Love is our new reality

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You ain’t seen nothing yet by Brian the Dragon, October 18th

This is the dragon. If you think the pace of social and technological evolution was fast in your previous century as you call them, you “ain’t seen nothing yet”. We asked our partner to relay this in a fun way because it will be fun. It will be unsettling at the beginning as the rapid rate of change picks up, but it will be fun too. In hindsight, you’ll almost wish you could go back and do it all again like wanting to ride a roller-coaster a second time. But then again you’ll be having too much fun in your new paradigm to want to go back.

Paradigms shift rapidly, not gradually. As you are adjusting to one paradigm shift, the seeds for another start developing. Much of your past progress has been guided by greed, you could say. That is going to change. Instead, it’ll be a realization that one can both benefit society and do a little well for themselves, like the maker of a new electric car that has shattered your idea of what electric cars can do. The past type of entrepreneur was greedy then altruistic but often disconnected from their altruistic endeavors. The future of capitalism will be not so capitalistic and your Elon Musk is demonstrating a transition phase that cannot be undervalued, but what you have coming will show even the Elon Musk to be significantly older energy, which is appropriate because Elon Musk has been trying to do what he would do in an old-energy paradigm. The coming generations, even in the current financial capital of the world, will be growing up in a world that encourages a different way of thinking than your hard-core capitalist ideals. They will be immersed in a different way of solving problems. Your old structures are eroding away.

Your last trans-formative technological breakthrough was the interconnected computer grid. No, we’re not going to undervalue the electric car since it is good for your survival as a species but by trans-formative, we’re talking about more socially and spiritually trans-formative than technologically trans-formative. The connected computer grid allowed you to communicate new ideas globally, share information long kept secret, and see things from other perspectives. If there’s anything that you could point to that has so far staved off another major global confrontation, it is the computer. It has led people of societies to believe they can accomplish more, be more, than what their governments were telling them they could be. It allowed them to strive to make a better life for themselves by transforming their governments. It hasn’t gone so smoothly, but the seeds have been sewn for a fundamental drive to eliminate social injustice. Eventually, they will figure it out.

What about your more developed nations? Are you the pinnacles of social evolution or just a stepping stone? Could you conceive of your socialist nations becoming better? Can you conceive of your democracies and republics getting better? How is it so easy for almost every human being to point to something and say: “That could be better”. Is that perhaps a natural, intuitive sense you have? Maybe you’ve been there, done that, and can feel what injustice and justice is? If you were to stack your current nations up against a utopia, how would they fare? Can a utopia exist? Can you sense what a utopia feels like? Maybe you’ve lived in one before?

As we said, while you are going through one set of rapid changes, the seeds for new changes come about. Life is about the in-breath, and the out-breath. The cycle of assimilation and then the cycle of expansion. Even the most seemingly un-awakened person can identify this pattern, and some have. It is all around you. It happens in cosmology. It happens in nature. You even experience it while exercising or meditating. It pervades the universe. It is life. On the in-breath, it is a resting period. Oh, a lot is going on, but it doesn’t seem to be. On the out-breath, everything that has been building up is released and there is drastic growth.

Your illusion of slow, gradual, methodical progress is just that: an illusion. Things change through paradigm shifts. Always have, and always will. It is how the universe works.

You had your computer network evolve, and now things seem to have stagnated. Are you in the in-breath? Yes! Let’s characterize this for you. While things seem to have stagnated, a lot is going on behind the scenes. And these “goings on” are a lot more pervasive across the whole spectrum of society than they have ever been. You have two things going on right now in a mundane sense that you haven’t had in the past. You have a critical mass of people bringing in more of the all-that-is than ever. Everyone carrying their own piece of the divine, adding to the menagerie. Specialists, you may call them. We call them seeds, you seeds. Do you understand that one key of the evolution of your society with the limitations you have placed on quantity of energy integration per incarnation is simply having enough bodies on the ground to bring in enough energy? That would be enough in and of itself, but your computers gave you another gift that nothing else can… A lot of idle bodies. Your employment numbers world-wide are a sham and you know it. A significant number of people are out of work or not getting enough work or the kind of work they are best suited to help society with. Yet your society’s productivity is through the roof at the same time. That means a lot of people, behind the scenes, are tinkering with things both scientific and metaphysical – sometimes intuitively. These are seeds. It only takes one in a million to have some success and it can mean drastic change for the world. We can’t say who those people will be especially since energetically those people are working together. What we can say is that the out-breath is coming…

In the out-breath, there will be mostly positive disruption in almost every walk of life that will shake you from your complacency and say “Aha! This is what I knew. I want to be part of this!” Suddenly, so many people sitting idle will have a new quest, and your world will go through a renaissance like nothing you have ever experienced.

“Why is the dragon so focused on technology?” Oh, we hear it. Did we say only technology? We said it would be every walk of life. Let’s paint this picture for you. Yes, there will be technology as part of it. But now let’s break that technology into two fields: Conventional technology as you may call it, and psychic technology. You will begin to nudge into the first wide-spread acknowledgement of psychic phenomena. Yes, you won’t get much farther in this cycle than that acknowledgement and maybe slight measurement, but that is a huge step on its own that will open up a lot of new doors in future cycles, many of you will still be alive for. Theology. If you could only see the shifts coming to rock the world of theology. Many brave souls have incarnated as theologians to return some spiritual purity and accountability to it. Those things have already started. Just look at the catholic church, for instance. Islam is starting to go through the same upheaval and a lot of what you are seeing in terms of ugliness out there are forces fighting for conservation of the “old way” in the face of forces of change within their own theological circles. Even the Eastern religions have a frothing of reform that is not so evident on the surface for religions that were not so mired in dogma. Religions are not going away. They are transforming. Transforming into something that is much freer in how it allows one to express the all-that-is. It will open the door to spiritual exploration in a way not experienced by humanity for a long time, because it will get rid of an indoctrination in a belief system. That is big, very big.

So, science, technology and theology… What did we forget? Ahh yes, social evolution. We are just trying to be silly since we didn’t forget it. Social evolution is the biggest, the biggest. It defines what evolution is for humanity from here on out. You have evolved so quickly socially, that your bodies did not have a chance to keep up. That has held you back, for instance you are so much still in survival mode. Lets contrast it. At this point in your evolution, many other ascended beings were already evolved into energy bodies or quasi energy bodies. Their survival needs had diminished. Fear was still an ongoing challenge, but it was much less a survival type fear that you are still dealing with and that made social evolution easier. You’ll get your energy bodies, but you are going through social evolution first. That will define your evolution from here on out and when you have your energy bodies, the bulk of work will already be done. A bit backwards from how it usually is, but an interesting experiment that we think you are doing quite well at considering.

Think of the defining moments of social evolution over your last hundred years. You entered with hatred and distrust between civilizations, between races. You used almost any excuse to separate yourselves from others. You exited with much less of it in some parts of the world, and seeds of change in the rest. You entered with institutional discrimination. You exited with much less of it in most parts of the world, and seeds of change in the rest. You have done quite well for such a short timeframe. However, in some ways, you are not much different than you were one hundred years ago. Go back in time to any of the big Western cities of one hundred years ago, and you may be eerily dismayed with how little has changed. Furthermore, someone from back then would be dismayed to come to your present time to find so many people starving. That is a social issue, not a technological one for you throw away enough food to feed everyone on Earth. They would also be dismayed to find all the old structures still very much in place.

The wind of big changes are coming that will pervade everything socially. It will blow down all the old structures.

The present in-breath is two-fold when it comes to social evolution: Part one is the integration of intuitive ideas that work at creating a freer lighter world that solves a lot of problems. At the same time, is working to break up the old structures, especially in some parts of the world, to allow for the penetration of light. In fact, the breaking up of the old structures is part of that penetration of the light already occurring. The unrest is an unfortunate side-effect. It could happen in a more balanced way, but human consciousness has not gotten there yet. It fights against the unknown, and something changing the way of living that has been followed for thousands of years is a big unknown. We’re not talking about just theology: We’re talking about the social strata as well, and social structures in place. We’re talking about tribes that have lived the same way for thousands of years beyond just an integration of technology that has not fundamentally changed their way of life, just augmented it. There comes a breaking point where the way of life has to change for future progress and that breaking point is resisted. Sometimes violently. That is the way of human beings in your present time. That will change. It is changing even though you can’t see it so well.

Never fear. There is a bias towards light in the physical universe because it is a spiritual one. You have an intuitive recollection of how it feels on the “other side” and want to create it where you are. The way you express that intuitive feeling varies from one person to the next, from one group to the next, varies like flowers. However, it is a strong feeling and it is very real. It guides you. That feeling alone guides your society more than anything you can imagine. That’s why you don’t need intervention to do the right thing. God is inside of you, and you know it. No matter what you do and how you try to deny it, you know it.

You are seeing the dawn of a new kind of human, and that new kind of human is really a new kind of society. The physical evolution comes later. The seeds of change are in place. The next hundred years will start with a whimper, but will go out like a lion. That is the roar of humanity saying, “I can and I WILL”. Finally, at long last, you are turning into the beings you always had the potential to be.

With Love,
The Dragon