Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, August 18

Transcript – Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Building Nova Earth and Nova Being, Aug. 18, 2015

arch angel michaelBuilding Nova Earth and Nova Being

Archangel Michael with special appearance from Divine Mother

An Hour with an Angel, August 18, 2015

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host: InLight Radio

Steve: Good morning. [laughing] Good Evening. Wherever somebody is on the planet.

Linda: Good morning and good evening, goodnight [laughing]. And that’s part of the fun. It’s that people all over the globe and people who aren’t even aware they’re listening, are listening. So that they are getting the energy, and, when (Archangel) Michael or Saint Germaine or Archangel Gabrielle decides that they are going to send out the energy, people get it whether they know it or not. So, hi there, Steve.

SB: It’s quite strong now, quite dramatic. You were mentioning before the show, Linda, that things were happening. Could you elaborate on that for our listeners, please?

LD: Absolutely. Well, I think people are aware that the energy in the last, oh, I don’t know, couple of weeks, has been incredibly strong. Some people will ascribe it to the astrological, the Lion’s Gate and things like that. But, regardless of whether it’s the Tsunami of Love or the Lion’s Gate or, you know, the marriage of Venus and Mars, the energy has been incredibly intense. And, I think that there have been a couple of – for me, anyway – landmarks that have really indicated that things are shifting. And, last week, during our Heavenly Blessings show with Suzi Maresca, we had the pleasure of having Saint Germaine on the program. And, for the first time ever – and we’ve been doing these shows for quite some time – Saint Germaine came in and gave us an energy attunement. And he made it very clear that this energy attunement was for the entire planet. The attunement was for healing and for expansion.

And, as I’ve spoken to folks who have listened to the show and who are listening to this show, live or thereafter, the enormity of the energy and the feel-good, the rays in people’s frequency and vibration, and the elimination of what people perceive as blockages, has just gone up the flag pole. It’s been amazing.

And then, during the Saturday conference call, Archangel Gabrielle came in and announced, on behalf of the Divine Mother that there had been an amplification, a very significant amplification of the energies available to us, of the 13th octave. And, the 13th octave is literally a process of divine union. And, in the olden days, we used to have to die or to reach a place of being an ascended master in order to have that level or that depth of connection.

Now, in previous years, I’ve known when I’ve done repeats of various workshops that the preparation – meditations such as clearing and finding courage, etc., – that those meditations have literally been amplified without me ever having to do a thing. And, people go back and they listen, and they say, “Well, this isn’t the same mediation.” And sure enough, not only is it the same meditation, the energy is so different that it simply knocks people’s socks off.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happened with the 13th octave: It’s as if our potential to join more fully with the Mother/Father/One has been opened. And, what I’m experiencing is that sense of union and of knowing, and bringing it back into physical body, conscious walking around consciousness has just exploded.

So, I take these gifts that are coming forward as a real sign that we are in the middle, more than ever before…that we are feeling it and we are experiencing this higher frequency and vibration. And we are being given all kinds of help. And, I’m sure our listeners could add twelve other gifts that we’re being given as help to really take this last quantum leap so that we can be in a different reality.

SB: I was seeing another side of that this morning. We usually go on a bike ride in the morning, and I often stop at the supermarket. And, I got a little irritated by something very, very minor. It could have been a missed light, or having to go around a car, something like that. And the minute I felt irritated, I felt ashamed and guilty. It’s like the, not the cost, but the benchmarks in the game are being raised, and raised, and raised. I can’t even get away with an irritable thought anymore.
LD: Exactly.
SB: The goal posts are so high.
LD: And, the fact that it immediately comes to your attention that you have this – what we’d call a negative feeling – and you don’t want it. Before, you’d just think, “Oh, I’m really P’OD.” And, you’d just go on your grumpy way. I know I would. (laughter)

SB: Oh yeah. And it wouldn’t matter – it’s like nobody cared. You’re grumpy. So what?
But the interesting thing, Linda, was that it wasn’t a case of me having an irritable thought and, then, a few minutes later, having a reaction to it. They came up simultaneously.
You know, irritable thought, shame and guilt, you know, simultaneously.

LD: And, you banished them all at the same time, didn’t you?

SB: That’s right. I let go of them all at the same time. I certainly did.

LD: I just love it.

SB: It’s the observance of the selves and what’s happening. This is a wonderful time to see things.

LD: You know one of the things that the Council of Love is continually saying, and our dear friend, Graham, used to say was, “I want to be the change I seek.” But ,we are Nova Earth. We are the Nova Beings. It’s not necessarily a matter of some distant goal off on the horizon. As you say, in that very instant, you felt it, and you behaved and reacted like a Nova Being.

SB: Yes. Interesting, eh?
LD: Woo Hoo!

SB: Well, let me let you make your transition. And, we’re going to be welcoming Archangel Michael with us today to talk about Nova Earth and Nova Being, so with that I’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And, welcome to you. Welcome to all of you, my beloved friends, my family, humans, star seed, Earthlings, Gaians, Angelics, Archangelics, masters. Is there any title, is there any form that I cannot welcome you with?

I do. I welcome you. I am Mi-ka-el. I am Michael: Warrior of Peace, Archangel of Love, bringer of news. And bringer, beloved ones, yes, of this transformational energy, the energy of ascension, the energy of love, the energy of shift, the energy of change, and the energy of acceptance of change.

You are past ready. It is like a bill that is past due. Only, this is a reward and something that you have yearned for. And, it is directly in front of you, within you, on top of you, behind you. You are where you have need to be.
You have come to this planet – this beautiful planet: my sister, sweet Gaia – a diamond, a beautiful creature, an energy of supreme beauty, birthed, as we all have been, from the heart of the Mother. And, many of you have walked upon this planet thousands and thousands of times. And then, there are some of you that are newcomers and have only visited rarely in times of magnificent change or times of dire need. It matters not. Because, each of you, in your own unique way – and with your own unique collection – array of talents, of abilities, of capabilities, of desires and experiences – have come in your mastery to attend to Gaia, to each other, to the Mother, and to witness and to be part of this ascension and this ascension in form.

I think that I have spoken long, and, perhaps even boringly, enough about this anchoring into the human form that you now occupy. And, you have let go of the ideation, of the mental concept that you are fleeing somewhere. And, all of you had varying ideas about where exactly you would go.

But the magnificence, the truth of this shift, of this ascension – yes, what the channel has so often called descension – is the anchoring in your body upon your beloved Gaia. Not in the old reality, not in the old paradigm of the third, which is gone, but in the realm of inter-dimensionality, of higher frequency vibration, of what you, beloved Steve, call transformational love, heart-centered consciousness, not denying, but acting in cooperation with all pieces, all parts, of your beloved self – and, that is the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being.

Are you in a time of monumental change? Yes. And, is this change constant? Yes. Is it happening not only at the speed of light, but the speed of love? Yes. Can you avoid it? No.

Do you choose to embrace it? I would suggest – I would even go so far as to declare – my beloved friends, that each of you who listen this night have already declared – not only your intention, but your physical action, your mental agreement, your emotional agreement – to anchor this energy of your Nova Being, of the New You, of Nova Earth. And, in so doing, you are already creating Nova Earth.

Now, in this phase of what has been termed ‘transition,’ is there rapid change? More than you can imagine: both obvious – what you would term ‘in your face,’ behind the scenes, structures, institutions, ways of being that you have not witnessed and have no need to even understand, because, it is not within the purview of what you are here to experience or even interested in.

The change is occurring on every single front. There is not one atom, not one subatomic particle that is not in the process of transmutation, transformation, transubstantiation.

This means, in very practical terms, that what you think of as the condition that you live and thrive – or not – upon this planet in this moment, is not the situation you find yourself in five minutes hence, and certainly, not the situation or the structure, or even the appearance of the planet that you will exist and thrive upon a year from now.

All of this is good news. There are many – for some who are simply misguided, some who choose to create drama, some who simply are misunderstanding the guidance they are receiving – who wish to think that there are dire days ahead, that there is devastation and destruction. That is not what we are telling you. That is not the guidance. That is not the message.

Let us be extraordinarily clear. Gaia, the Company of Heaven, the Mother, the ascended masters, your star brothers and sisters have no intention of devastating the planet, nor humanity, nor even any sector of humanity, because that would not be of gentleness, of purity and clarity, of love.

Is it possible – and there are some of you who say, “Things are such a mess. Reduce it to rubble, and we will start over.” And, what I say to you as the stewards, as the gatekeepers, and the grounds keepers of beloved Gaia, why would you wish to do that? There is so much that is good. There is so much that is elevated. There has been so much diligence, attention, valor, consistency paid to this project, both within your very lives, within your hearts, and the external expression of your life upon planet.

We would never wish to destroy that. And, we have worked and will continue to work – what you would think of as long and hard, and what to us is the purpose of our being – to see the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan of glory, of laughter, of ease, of co-creation.

Devastation upon this or other planets has taken place far too often. And, you have witnessed it, both in this and other lifetimes – either directly or from afar. It matters not. You know the impact of destruction that is done from a place of not knowing what else to do, of not calling upon creative power, and simply, being revengeful. There is no room and no place upon Nova Earth for this type of energy.

To take my sword and cut away that which no longer serves, the core – which is greed and control, hatred, vileness, abuse, inequality – these are the things that must be cut away.
And how do you do that? Do you do it with violence and a sense of self-entitlement, of righteousness? Or, do you take the sword – and it is the laser light of blue, of truth and love – that dissolves anything that is not of love? And, do you work that way? And then, do you use it to lean upon as a staff of life when you are tired and weary and you are not sure which way to turn? Do you carry it as a scepter of truth, of leadership; not misplaced authority, to show the way?

Do not think that Gaia herself – in cooperation with all the hybrid races that are upon her at this time in their mastery, in conjunction with the Company of Heaven, in conjunction with the entire fleets of your star family – do you not think that the cleanup, the transformation of the planet, of physicality, of what you know it as – can take place in a very brief period of what you think of as time? Of course it can.

Look at how long she has regenerated her oceans, her rivers, her land. Have human beings been destructive? Lacking in thoughtfulness is more to the point. Yes, they have been. And has she endured and waited for those of you, my beloved family, who step forward and say, “We are the stewards and we cannot pollute. We must tend to the fields. We must love the flowers and cherish the birds.”

It is not a matter of humanity coming to the point of acknowledging this partnership with Gaia and with us. You are already there.

Now, is there a group – and, I might say to you, an increasingly small group – that still cling and wish to usurp power and control and greed? Yes. But even in their consciousness, the light is dawning that if they continue to poison society, their workers, their military, their troops, their people, the earth itself, the water, that they are killing themselves. And, if there is one thing that you can bank on it is that those who are in such a position – that still hold greed, hatred, control – they love themselves and want to love themselves enough that they’re not going to kill themselves.

So, that, in fact, is good news. Now, I have thrown a great deal of information at you, my beloved friend. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, I’d like to just simply pick up from where you left off, Lord. I’m imagining that the Divine Mother has been chair of the board of building Nova Earth, of the construction of the New World and new society, and, I’m seeing you as the chief executive officer. But you may say, “Well, no, Gabrielle is.” And, I see you as that, and us as the construction managers.

And, I wanted to ask you to address us and tell us: First of all, what are the intentions of this construction project called building Nova Earth?

AM: The intention is exactly what you have expressed in your book. Now, did you really write it or did I?

SB: I don’t know. [laughing]

AM: [laughing] I am teasing you, my brother. It is a world that works for everyone. Now, how is that constructed? What does that look like? Especially when there are so many divergent interests, lifestyles, belief systems? There is room for everybody.

Let us be very basic before we become esoteric. A world that works is a world where people do not cower in fear, in terror, in lack. One of the first qualities – and, this is why I am so deliberate in what I say in terms of the need for liberation and freedom. Now, freedom and liberation are not only your birthright, it is what you carry within your very being, within your spiritual and physical DNA. Otherwise, no one would mind, other than the Mother, that you have been so enslaved. Everyone would be happy being a slave. And, no one – there is not one being upon your planet – that is happy being a slave. You have had multiple wars, revolutions, revolts because human beings were not constructed to be ‘less than.’

So, first you have the freedom and the freedom from fear. And, what does this fear look like? It means that you are not in fear of your safety, of your bodily survival. Which also means that you have food and water, and a form of shelter, if and when necessary and desirable. That is so basic. But it is the starting point.

And, you say, “Well, Lord, no wonder you are in charge. No wonder you are the construction manager.” I would like to say that Gabrielle and I work wing in wing, hand in hand.
Because, there is so much to be done. There is enough for everybody to do. But, when that fundamental is addressed – and that can happen much more quickly than you can imagine – when that is addressed, then people, the human spirit – whether it is angelic or star seed, it matters not – is free to flourish, create, blossom. And, it does not simply create and co-create in one arena. It creates communities and families and relationships that are based on equity and respect and honoring. And yes, courage and love. And that in turn creates structures of community, of what you think of as codification of law, of governance, of management that is reflective, not only of the basic needs which have been known upon the planet forever, but it takes into account, again: your DNA is wired to create.

There has been, and still is, upon the planet, a great deal of belief in predestination, fate, that it is written. The scope within which you create is infinite. And, the fact that it is infinite has scared the living daylights out of you. So, you have shrieked and run and hid in a cave. No longer.

You come together in collaboration as a circle, not as a hierarchy. And, with the best of your intelligence and your ability, to truly create, to bring forth that which celebrates not only the existing human condition, but the potential as intergalactics, as galactics, to take your place at that larger table, and to experience the sheer joy of creating. And it is not a hierarchy, again, because, creating a family that is solid, and safe, and productive – in the truest meaning of the word – is just as joyful as creating an entirely new system of what you think of as finance, global finance. It is not that one is more important than the other. They are simply different expressions of creation, of freedom, and of joy.

It does not take hundreds or thousands of years. The insistence of so many within the human race upon that belief system which they cling to is absurd. Does the Mother work in terms of eons? Yes. Does she work inside and outside of time? Yes. And, is her creation instantaneous? Yes. And that, as you move to fully inhabit the realm of human experience, is what you are learning: That you can take 10 years, if that is what you wish, or you can take ten minutes – the choice is yours.

But, the beginning point is the freedom from fear. It is letting go and clearing – yes, for many, still, yes, what the channel calls core issues – the war that rages within. So, that you can engage not in the war in the without, but in the creation.
So you save – think of it as rehabilitation – rather than flattening the planet. So, you reconstruct, and you keep – and you are building on the re-patterning that is already there upon this bright, shiny, golden grid – what is useful, and fruitful, and joyous. And, you cut down, and destroy, and eliminate that which doesn’t serve. Not people. There will be a great deal of rehabilitation in some people, if they choose. If they choose not, then they are leaving. It is that simple. They do not belong on Nova Gaia.

SB: Thank you for that. That’s a wonderful statement of intention that all of us have been waiting for. Now about what’s called a project schedule. Now, I’m not interested in dates, but the project’s schedule also lays out the phases of the project. I wonder if you can lay out the phases of the project that is building Nova Earth for us?

AM: Right now you are in the, what you can think of as, the pre-construction phase. So, you are gaining, you are putting your financing and your budget in place.

Now, heed what I say, because for so many of you, you are focused on the money. I do not say that in the way of criticism. It is a practicality if we are having a construction project. I understand the human reality of money, of finance, of backing – and you have enormous backing, dear hearts. But, even before – because I want to draw to your attention what you have already accomplished – before you seek backing, before you enter preconstruction, there is a concept, there is an idea, there is a vision, there is an energy that gathers that makes you want to proceed with the project.

Often all of you have had ideas or thoughts, “I would like to do x. I would like to build x. I would like to write the quintessential book on spirituality. I would like to create this.” And, then, ten minutes later the thought is gone. It never reached preconstruction. And that is fine. There are a million inspirations, not all of them are to be acted on; or not all of them are to be acted upon immediately.

But, you have had the concept, the ideation, the desire for Nova Earth. So, this is not something that the Mother is simply laying upon you. You had the vision prior to your incarnation and you have carried it forth. And now you have brought it forth to your conscious reality. And, in your determination, you are saying, “Now, we are in preconstruction and we are gathering our financing, our backing, our supporters, and we are thinking of hiring our construction staff. We need architects and engineers. We need cement. We need carpenters. We need electricians. We need everybody.”

So, what you are doing is you are making into concrete reality – not cement, because it needs to be more fluid than that – but you are bringing into reality who your team, your construction team, is going to be. And, yes, you are seeking your background and your backing, your financial wherewithal, if we can say it that way. But, financial wherewithal without the right team, without the right architects’ plans, without the right permits, without the right vision, is meaningless.

So, you have all of this in place. And, I am not going to talk about re-valuation or the various trusts or dates. But, I am saying right now – right now, not soon, not tomorrow – you are already gathering your financing, and your teams, and making your plan. That is where you are.

Very shortly, we would suggest by year’s end, you will actually have the human and your star friends’ feet on the ground to begin breaking ground. Whether it is in the esoteric realm of building think tanks, or literally constructing companies and buildings, you will be breaking ground.

Now, let us be clear because we are using this analogy of your construction project. Having said that it can take you 10 minutes or 10 years, what we are…………

What the Mother, who is beckoning to me right now…wishes to emphasize . . .

Divine Mother: . . . Do not be hasty, my children. Whether you are laying a principle of engagement, a building of a team, the laying of a brick, take the time, not only to consider or to be reflective of what you are doing, but to enjoy it.

My gift to you is the joy of the construction of Nova Earth. It is the joy of the fulfillment, not only of my promise, but of your promise. It is the joy of fulfillment. Too often you wait until everything is built and you say, “Job well done.” Or you look at the building and say, “It’s up. I don’t quite like it. And, I wish I’d taken my time.”

Take your time to build, to reconstruct, to fabricate, to fortify the bonds of love, the golden grid upon which all rests. You have been deeply involved, completely immersed, in my Tsunami. And now, beloved ones, you go forth to build.

But, it is not intended, ever, to be difficult, to be arduous, to be a burden, to feel that, somehow, I have my time clock ticking, watching you. I am aiding you. My retinues are aiding you. They are with you assisting, leading, complementing you.

But, if you begin your post-construction phase by simply saying, “We have to get this job done,” and, if you do not heed what I ask of you – to proceed in gentleness, sweetness, love, laughter, amazement, wonder, and co-creation – then all you are doing is reinventing, and calling back, the old third that we have simply eliminated. And, that is not of my heart or my plan. So enter construction. You are ready. And, yes, you are funded. But, do so with joy.

SB: Thank you, Mother. You know, I look at myself and I, in contemplating building Nova Earth, in contemplating what we’ve just been talking about, I’ve noticed there within myself that there will be ridicule, that there will be naysayers, that people will say, “Well, what gives you the right…blah, blah, blah.” How do we emerge from this shell of fury, Mother? You talked about it somewhat. Can you amplify what you’ve said? How do we become courageous and strong?

DM: First of all, I say to you, as Mother, what couldn’t you do? Each of you in what you are thinking of as your own realm of expertise? You have a comfort zone, and, yes, there will be naysayers, but you are going to create far beyond what you think of, in this moment, as your comfort zone, as your “known” zone.

To those who are naysayers, to those that are ridiculing, smile. Take their hand. Invite them, not necessarily to participate – because there is a hint of sabotage in them – but invite them, not to be expelled, but to watch. There is so much to be gleaned from people observing creation. So, you will be teaching them, by example, what is possible. And, in that way you are helping them shift from the belief system of the impossible, to what is truth, which is: all is possible.

Now, let me speak of this, because, there has been so much focus on this funding, backing issue. From the very beginning, what you think of as money is truly the aspect of greed and control. And, you know that. And, what has happened – so sadly, but by an act of free will – is that those with huge, abundant wealth became not simply absorbed, but obsessed with keeping it and getting more.

The benevolent sharer of wealth, sharers of wealth, are few and far between. And, those who did not have wealth or sustenance became obsessed with money and wealth, seeking it. And, so the human energies became so tied to this false belief of money, of wealth, either seeking it, wanting it, building it: a true obsession. You might say a magnificent obsession, but completely erroneous.

As you are seeking and receiving, you are funding for construction. It is essential – not desirable, essential – that you not engage in this obsession with wealth or money. It is but a tool, and it is a currency that will evaporate because creation is not about money. You are in a transition. Yes. But if you become obsessed, again you are recreating the old and not the new.

So, money, you think, gives you the green light. And it does. Because, you have the vision, you have the dream. You have the knowledge. Now you have the backing to proceed. And, you become extraordinarily busy in creating, in watching the money, in watching the building. That is why I say, take your time and enjoy, love every step of the way. And, what does this mean? It does not simply mean that you take the time to enjoy the meetings with your co-creators.

You take the time, which I have given you, to take care of your beloved, blessed Self. If you are too busy to meditate, to pray, to ritualize sacred undertakings, to bring the energy of what is sacred into your project, then you have lost sight of the plan. If you are too busy to take time for family, for friends, for a quiet meal, for laughter, for a walk in nature, then you have overlooked my plan.

It is not a race. It is an unfoldment. You are not doing it all.

How do we work with you? How does your star family work with you if you do not give us the time of day? So, I am giving you, asking you, to heed this directive as you get started. Because, if I tell you this – and I will, again and again – but, if I say this to you when you are halfway through, you will need to redirect. So, I say it to you, my beloved ones, that I entrust to you the reconstruction not only of Gaia, but of humanity, of what it means to be my angels in form.

So, we begin here. We will gather in post-construction and we will say, “What is the next project? What is the next planet?” And, on we will go. This is the unfoldment of the promise, of my desire.

SB: Thank you, Mother. And, that’s very, very exciting. I’m ready. I’m ready to go to the green flag. I can’t wait! We probably don’t have time for any more questions, I’m afraid. I’d love to continue to hear what you have come to say, Mother. But, we’re running out of time. Is there anything you wish to leave us with?

DM: Yes. And first of all, I thank you all, for letting me step forth with my beloved Mi-kay-el.

SB: It’s an honor, Mother.

DM: You are prepared. You have done your ‘home’ work. You have done your ‘home play.’ Yes, I have worked in eons, but so have you. You have prepared for this moment, this convergence. And, you are prepared to go forth. And, it is now. Not some distant date.

Your hearts are opening. I flood you yet again. You are ready, my beloveds. Step forth – gently, quietly. Take my hand. I am with you. And I love you. Each of you.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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