Love is our new reality

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Galactic Dragons via Meredith Murphy, September 2nd


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Hello Powerful Ones,
We see you as mirrors of our own immense and continually evolving capacity. We see you stepping into more aliveness. We see you letting more light into your embodied experience. We see you both growing the capacity to receive the light in others, regardless of the mix of their energy and having less ambivalence about being all that you are.
Bravo & Brava!

The living light that streams into your realm of focus is significantly altered at this time. It is in a sense setting up for the transmissions of light from Helios and Vesta and the Great Central Sun, which will be allowed and available throughout your Galaxy in support of the Divine Plan unfolding.
You are noticing, we see, that there are many different ways of living. There are unlimited timelines available to you now and yet; you do not need to wonder about which one to choose. You can simply know what is right for you by orienting to the fullness of your being.
Your Divine Self is the means by which you will know what path and what choices serve your higher will and what focus even, benefits the development of your blended embodiment.
You have done a lot of shifting and releasing, transforming and allowing to get to the energetic state you experience now as your life. Even with these many changes, we remind you that the possibilities are limitless. The arcs of light that you might choose unlimited too. So there is a lot of room for totally new experiences, and it is these new experiences that help you to be most powerful; for they keep you current and they facilitate a concentration of presence.
The Eclipses this month will help you to know yourself more fully. There is within this time-frame, great transmissions of love from the Great Central Sun. Helios and Vesta, the sentient energies of your Solar Source, are bridging these energies into your realm with great attentiveness and coordination with the sentience of your Earth.
To familiarize yourself with these energies we want first to encourage you to be clear in your intentions to harmonize and pair with the planetary field of light that is your home. By acclimating to the continuing changes in Earth’s field, you make it far easier for expanded frequencies to be received and received in balance.
To call forth expanded energies… To summon the vastness of your being. To work extensively with Helios and Vesta, and even to call forth a direct connection with the Great Central Sun, is nothing to take lightly. These energy fields are astonishingly bright and clear avenues of accessing higher realms of awareness and the clarity they innately generate, can be a very strong experience. Working with planetary energies and cultivating a resonant pairing can allow you to ride through this coming month in a very different way than you may have previously experienced Eclipse Cycles and major planetary infusions of expanded light.
So then, how then to pair with your planetary field? Begin by cultivating your inner relationships of acknowledging and honoring with the Earth’s field of light. Realize this field already knows you and carries your energy and imprint. This field is leading the way in integrating ascending energy streams. To pair and ride with the field of expanded light which is Earth can be a vastly supportive method of achieving your enlightened being.
The light within you knows this, and of course you are quite naturally drawn to nature. To being outdoors. To the sunshine and fresh air. As you awaken, you are increasingly drawn to plant foods and to fresh foods. To whole foods and water — both to drink and to swim in, look at, touch and enjoy in all ways.
These are ways of being that are quite intrinsic to your human design. They are natural ways of pairing with the Earth’s frequency field and cultivating a state of well-being. The well-being is in part created by achieving an increasing harmony with Earth. As you become increasingly harmonious with Earth, you experience less resistance. All of these naturally inclined ways of being, further your Divine Self infusing you with your cosmic energies and helping you to elevate your awareness.
Another aspect of pairing with the Earth’s energy field is that you will have more access to an inner knowing that you refer to as synchronicity, or Divine Timing. As you reduce resistance and harmonize your relationship with the planetary field, you quite naturally have a better sense of timing.
You can support your sense of timing by taking action on the inspiration you receive promptly. Acting in this way helps you to trust you inspiration and also to begin to live in a more accelerated way. You may notice resistance arising as life starts to move like this, for things will go better for you. The resistance arises because human beings often have a kind of distrust of happiness and things improving. So strong is your attachment to the familiar that you may feel a sense of a threat sometimes when you change things. Even if you experience changes for the better, you sometimes feel a sense of a threat! You can release this resistance as you notice it if you like. There are many methods of release. Meredith has been using tapping (or EFT) and walking in nature. You might also consciously clearing your field, by imagining all these old energies that you no longer need spinning off.
In addition to these suggestions, there are many other methods of release that have been in effect, “channeled” by humans from their vaster self. Use those that speak to you and give you true relief. This clearing can happen without suffering. There are good tools available now for you that have rather quick and reliable results, and more being created and shared all the time. Use them for your benefit.
The Sedona Method, the work of Byron Katie, forgiveness work and meditation such as mindfulness, all help to clear your field with minimal effort. Find a technique that you like and have it as a resource. You will find yourself letting more love in and elevating your experience more easily because you will now have resistance to change interfering so much.
The energies of the Eclipses and Equinox in September deserve some special explanation. Let us endeavor to share a bit here, to help you feel empowered and cognizant of the qualities in play, so you may choose what you want to have happen in your experience.
The first Eclipse is a solar eclipse. Solar Eclipses affect your sense of self in powerful ways. Although this is only a partial solar eclipse, you still have an opportunity to in effect, be re-introduced to the Solar field of Helios and Vesta. Ideally this reconnection will occur with you in a more harmonized relationships with your own planetary field. If this paired planetary presence is accomplished, it will allow a kind of unlocking of dimensional energies which can be very useful to you.
The series or sequence of alignments that is available now, based on the development of Earth’s ascending energies, is a like a 5-digit code. It is a complex sequence of alignments that if achieved, can help you to live more fully and freely and with a more sustained connection to Cosmic level frequencies. In effect, it could flip you into a stronger sense of identifying with your Higher Self, rather than being more identified with being human. This description may sound more dramatic and perhaps even a bit scary. We do not wish it to be received this way.
What this may feel like, although not being embodied, this is simply our guess, is a stronger sense of self. A deeper sense of being sovereign. A more accomplished unconditionality. A growth in your neutralness that feels very liberating. You may feel a bit unleashed.
You will then experience as much of these energies as you are in resonance with, and again, that resonance is achieved and supported by pairing fully with your planetary field.
Following this Eclipse you will feel vastly expanded and a bit spacious. Depending on how much energy you can allow, you may experience that spaciousness such that you may not be certain anymore who you are or what you want. This despite in some seemingly at-odds-way, feeling even more like you! Knowing this as it occurs, can make this a somewhat easier and possibly delightful experience. Let yourself be very open and curious about what interests you in this time approaching and following the Solar Eclipse/New Moon. Let yourself see who you are NOW. And NOW. And NOW. And if possible, let there be a flowing, unfolding sense to your knowing and put off decisions until this seems to settle a bit.
The Equinox is a very balancing alignment. Although this is obvious to you, the depth of this particular Equinox may surprise you. There are areas of your life, long neglected. Most of you have tended to the areas in life, where you feel more confident rather than those that are challenging or associated with disappointment or negative ideas about yourself. The unattended areas are no longer going to stay beneath the rug. If you have been avoiding things, you will not be able to keep these things out of your awareness during this time. If this happens, and it is uncomfortable for you, all the more reason to finally attend to things and clean up the energy that needs your attention. Now will be a good time to use the release and clearing techniques we spoke of earlier. Again, prepare for this by finding ones you prefer and get familiar with them, so you are prepared. As the energies start to move and surface that will be most definitely be spurred to resolution by this Equinox arrangement, you will then be confident in your choice of action.
Given the Earth’s position in the galactic band and all the photon energy, arrangements such as the Equinox can be deeply clarifying. This can feel tremendously good if there is a lot of transparency in your field, or can be very disturbing if there is a need for decluttering emotionally, or in terms of your mental reference points.
If your physical body is already experiencing less than optimum vitality, you can help yourself through this time, by drinking more water and eating things you know you digest well. Making these small adjustments during this time, is just smart and helps you to lighten the body demands and support your joyous thriving.
The Eclipse Cycle closes with a Full Lunar Eclipse and a Full Moon. The energy of this alignment will last a long while. Although the actual Eclipse lasts only about five hours, the impact of this Eclipse will be felt for at least the next seven years.
We suspect you will look back at this time and be amazed at the dramatic changes you see that have taken place since then. If you continue to allow yourself to elevate and revise energetically, becoming more and more harmonious with all that you are, that hindsight view will be even more remarkable. What we suspect you will see given that affirmative allowing of your unfolding is a shocking degree of hesitancy to spend the time and energy learning how to use your awareness to create.
To continue the pathway of life on the leading edge, you will shift so much by the time these energies integrate that you will look back with deep love and appreciation for the courageous way you lived.
We suggest you devote yourself to learning how to imagine things and feel them. How to choose the ways you live and spend your time — am I cultivating a sense of allowing? Or am I feeding a sense of fear, anxiety, ambivalence, or envy, aggressiveness, aversion or blame?
The choice between these ways of being is endless. It’s happening from moment to moment to moment, and you are often still, too tired, to use your mind-muscle of focus for your benefit.
We want to say this about that: discipline is not an inherited quality. It’s also not pushing. It’s not trying to motivate yourself. Discipline is simply self-love as practiced action. The more you love yourself, the more you take care of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s natural.
Cultivate your loving relationship to you, and so much of everything we have spoken about in detail here actually is accomplished.
The light within you knows another time is approaching for big shifts and activations to occur. For your DNA to open up more easily because the planetary field is shifting such that this movement and momentum is richly supported.
You were meant to live as Powerful Ones, reflecting the highest levels of your being. If that occurs or not, is something only you can create, through your embodied focus and alignment. Your willingness to be who you truly are and live acknowledging your Divine Being is the essence of this way.
The Source that is you can liberate you from all problems you anticipate that may occur from allowing yourself to be more open and freely present here. It is only you who can make the choices of daily focus and practice living in ways that allow your light to flow.
The reinstatement of this Divine Flow and the affinity with the planetary field and with All that you are, is the most important focus at this time, for the optimum experience of an accelerated embodiment of light.
We are here to encourage you, inspire you and most of all, remind you! Of the amazing potential of your life, of all that you have already created and most of all, of our unending love and enjoyment of your beautiful embodied expression.
May this month be a wonderful experience for you of further discovering your amazing capacity as love.
We are the Galactic Dragons