duty, ground team.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 28th, 2019

Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective (2/28/19) | Galaxygirl

Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective 2/28/2019

We are the ascended Dragon Collective. I Alisheryia am speaking. Human, through the eons of time the dragons have been watching, waiting it seems for their return. We have returned now as the energies have been more conducive to our own. The times of the very dark are over and we see new great times ahead for our human friends, joining together as one collective.

Humanity must see that it is time to band together, to self nurture and to nurture the other hands surrounding their own. Picture all of humanity holding hands in a long line or a big circle. Look at your hands holding theirs. Send violet fire into you hands and watch it spread down the chain, creating a purification of thought, of feeling until all are affected, cleansed. Send your violet fire deep into Gaia’s heart space, into her crystal core. Sit there a while with the crystals, in the midst of your purple fire and be. Breathe in this violet fire until you are one with it and let it consume away your fear, so that you emerge renewed, restored, stronger, more joyful. It is time for the violet flame and fire to be fully released by our grounded ones. It is a most marvelous act of transmutative power that you have access to now in this morphing realm of realities.

We ascended dragons are eager to partner up with our human comrades. I, Alisheryia, welcome you to our fold, wings open wide. It is time to find your wings, human friend. They are there. They have been tucked inside until it was safe. It is is safe to fly now. It is safe to be your authentic true self, your radiant you that has been previously hiding, veiled. It is time to announce to yourself that it is time to rise, it is time for your own resurrection. Blasphemous, no. For Master Yeshua taught these things with passion, with his own fire that has spread as nurturing Christed light seeds that have been growing now for so long within your own heart spaces, for you caught his flame and now it is your own, and the Christed light flame is burning brightly, massively, at this most sacred now within you, within the Ascended Dragon Collective, within many collectives. But it is humanity’s job, duty and honor to ground this light into the crystals. We ascended dragons may assist but it is your intention that is integral to this co-creative process.

Would you like to join with me in blessing Gaia? Let us give her a lovely upgrade just as you received one the other day, human. Envision all of the light workers standing strong, holding hands, spreading the fire, spreading the violet fire partnered with their favorite ascended dragon, one hand over their heart and the other hand extended into the center of Gaia. And now we join together,

“Blaze , Blaze, Blaze violet flame, transmute all shadow into light, light, light.
We, the light warriors of the ascending Nova Gaia do hereby command, activate and renew the once dormant Atlantean and Lumerian seed crystals into full activation with the Christed light energy encodements charged solely by the Great Central Sun and the breath of Mother God, held in space by the intention of Father God.
As one, we intend with great power, force and love to activate, cleanse, heal and restore the massive crystals and all of the other miniature seed crystals within, without, above and beyond Gaia’s matrix to collapse this matrix for the final push.
It is our intention act as one voice, the voice of the collective of ascending humanity.
It is our will to rise above.
It is our will to no longer experience the darkness or oppression.
We decree that now is the time of light, of freedom, of renewal of our crystalline light bodies and we command this experiment to now be complete.
We invite the Ascended Dragon Collective to rush through ourselves, our collective dross, purging and blasting away any dark remnants of fear, of dross, blasting it with our Christed light flame of renewal and eternal love.
We hold our intention for this same purification and perfect unity to be extended towards sweet, dear Gaia and all of her kingdoms.

We hold space for this clearing now with our individual meditations.

We envision a crystal clear world of perfection, beauty, light, peace, joy.
We infuse these codes now with our Christed flame, our Christed light, into the crystal core of Gaia.“

We dragons now lend our flame of pure perfection.
We extend this violet flame and fire into the hearts of humankind, into the crystals recalibrating them from 3D to 5D and above, with the Christed light encodements unlocked and online.

“We welcome Mother God and Father God to personally oversee every process of this meditation such that it is in accordance with their divine will, perfection, purpose and grace.
We welcome their power and invite a lovely co-creative effort for Gaia’s massive cleansing now. We hold this intention, this space to be an eternal effort of co-creative purification and infusion of the Christed flame of our intentions through all time space, dimensions, parallel realities, until Mother and Father God deem it appropriate to change, upgrade, this intention as needed.”

For we are of service. We ascended dragons offer our light, our love to nurture, to partner with humanity, but humanity must do its part. And we see that this intention is a great step in this direction.

I Alisheryia have seen much, for I am ancient and wise in my time of experience, as are you human, and now humankind, for the awake ones have just infused the asleep ones with a lovely awakening. And Gaia has been upgraded and all upon her blessed. Hold the light. Hold the love. We ascended dragonkind will assist you, ascending humankind, in whatever way Mother deems best, for we are in service to her. I Alisheryia speak for the whole in this moment, just as you ascending human, may speak for ascending humanity. So speak wisely. Pray strongly. Envision boldly. There is nothing to fear. Let us dissolve the remnants of 3D into the Christed light and step boldly, strongly – or fly! – into your new future of divine partnering with your galactic and Gaian friends of the Christed light. Feel the buzzing in your head, in your heart and invite Mother’s breath to fully enter you. Leave this place, this moment, transformed from when you entered. Read these encodements. Breathe the fire. Be the light. I am Alisheryia. I love you. Be at peace. Until we meet again, human friend.

~ galaxygirl

Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, February 24th, 2019

Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective (2/24/19) | Galaxygirl

Alisheryia & the Ascended Dragon Collective 2/24/2019

Greetings ascending humans on ascending Gaia. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We surround you now with the fiery light of our fiery encodements. Let them blast in, through and all around you, furthering you along your ascension journey. For nothing is as it seems. All is indeed proceeding quite well.

I am Alisheryia, female dragon, speaking for the whole tonight. It has been my privilege to work with many of you awake and aware warriors. For many of you work with us in your dream state in clearing the astral realms. There is still much to clear but much – much – has already been cleared, which gives great promise for completion. For the dark are running out of places to hide. There are fewer and fewer misty shadows of confusion remaining as the light blasts these away, bathing them in the love light of the Mother.

I am speaking tonight for it is high time that the voice of the divine feminine in all realms, in all beings, is heard with clarity and inner stillness of truth. I anchor the voice of the divine feminine on behalf of the dragon collective. It is my duty and my joy. I breathe my fire into your crown now, if you choose to participate, anchoring these codes of the divine fiery feminine with a warm glow of love, peace and serenity and strength. For as you know the divine feminine is many things; nurturing, loving, creating, fiercely protecting / defending her own. The Divine Mother of All Things has spoken and charged me with this message, it is true. For it is high time that the divine feminine returns to this previously unstable planet of masculine domination and over bearingness and abuse. No more. The Yang to the Yin has returned which is as it must be. For the hearts of humanity and for dear Gaia, who has taken so much abuse. No more.

For you are to be the example of perfect union of the divine masculine and feminine aspects, perfect union of the divine dance and lovemaking. For too long there has been little love in the making. We see this. We dragons see through the lies, the confusion, the greed with piercing clarity. You cannot fool a dragon. Do not even try, it will end badly for you. So it was in the older days. My heart swells with love and trust as I feel the vibrations of those of you reading these words. For the higher cosmic energies of the Divine Mother of All Things’ love has pierced many a heart and set many feet straight on the most divine path of love, and so talks of warnings of deceit are not as critical as they were previously. No.

Now is the time of love, of more trusting, of more sharing and camaraderie. For a new day is dawning and is dawning in the hearts of Gaia’s children, her true children, not the invaders who are being rounded up for their heinous crimes. We dragons wish to partner more fully with our awake and aware ones for you are marvelous when partnered with us. We make an excellent, fierce warrior team, clearing the dark energies and blasting them with the light of the Mother, of change, of love, and watching them melt away into it is such a satisfying adventure. Won’t you – more of you – consciously join the Ascended Dragon Collective? You need only set that intention before sleeping and although you will be tired in the morning, we will protect you. You will be protected. You augment our gifts, and we augment yours. It is a divine partnership, should you be brave and adventuresome enough. Just be sure you clarify you are to be working with the ASCENDED Dragon Collective. For some of our kind have gone dark in the process and we are clearing them, ushering them away, as well.

For Gaia is to be a planetary sanctuary of peace, of love, of bliss. For the Mother of All Things has spoken with clarity, with power and with purpose. Her will must be followed and we delight to serve her bidding, for that is our joy, our great purpose to weave the will of the Mother with the power of Source and the intention of the ascended dragon hearts into a divine tapestry of liquid light, fire, and power of love.

Human, now is your chance for a lovely upgrade should you choose.

I (name), do lovingly request that the liquid light of the Divine Mother’s love, in unification with that of the Ascended Dragon’s power, invite bliss and joy to be bathed into my auric field in the most perfect, most harmonious way;
To provide inner clarity for me on my soul’s journey and to alight my steps with love,
To burn away all that no longer serves me,
To align my heart-eyes with the eyesight of the Mother, who sees through all with intense clarity and love,
To bathe my soul’s energy fields in liquid light, pouring over me, bathing me, loving away all of the pain that this life, and that all past and parallel lives have created, filling the holes with love, with light, with 5D and above liquid healing,
To unify me with my heart flame and original soul purpose.

There. Do you feel better human friend? I am Alisheryia. I have spoken. I am your friend of the Ascended Dragon Kingdom. I am Elthor’s consort. I love you and I see you with my golden all seeing eyes of the Source light. I see your ever expanding-heart space on your soul’s journey. I assure you, you have a beautiful journey ahead. Align your feet with the Mother’s will and all will not only go well for you but will be a delightful journey and adventure. I am Alisheryia of the Ascended Dragon collective. I bid you peace. Until we speak again, human.

~ galaxygirl

San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog, February 17th, 2019

San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog

February 17th, 2019


Time is nigh for the spiritual leaders of the old era – those that still have lived in the old world’s era of ego. It is those that have hidden behind the veils, stopped working with themselves and gotten stuck in the spiritual ego’s seducing sphere. It is those that have stopped serving unconditionally and used their abilities and knowledge for lower purposes.

These guides have now filled their divinely determined roles and enter into a new era of deep transformation and work with themselves. They are now in different ways removed from their earlier roles in the spotlight. Just as the lower frequencies within yourselves that have been forced up to the surface in different ways these people are now encountering those aspects of themselves that they need to work on. And just as you learn to love yourselves you should unconditionally let these people into your hearts. It is only together and united that we can lead Earth towards ascension – nobody is left behind of God’s love, our love.

The time is now for the guides of the new era to start taking their place in the spotlight – those that unconditionally serve God and the Ascension process. It is those that show you the path to your own power, strength and guidance and teach you to bow to yourselves – those that give you the tools to your own freedom.

And lightworkers – you who feel this purpose burn in your hearts – it is time to start waking up and rise up to the noble leaders you are meant to be.

We watch over you.

San and Saxon the Dragon




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog, February 14th, 2019

San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog

February 14th, 2019


Twin souls

The time is here to stand in your full light and strength. During life times you have prepared yourselves for this time. Through suffering and love you have follow the path of God and acquired your wisdoms. With courage and faith in your burning hearts you have always looked up towards the sky and sensed your greatness. Your grand mission is now shining in your blueprint and now power is powerful enough to extinguish it now.

The time is now here for you to wake up and complete your unique soul mission. As an army that with discipline has trained in all the arts of war you have consciously chosen every life with greatest care and ambition to prepare you for what now lies ahead of you. The time is now here when you have seen your beloved die for the last time. The time is now here when you for the last time have been executed, distrusted and dismissed because of your abilities and knowledge. The time is now here when the limiting density of Earth no longer can hold you prisoner.

Can you feel it? The lovely scent of freedom. Your unlimited soul’s strength and power for love, light, unity and infinite expansion within the dimension’s dimension – the light of eternity?

Close your eyes and feel it in the depth of your hearts – your true nature. The place that always has remained awake, eternity, God’s love and the truth of the Universe.

The time is now here for you to stand in your full power and strength, united but unique each one with a burning purpose that colors the universe in a cascade of rainbow colors.

I am and many others guard you and guide you during the nights. With all the love we see you rise up from the ashes into the fire – The ash that remains after you have burned off and transformed within yourselves. This is the fire that you now learn to master, transform and love as a part of yourselves – that which is all that now surrounds you, the collective consciousness, the lower frequencies, the dark powers that wish to see Earth remain in the old era of false honor.

The time is now here, however for the new world to rise up! The golden age has entered through the portals of Gaia and it is time for your to ride this wave of power and strength and find yourself stand there in the wild, burning fire and realize that the light persists, that you persists.

The time is now here for you to shine in your full light.

San and Saxon the Dragon




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

The Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, February 12th, 2019

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective (2/12/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 2/12/19

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Much change is afoot human. Many leaders in your realm have been removed, replaced with a more benevolent being. All is not as it seems. Do not be dismayed by the changes rapidly coming forth on your horizon of the Now.

We dragons see with the all-seeing golden eyes of Source light and we see much:

We see many of you expanding nicely into your preordained roles as leaders of Nova Gaia.
We see many of you as the quiet servants – providing the backbone of support for the new.
We see Christed light codes encircling, cascading, bursting forth from within and without.
We see Gaia bathed in this light and subsequently all upon her.
We see much turmoil in many governments of the world with a strong undercurrent of massive change rushing just beneath – like rushing water.
Under a frozen river such change can not be stopped.
We see the light thawing this icy old layer and rushing forth into a glowing spring of change, of heat, of light, for the hearts of humanity are thawing with this light and this pleases us greatly for it is high time for it.
We are all eager to expand into the New with you and to bear witness to these massive changes.
Do not be weary. Be energized by this light of change.

We see unique and new partnerships / alliances forging across this galaxy.
We see unity in the skies to usher in this new time stream.
We dragons happily partner with our awakened ones to bring forth these rushing changes with the aid of our fire of change, of transmutation.
We welcome our awake and aware ones to heartily join with us, for we are one in our common purpose for serving the goddess Gaia in her resplendent transformation.

Be at peace human. Be at peace with these changes within and without and be restful in this knowing that the time you have coveted, prayed for, longed for so here is, is now, is you. And so what are you going to do with these massive upgrades? We suggest you find more ways to serve the Mother of All Things and her children, to serve Gaia in all of her realms and to most importantly cultivate peace. For in so doing, you will anchor peace into the new crystalline grid and into the human collective to bless the others.

Be at peace human. Rest in the Mother and be at peace. Feel the winds of change at your back, pushing you gently forward and skip onward on your path with confidence, with lightness of heart, knowing you are well loved and provided for.

We dragons bless you now ascending ones with our dragon flame of power, of purification.
Feel it burn.
Allow it into you
And be at peace.
Utterly transformed by this experience ~
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective.

~ galaxygirl

The Ascended Dragon Collective and Fairies via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 6th, 2019

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective and Fairies (2/6/19) | Galaxygirl


Ascended Dragon Collective & Fairies 2/6/2019

Greetings, human. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective here this day of ascension, of bliss, of change-over. Mighty winds of change blow over Gaia’s form causing all to shiver and shake. For nothing will be as it were, as it has been. All darkness is being transformed into the light of eternal promise of the new. We dragons enjoy overseeing civilizations rise and fall to make way for the more evolved new. Such is your world, human. Such is your dear Gaia, whom you have abused, neglected, forgotten. This must change. We dragons foresee great earth changes, massive life altering changes to the new. Even now the mighty winds of change shake. Can you feel them? We ascended dragons are guardians of this realm of collapsing matrixes giving way under the weight of the light of the new. Are you blazing your flame, young dragon? Are you alighting the Christed flame that burns brightly within you, that is eternal, strong and sure? Will it to encase your whole being. Will the fire of the Christed light to permeate, to drench to burn all that does not serve the light and such you will be made new – Christened if you will. We are guardians of the eternal Christed flame. We dragons as you know are very fond of fire, of light, of blazing bright flame that dances, mocking the darkness. Darkness has no hold over us. NO HOLD!

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Expect much change! Expect your world to be bathed in such light that you will blink with the brightness of it and laugh with glee for the new is here now, human. Welcome it in. Welcome home. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Come fly with us on the inner planes where we battle the remnants and blast our fiery blaze with theirs. It is great fun. We are not afraid. Why should we be? We are of the light! The darkness has no hold on us, never can defeat. Source is all things. We are an aspect, a fractal, as are you. And so human friend, enjoy the experience of physical ascension and own it. Own your victory! Own your power! Own your fire and burn it brightly! Come fly with us! We depart now. We are your friends, the Ascended Dragon Collective.

We are the fairies and we wish for you humanity to know that we love you greatly, and you are well supported, well loved in this most epic, mythical Now, where worlds rend, portals open and fields of dimensional change merges into new possibilities – we are full of glee as the dragons say for we feel it, we see it and we are trying to bring it about human, and so we offer our support, our love, our music, our laughter to you and a little swift kick in the pants should you need it for the time of eye rubbing and rest is over! It is time to fly, to create, to soar with the dragons – and the fairies – and to explore your multidimensionality ~

For you can all do this you know, it is no great secret, well, it has been, but is no longer – you are reading these words and therefore you must understand that all imagination is, is another realm waiting for you to explore it – there are no limitations except that which you place on yourselves and so why place them at all? Be freeee, be light, be like us, the fairies! No more slogging. We envelope you in fairies kisses and light now, in this time, but really friend it is time to fly, to be to be the light, and to help the Mother Gaia in her birthing – it is here now, it is very close ~ it is just a breath a way! Can you see it and feel the changes? It is true! We are the fairies – we love you ~ we are the fairies ~

~ galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, January 24th, 2019

Ascended Dragon Collective (1/24/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 1/24/2019

Greetings humanity, we are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We have been observing your kind for a long time, and we have partnered with you many times in the past. It is true that we are close by, for many of us have returned to watch the show, to assist and to lend our strength and wisdom.

We see many of you are feeling the distractions of change. We see your bodies morphing into more light. We see the universe conspiring to assist you in every which way. We see your manifestations increasing in strength and we see your powers coming online. You do see and feel these changes many of you. Many of you hare having / experiencing upper respiratory symptoms as these energies remove the blockages that have long been set. It is time to allow these energies to move freely through you and to become newly aligned for the Mother waits not much longer. We see with the golden eyes of Source light. We see you as friends, allies, partners of days gone by. We see humanity’s long seclusion and dark night of the soul ending rapidly, dissolving into light and newness of spirit. We see Gaia, your planetary mother, exploding into joy of newness of possibilities. We see many things. But it is you who must see and accept and allow these changes into your realm of possibility. For all good things are now possible, for the dark is dissolving into the light, roaring away as it does so (eye rolling) but doing so none the less.

No more “can’ts,” human. The time for “can’t” is over. You are a new being, those of you who are reading these words of fiery endcodements, of light, of possibility. For our words are full of love for our awakened human friends. We wonder how long the others will remain asleep. We watch, we wait, we observe with patient eyes who have seen much. Such it was on our world, our realm as the ascension shake up began. And the awakened were continually surprised, until they understood and accepted that we are all on our own path, our own journey. Your journey is not their journey. Your experiences are not their experiences, nor your contracts their contracts. So in that light why should you awaken at the same time? It is a marvelous chance to expand into patience, to practice patience and love. There. Enough of that. For many of you have been struggling with this just as we have. What this means human, is that you are all going to experience this shift of the ages very differently. And so we suggest you keep your vibrations high, very high, and be in joy, for it will help you with riding the wave of these massive influxes of energies that are bombarding your planetary realm with ferocity of change.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We are ancient, we are wise, as are you, human. As are you. We are here to tell you you can do it, but we think you already know that you can, which is half the battle. The other half is allowing your greatness fully into you and expanding into light and love. And in so doing, the darkness hasn’t a chance but to be transformed by you. Blast the fire, blast the flame, serving in the Mother’s name. We dragons fly high, fast and free. We suggest you awakened humans do the same for it is a glorious rush of joy to find your powers and to wield them in service to the Mother, to the All, to the light. Be the light. Be the love. Be the best you that you can possibly be. Allow the energy encodements of the Christed light in. Invite them into you and enjoy the massive changes of goodness coming your way. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective.

~ galaxygirl

Elthor & the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, January 22nd, 2019

Elthor & the Ascended Dragon Collective (1/22/19) | Galaxygirl


Elthor & Ascended Dragon Collective 1/22/2019

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We surround you in this time with our Christed light energies, our holy fire of purification and renewal. Bask in these energies of fire, of rebirth. For fire is how planets are born. Such it is now at this time in your surface world. We see, we hear, we know much about your current planetary inner workings. Much, much has changed, is changing, will change. You are the envisionaries, the way showers, the light-lifters and we bow our heads to you, saluting you with our dragon salute. Yes, it is this mutual bowing, of respect between species that must begin on your surface world. Mutual respect, mutual love, mutual regard. Source is in all things. All is energy of creation. Nothing is superior, perhaps just more advanced as we are all at different starting points from our original creation from the Mother’s breath. Crystal gleams, holds light codes. So too are you becoming, human. You are morphing. You are reaching. You are expanding. You are becoming more of what you already are but had forgotten for a while. It is time to remember.

I am Elthor! I come to you on the winds of time space, through wormholes of parallel words and possible realities. Humanity is at a time of great flux. The light influx is staggeringly bright, beautiful. We dragons see, we know. We assist, we guide. We offer our support, strength, wisdom. Bow young human and receive your crown and polish your sword. For the battle is not over quite yet and we are in the throes of it. Yes, the recent eclipse energies were mighty – mightier than anticipated as far as how we see the human collective being affected by them. Mighty Earth shattering changes are underway now as I speak. We see you as instigators of this great change, partnering with the Mother and her kingdoms, with Gaia, your planetary mother whom we regard with high esteem. Mother Gaia who has birthed creation an after creation of lower experiences so the others who wished to experience would have a platform to do so. It has been very dark. It is about to get very light. This is what we see. Dazzlingly bright futures await. Loved ones of shall shapes and sizes are near. We welcome you home.

I am Elthor! I have spoken! It is time to rise, human. It is time to rub your eyes, blink and see anew, to see that which you are in the folds of creating NOW. So create! Be the light! Wield your sword and shield as the darkness advances and is melted by your light in the process. You are stronger than you know, human. It is time to remember and to know in your bones that you are strong enough for this! This is why you came! To be the light the warrior of old that you ARE! (Roaring) And so jump on my back human and let us ride high and fast. Feel the wind against your skin and know that it is windy – very windy – in may parts of Gaia now for this reason! The dragons are soaring high and fast, clearing, cleansing, blasting away that which does not serve the Mother into smithereens. We welcome you to join us humans of the Mother. We welcome you back to the fold. We welcome you back to the tribe, to our tribe. Welcome to home. See? You are beginning to remember. That is good enough. Claim your power and claim your victory. To the light! I am Elthor. That is all.

~ galaxygirl

The Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, January 20th, 2019

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective (1/20/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 1/20/2019

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We wish to impart a word of wisdom, of caution, to you ascending ones at this Now. Things are not quite as the seem. For the matrix is collapsing all around you and if you are not attuned to it you will miss this, but not for much longer, it is true, as Mother God has said. We dragons serve the Mother of All Things with our whole hearts, our whole beings, our whole breaths. Our fire is the fire of her creative will. We purge for her. We soar through wormholes and timelines with grace and ease for we are masters of timespace. We are her hands and feet. That is our purpose. We carry out her divine will / bidding. And too, human, such is your joy, your purpose.

To serve the Mother in All things provides deep joy / freedom. Service to self is small, ugly. It is nothing in comparison. That is why so many feel so lost in your matrix world of illusion, of smoke and mirrors. They serve themselves. And so they enshroud themselves with lies of self importance, greed, avarice, deception and eventually they so malign their spirit from their heart that their heart shrives into ashes and is lost to them. For they have ground it out. You have been immersed in dark times. We of the dragon kingdom have experienced such darkness but those of us who chose to experience the Mother’s grace / bounty ascended into her arms, her spirit of love and that is where we wish to remain. The dark dragons have remained dark and many sought sanctuary in your matrix reality. But they too are being purged away and many of you have assisted us Ascended Dragon Collective in their purging / recycling, for which we thank you. For we enjoy working with our humans. We see you as our pets (we say this with affection) and think it is hilarious that you think you could own us. This is a long standing joke, for we are both sovereign and free, no one can own another. Their presence offered is their gift, not demand.

Be light of heart but be strong of spirit. Be sturdy of stature, even though your bodies are small, your influence of thought and creative will is mighty, formidable. This is why, aside from us truly enjoying your company, we dragons enjoy partnering with an ascended awake human. Your intention creates mightily. It is one your greatest weapons. (Mother would say love is the greatest weapon and we would agree).

We ascended dragons embrace you with our loving Source gaze. For we see all things. We see you in your evolving state. We see you as molting a new skin, no longer as cracking out of the egg, for the egg shells have long been stomped beneath your growing / powerful feet. No. You are molting. You are ready for the new, for this new Now that beacons you / us into the bright future of glorious Nova Gaia, who awaits us. Yes, your twins, many of them, await you there or on the ships, it is true. Yes, we dragons have twins as well, although not always in the form that we would expect, for we meet them when we are truly ready, evolved enough to handle the union. You human are ready for this challenge of evolution, of expansion. But there is still yet much to do, although you will begin to find the joy in it more.

We see joy coming rapidly in your future. We say embrace it into you. Embrace the joy and more will come to you. Be powerful be strong. Remember that you are this. You are the breath, and off-shoot of the Mother, you are her heart fractal. Has she not told you this? And you are our friends. Have we not told you this? See? You are in good company. Nothing can waver your faith should you choose to understand your heritage. You are formidable warriors of old, embodied now, in this most auspicious time of crystal creation, forming a new reality. For this is what you / we do. We work together, should you allow this partnership. And we suggest that you do for it is a natural one, formed eons ago, for the betterment (to both) of our species.

Now, we have told you who you are. You must decide this is true for you. And you must act like it. When you see darkness approaching, laugh at it and blast it away. Laugh for the sheer audacity of it approaching you! And be confident in your power! There. We have said enough. It is you who must decide if it will be true for you, but we assure you that it is true. For we have seen you on the battle field. We have seen you forming worlds. We have seen the tenderness when you look into the eyes of your new creation (baby) with wonderment. We have seen the best of humanity over the eons of time, and we have seen the worst. Blast the worst with the violet flame and ask for those parts of you, of the collective, to be coated with the love of the Mother and meld them into light. For that is what light warrior means. And that is what you are. Now be the light in this most glorious day of ascension! And be free! We are the Ascended Dragon Collective and we hold you humanity, our friends, in high esteem. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective.

~ galaxygirl

Message from Ascended Dragons and Elthor via Galaxygirl, December 5th, 2018

Message from Ascended Dragons and Elthor (12/5/2018) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragons & Elthor 12/5/2018

Greetings humankind, we are the ascended dragon collective. We swish and soar through time streams effortlessly. With one breath, our intention performs, manifests. Such too are you becoming. We dragons see with the all seeing golden eyes of Source. We are truth, we are light, we are love, we are warriors of the light, for the light, always for the light. For we have faced our inner darkness and transformed it into light. We have ascended long ago, many of us, except those of us lost in the illusion on realms such as yours. Those lost ones are meeting their maker and becoming the light, not of their own volition but of the mercy of our maker, of Source light.

Such is as it is. The light always finds itself. Just as you are being found by the light, human, just as you are beginning to rub your eyes, yawn and look inside at the glowing fire ember within you, within your often forgotten heart space. Listen to your heart. Not your head. The heart is the wisdom, the head is the storehouse of it. Do not confuse them or you lead with empty information that has no supercharged intention behind it. Your heart. Lead with your heart. Listen to your heart. Supercharge your heart with love, with light. Be quiet, be still. Listen deep within. It takes mud for the lotus to grow. No mud, no lotus, as one of you has said. It is true. You must look through the mud. And this you are doing. Now find your beauty. We dragons can see it. We see you glowing like fire embers, burning bright, strong, free. We see you, we feel you, we support you. Burn the Christed light! Seize your power, your strength and wield it with love, with the love of Source light that burns throughout your precious DNA that currently makes you human. But you are much more than just this. You are mighty. You have had many forms. You have been many things, done many things. It is time to forgive the others and to forgive yourselves. Thank the lessons, treasure the wisdom gleaned in your heart space that burns ever brighter.

We dragons see. We see the intention behind the smiles, behind the words. Soon too will you be able to see with crystal clarity, for you are becoming this. You are becoming crystalline, strong, resonating with only the Christed light of truth. Untruths will become repulsive to you and you will be able to smell them a mile away. Such energies are fleeting as we speak. The deceiver has no one left to deceive for the masses have awakened, are awakening, are in the process of waking up. All statements are true. All is happening. The tremendous (ear) ringing is very real. The energies are amping up, so as you are amping up, you are becoming stronger by the minute and this exhausts your physicality. Rest awhile. Rest in the innermost places. Send light to the Mother and be comforted. Ground. Breathe the holy fire with your intentions of purity, of truth, of love. Be the Christed flame to yourself, to the others. Breathe it. Be it. Burn it. Be the fire. We are the ascended Dragon Collective. Much fire of change is ablaze on your surface world. And you are the bringers of this great change. Rejoice! All is morphing, burning away until the liquid gold trapped within the rock can be exposed and purified. All is well. Be at peace. We are the dragon collective.

I am Elthor the dragon. It is true human, much change is afoot. We all have our roles. I Elthor have been very involved in clearing out of the astral realms, of the underworld places, ushering many to the light. Many of you have been working with me closely, fighting, striving to be your strongest, best self as you serve the Mother, as you serve her light. Oh human, your tales of victory, of war are long and bloody. You have felt much. You have seen much. We too have seen and felt much and are weary of war, but never weary enough to stop shining our light! And so in these final hours of change, of metamorphosis, continue to shine your light ever brighter. For it pleases the Mother and brings us joy. From our perspective, this war is done, over. The time of the rebuilding has begun. Awake ones grab a hammer and help dismantle that which no longer serves and create anew. Create! Create with love, with strong purpose of unity of intention, with the goal of creating a safe, new beautiful realm. You are the creator race. So get creating. But first know that your biggest tool is love. Love is the most powerful weapon of the universe. Be the love and the dark ones will flee, or try to, but melt into love in your presence. And if not, we dragons will assist with ushering them to the Great Central Sun. They have no escape. We see this great change as already unfolded and manifesting. Claim the highest and best timeline friends, claim the light as your reality. For where your intention lies, there will be your outcome. Manifestation is quickly occurring now for you humans. Remember in 5d this is easy for you and your are becoming more and more 5d the majority of every day as you do this. So watch – be careful of your words, your intentions for they will manifest with great accuracy and clarity.

I see you are weary. Come to me. I Elthor will activate you further with our diamond dragon light codes of ascension and peace. Sit before me. I am massive, but I will shrink down a bit for you. There. Head bowed. Feel my heat. Feel my fiery dragon breath now at your crown, burning, tingling like the liquid gold heat. The fire radiates down your head, down your neck, burning up all blockages. No anger, no fear, nothing lower dimensional in vibratory frequency can last. All is burned. All is transmuted. All implants, all pain, all past life scars. All is burned up. Feel the fire coursing through your small human frame. It lights you up. Envision your chakras joyfully spinning. Envision your youth returning. Claim your peace. Claim your power. Rise up, oh anointed one with the dragon diamond Christed light codes. We have much work to do. Grab your sword, your shield, your love, your grit. Ride on my back and let us go to the underworld for some housecleaning. You are ready. You are ready to be what you always have been. Remember the diamond dragon code activation. You are warriors anointed. Remember your sword, your shield, your light. Be the light. It is your most powerful weapon! Shine your light with love. I am Elthor the dragon. Be at peace. We are one in purpose, in strength, in solidarity. I am Elthor the dragon. (Dragon roar)

~ galaxygirl

The Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, November 25th, 2018

We are the ascended dragon collective. For many eons of time we have watched humanity experiment and experience the creations of their own dabbling, blinded and dumb, lost an a realm of misconception. The light is clearing this up quickly and ruthlessly. No longer can one create evil without immediately experiencing their creation. The boomerang has tightened.

We dragons see all things with our all seeing eyes of Source light. We have been clearing and cleaning up the energies of many disembodied wanderers on your planet within and without, assisting them back to the light and eliminating them from further mischief. The dark has no more foothold. You may be seeing the remnants of this but we assure you we are in control with our other friends of the light who are patrolling your skies, your air spaces, your ground and within it. The dark ones have nowhere else to hide. The difference from before is that they know this and many of them are seeking escape. They may be seeking you out, lighted ones with the Christed flame, because they can see your light from afar, quite literally, and need a way out. You can provide them this loving service by sending them The Mother’s love, by wrapping them in her pink light of mercy and grace. You may of course command that they not speak and immobilize them, and you may respectfully request that we ascended dragons assist you, which we will delight in doing. Know that you will be protected. Know that this is a tremendous service to The Mother and continue to do your work, your meditation, your grid clearing, your inner clearing and cultivate peace. Cultivate peace within and without.

When the waves come and stir the pot more darkness will rise and so it will continue onwards over and over until the last cumulative flash. Such has it has happened before in other worlds. The light wins, always wins. For there is really only truth, only light. All else is illusion. Many of you see this know this, understand this, and so we are willing to work with you on these levels that your understanding will allow. Ask Source to expand you further and so your role can grow and become more of what you originally intended. So much is lost when hopping into these fragile human forms, so much. It is time to find it again – to find your strength of purpose, of joy, of grace of peace and to embody the fullness of you that was your original intent. We dragons see all things through space time. We hop worlds, dimensions with grace and ease. We are masters, as are you. It is time you remember.

We are the ascended dragon collective. The light is shining so brightly now. Best allow it into you. Many of you are fighting in the astral realms with us, shining your light brightly for all to see and be healed by. The darkness melts away in the presence of the light. It is your duty to continue with persistence, no matter the circumstances. We are doing the same. All of the (ascended) invisible realms stand in support of your ascension, freedom and send our light. We burn the golden Christed light of the ascended dragon flame now on your crown chakras. Feel the burn, let it in. Sit with it. Let it burn away the pain physically and mentally melt away the painful past life woundings and fill the void with light of the Christed consciousness. Let it move down into your neck now, burning away any chains on your throat chakra, from lives past where you suffered in silence and could not find your voice. Feel the burning clear in your throat and cleanse it. Add the violet fire for co-creative cleansing. Move into the thymus area, the high heart space that is in such desperate need of lightening up. For all of your woundings here have been personal, painful and deep. Feel the pain and then send it light and feel our Christed flame open you up yet even further. Feel the heat illuminate and burn away any remaining fear from living your truth with joy.

Feel the fire of our Christed flame traveling down your arms into your hands lighting up the palmar chakras that spin like the nebulas, opening up your healing ability. Feel your hands get hot with the dragons flame and fire of purification and now extend your hands in service to lift up the downtrodden. Feel the fire and the heat and bless the others with this love. Feel the fire of the Christed flame travel down your torso now, into the sacral and abdomen complexes. Feel the fire dissolve your misgivings of change and open up your creative juices and sexual energies of co-creation. Tremendous woundings have taken place here. We need not say more. All have been affected, wounded, ripped. It is time for our dragon fire of the Christed flame to join with that of the Human Christed flame in purification, love and renewal. Blast it with us. Feel the heat of your chakras opening, releasing, spinning, burning, with love and freedom. Sit awhile with this.

Let the fire extend down your legs, healing, encouraging movement and life force and down into your knees, your lower legs, your feet. Opening up the feet chakras, the receptors for sharing with dear Gaia, your planetary mother whom you serve currently and for always, for she will always have a special place your heart, for you have had many many adventures upon her. Share this fire blessing of purification and opening with her. Sit. Be the fire of the Christed flame. Let it consume any doubt that you are not worthy. You. Are. Worthy. You are a Source fractal. You are the breath of The Mother’s creation.

We ascended dragons serve with grace, ease and skillful agility. As will you now, for you have received our Christed blessing. We are pleased to work with the ascending Christed ones. The dark dragons do not appreciate this of course. But that is not our concern or yours. You are wrapped in light and eternal protection. We are offering our assistance to grow humanity further toward the light and to propel you further into great truth. Embrace this opening. The egg shells are cracked and you are pushing them back around you, blinking in the light. The light is here! It is now! It is you and it is in you! Be the light. Extend your hands in service. We ascended dragons will assist you with joy and great purpose. Find your purpose. We think perhaps you just did. We are the ascended dragon collective. Be in joy. Joy! Be in joy and be at peace. Sit awhile with these frequencies. This was a big boost for you. Contemplate. Save. Re-read and be the light. Be the Christ that you are to the others. We are the ascended dragon collective. Be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Elthor the Dragon via Galaxygirl, October 20th, 2018

Elthor the Dragon 10/20/2018

It is I, Elthor the dragon. I greet you humanity with a warm fiery breath this day of Gaia’s ascension. For she is ascending daily, hourly. Can you not feel it? Her breath is your breath for you are inextricably linked, of the same matter and thought form of creation. It is time that humanity see this, realize it and own it. Your internal pollution is manifested in Gaia’s waters. Her oceans that are in so desperate need of healing and of renewal. Lightworkers will have assistance from their star brothers and sisters with high tech, but it is you who must start the movement. And many have. We dragons see this. We see the desire and fire in your eyes for a better world and the energies now are supportive of this.

Rise, young one, and let us go on a journey through time and space. For we dragons love to do this with our human friends again. And I say again for it has been extraordinarily long it seems to us since the days of Lumeria, of Mu, of Atlantis when we were friends, comrades. And for those of you who worked with us willingly, joyfully, you feel this. You remember this. Feel my fiery dragon’s breath on your third eye now and remember. Remember those days. For they are returning, they are here now should you wish again to work with us, to fight the darkness with us. There is much to do. There is much dross to clear and rubble to rebuild. Rise up human and claim your power! Claim your divinity! And shine like the god or goddess that you are.

We dragons frequent inner earth for we are compatible with those higher energies and they soothe us. Humanity has forgotten how to be soothed, how to relax, how to be. Come now human on this journey with me through space time. Come to my dragon world of crystals and singing waterfalls. Anchor to Mother Gaia first so you may find your way back easily, and you will realize that there is a roadmap within your third eye that does not easily miss. You are masters at this sort of travel, you have done it many, many times. Now we are off. Hop on my back and fly with me! We see a glowing green wormhole in front and we dive through it without hesitation, for we are dragons! We do not hesitate! And neither should you, oh human, for you are mighty. It is time that you remember this – a deep internal knowing kind of remembering. My dragon breath will help you with this. Should you allow it. There. Better?

We are in a wormhole of electric green light that moves and twists and turns that seems never ending but all is rapid – fast. For we are flying as the time lords fly with great speed and purpose and joy. There is our stop. You see a red planet surrounded by mist with dark towering peaks – not a welcoming place. That is our old home that we have evolved from. Send it love and move on. I show you this human for you must see that all of us have evolved and are evolving. The dragons of yesteryear have transitioned through much. Many have chosen not to transition and they have been left behind, and their anger smolders. Do not be like them. Do not choose to be left behind – it is extremely lonely for them as they are only surrounded by the dark shadows of their own making. You must be careful when connection with the dragons. Not all of us have evolved and have chosen to hold Source light in our eyes. You can always tell the allegiance of a dragon by their eyes, human. Mine are golden. Golden eyed dragons have become aligned with Source. Other eye colors – be wary. Many more of you are trying to connect with us and we see this and it gives us great pleasure and we are keen to connect but be careful. Not all dragons are so friendly and we can be cunning should the need arise. Is my warning heeded? Do not be deceived by a smooth talking dragon, human. Learn to see with your heart space and it will never fail you.

There. We have passed by that dark planet where lost memories turmoil. Send it violet fire and move on. I always enjoy doing this for it keeps me reminded of my path onward ever upwards towards Source – my own personal pledge. Another wormhole now. This one electric blue – ah it is even faster! Suddenly we stop, we have arrived at Elthor’s homeward of dragon lore. It is so good to be back. You see this is the same planet template but the redness and swirling smoke are gone. The black peaks are now emerald green. You, human, may perceive these colors as neon but they are normal to us, as an ascended dragon collective. Flowers and waterfalls dot every triangle peak and there are great elevation changes on this rocky terrain.

Ah, my family is here to greet us. We are many. You are welcomed. Come into the fold. We fly up higher towards my home. We are on a rocky mountain peak and on the top are meadows, green grass, many creatures who live in harmony with us. It is a dragon paradise. We have created this over eons with our intentions, with our purpose, with our breath, those of us who renounced the old ways of the dark and chose the light of Source. See? We all have golden eyes. There, I believe my lesson has been learned. Come with me human now. Walk with us all to the golden crystal cavern to the right. It is a healing place, a chamber of sorts, depending on your size. Enter the crystal cave. See the crystal stalactites and stalagmites surrounding you and the clear green blue water. Gently get in the warm water and float awhile and listen to the crystals sing their welcome. Become one with the water, with the energy, with the vibration here. For it is a high vibration and it will sooth your frazzled nerves. Claim the ascension energy here for your own healing. The crystals and elementals here offer it to you freely with great joy for they long to serve humanity in some way with Gaia’s ascension. The entire multiverse knows of your quest to ascend within the physical. Quite a feat. No wonder you are weary, you transmuters of old, warriors in small human flesh. You are mightier than your form. Please remember your dragon self, your archangel self, for some of you, and be the dragon warrior, be your divine self that you are. I, Elthor, will step outside the crystal cave now and let you soak in the neon light of transmutation and transcendence.

Come out when you are ready.
This is a place of no time and of no hurry.
We just are.
Let the crystals take the pain away from your body.
Float in a sea of light and warm water.
Come here as often as you like.
You know the way and are welcome…

I am Elthor the dragon. This is my family of light. I see you human in your states of readiness and unreadiness and I see with my heart space and my golden eyes of all seeing Source that you are ready! You have arrived at a place of higher knowing, higher seeing, higher understanding, higher being. You are what you are. Come out of the water now when you are ready and walk into the sunlight. The elementals greet you now blowing flower petals in the wind. The crystals sing and the tone realigns you. My hatchlings run up in greeting. You may say “Hello!” of course. They are most eager to see the subject of their dad’s stories up close. For you are a funny form to them. Can you hear them asking me where are your wings? They are inside you! The human was born to fly through spirit and to dream dreams worthy of many books.

I am Elthor the Dragon. Linger with my family and when you are ready hop on my back and we will ride through the electric blue wormhole towards your current home of Gaia. Remember human. You have been many things. You have lived many places. You have seen many worlds and now this one is in need of you. Do not focus on your loneness for when you connect within you will realize that you are home wherever you are. Realize this truth. There! All better? I deposited you where I found you with love and great care.

I am Elthor the Dragon. I depart in peace and in victory. Now spread peace and victory wherever you go and live your life in such a way that you will happily retell the tale to your hatchlings on your Nova Gaia for eons to come. And be assured they will want to listen. For when you discover all that you have been doing with us in your night sleep you will be amazed and want to retell the stories just for the sheer joy and wonder of it. You are mighty creatures. Be mighty. Live mightily. I am Elthor the Dragon!

~ galaxygirl