Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, June 21st

Transcript: Archangel Michael on Heavenly Blessings ~ Come And Play With Us! June 21, 2016

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetArchangel Michael ~ Come And Play With Us!

“Come on, let’s lighten up, let’s laugh!” Consider it part of your assignment every day to do something that gives you outrageous joy. Invite us over. We want to play!

Heavenly Blessings ~ June 21, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 07:35 to 16:00]  Link to show audio

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I AM Michael.

Suzi: Welcome.

AA Michael: Why today you can even call me Mike! Would that not even be a funny way to start? No fancy announcements, just your friend showing up for a good time!

My beloved family, masters and angels incarnate – you’re not having enough fun, you’re not having enough play. You are very serious as you are penetrated by the Mother’s Tsunami of One. But it’s time, my beloveds, to come out and play, to lighten up. And yes, that is why I’ve told the channel that you guys are just no fun! So I’m inviting you today and everyday to take time – your time, our time, the Mother’s Time – to come and play!

So often, we talk to you about balance and the need for balance in the creation of Nova Earth and the anchoring of Nova You, and the truth of your interdimensional, multidimensional selves. Well, let me just make an aside. Do you really think that in all the various dimensions, in the realm that has been previously described as the realm of human experience, that you’re just sitting there being serious, praying, meditating, doing nothing, sitting on the couch waiting?

Well, some of you are and some of you aren’t. But I want to tell you – the rest of us are having a ball! And we are inviting you, we are pleading with you, we are coaxing you, we are prodding you – come and play with us!

And you say, “Well Mike, I’m not sure I know all about this interdimensional business. I feel pretty dense here, stuck in the old 3D.” Well, I’ve got a surprise for you: The old 3D isn’t there anymore, so really, already what you’re doing is dancing on the air and you’re clinging to something that doesn’t exist. And the rest of humanity may be doing that, but you’re not that kind of ridiculous fool! So why not let that go and come and play with us?

It’s part of the balance. Laughter and laughing until you have tears rolling down your cheeks and your tummy hurts, and you feel that your cheeks are aching – that’s the kind of fun I’m talking about. I’m talking about joy! And I’m not just talking about “happy” because, as you know, “happy” is reactive. Now, I’m not saying that being happy is a negative thing because it most certainly isn’t. But I want you to be in full-blown joy with us.

And then you say to me, “Well, Michael – Mike – what do I have to be joyous or happy about?” Well, let’s start with, you woke up this morning. Oh, and I can hear some of you saying, “Oh yeah, and that’s the worst part of all because what I was really hoping is I wouldn’t wake up and that I’d be home, back with you guys, and that I’d be able to unfurl my wings once and for all and be able to remember and be in the fullness of connection.”

My friends, my buddies, my family – you’re already in the fullness of connection! What’s stopping you from claiming your joy? You’re so worried about what you think of as this ascension and this unfoldment. Well heck, so are we – not!

How can you be worried about the unfoldment? It’s already written in gold, the Mother’s dream, the Mother’s Plan. Oh, I am not talking about fate or something being predetermined, for there are so many billions and zillions of variables that there’s room and latitude for you to affect the changes and do what you want. There hasn’t been a computer upon your planet of Gaia invented yet that could possibly calculate the number of variables we’re working with.

But my friends, this is what I’m saying to you: If we’re not worried about it, why are you? Why are you spending your days hemming and hawing and being concerned about the unfoldment, worrying about your missions and purpose and fulfilling your promise to the Mother instead of simply enjoying, in a crazy, wild, raucous way that is also, at the same time, completely at stillpoint? Why aren’t you enjoying every minute of your existence?

Well, I think – in fact, I know! – that it’s because part of you has forgotten that a big piece of your mission and purpose is to be in joy, to be the angels at play that you are and to not take yourselves so seriously.

Now, I don’t say that as a criticism, as a critique, because the level of serious engagement you have is reflective of the level of love and commitment that you have for the Mother. But if there’s one thing – and there are several things – but if there’s one thing we know as angels and archangels and seraphim, and certainly the cherubim: One thing we know how to do is to play!

Now, I don’t simply mean “time out”. Often you think, “Oh, I have to work with my calendar and schedule some time for myself, some time out.” Every part of your adventure – and it is an adventure, and in many ways for most of you, this is an adventure of completion. So you’re coming to the end of the road. And [do] you really want to arrive at the end and say, “Oh darn it, I wish I’d had more fun”?

So you’ve got to build it in to everything you do. And yes, I’m speaking to you as a friend, as a brother who teases you and nags you and prods you and frustrates you, and then says, “You want to go play?”

When was the last time you painted the sky magenta or an outrageous purple? And you say, “Well Michael, I don’t think I’ve ever done that,” and I’m asking you why not? When was the last time you unfurled those wings and came flying with me so that you could visit home base, whether it’s a ship or Sirius or the Pleiadian sector or Andromeda?

And you say, “Well Michael, I have been waiting for disclosure.” Well, come with me and discover it for yourself, Sirius especially – the planet of laughter and play. How humans got this so confused! It is a complete misnomer.

When was the last time you simply relaxed and saw the hilarity that my sister talks about, the hilarity of the human experience? And I don’t mean in the sense of pathetic or tragic. Human beings are funny! And human beings, especially children, are goofy. If you look to the kids and those who are your elders, they can teach you how to laugh.

When was the last time you took time to simply be a kid again? Yes, the channel talked about getting out hula hoops and bubble machines, and that’s exactly what you need to do. And to use that sense of overwhelming joy so that it spreads, because just like love – because love and joy are intermingled, they are conjoined – and it’s contagious!

When one person starts laughing and giggling, it goes on an on. When you spend your days, your nights and even your dreamtime worrying about how it is you’re going to fulfil your mission, you’re being responsible, but part of that responsibility is to approach it with a sense of the grand adventure.

Many of you as kids, as young adults and even to this day like to go on adventures, whether it’s to the backyard and pitching a tent or a blanket with a stick in it or putting a blanket over your head in your bed and pretending you’re somewhere else, or whether you’re travelling to the Swiss Alps or the Sahara Desert. These are adventures, but they shouldn’t be trying; they shouldn’t be difficult. Yes, it’s true, your life is not always easy, but it could be a heck of a lot easier!

Stewardship, leadership, what we have talked a lot about recently, the Tsunami that’s penetrating the planet – it’s not just getting rid of the debris. It’s filling you with laughter and joy, with smiles and understanding. And the Father has given you wisdom. I’ve given you wisdom. Now let’s add, “play big!”

I’ve asked you years ago, and again and again, to play and dream big. So what about it? Do you have room in your heart, in your mind, in your field, in your day to come and play with us? Because what we know is that the play is necessary… the laughter, the joy.

How do you think we continue on infinitely and eternally when we witness some of the mayhem? Yes, there is the knowing of the perfection of the Mother’s Plan, but there’s also the knowing of your perfection. And so, what we do is we make time to be together, just like you, Suzanne, have said.

But it is also that we take time to do what ignites our joy. For me it is music and painting, and that is why I ask you and invite you to come and paint the sky, the forest, the fields. Go play with the fairies, go play with the elementals, go play with the water sprites, go play with the dolphins, go play with the minnows.

So often you see something in the clouds and they look like a horse or a dog or an elephant or an angel, and you say, “Oh, it’s a sign!” Well, nine times out of ten, it’s us playing – and playing withyou!

So what do you say, Suzi? Are you ready to play?

Suzi: Oh, I am! I do my best to play as much as I can, but I just am wondering about what you said. Does that mean that what’s going on is all just perceptual? Are we close to realizing what it actually means to be living in a hologram, that if we can stop paying attention to politics and environmental destruction, that the world around us will transform into what we want it to be? Is this truly the last bits of the old paradigm?

AA Michael: I wouldn’t say that it’s a hologram because that would be saying that you have not been fully participating in the renewal of Gaia and the re-anchoring of love, and the truth of your mission and purpose.

But what I do say is this. Yes, you’re in what you have called “the last bits” but – and it isn’t a big “but” and it isn’t about “soon” – it’s about you realizing that you are taking yourself, what you call, “political drama,” and what we would consider, “political comedy,” too seriously, that you see the collapse of systems. And yes, there are people suffering and in pain, so we do not make light of that.

But if you do not see it in the perspective that it is the Tsunami and that it is the end, and that what you are holding is the higher vibration of joy and play and what is possible; if you are becoming entrenched and dragged down into those dramas, then you are simply prolonging it.

So that is why I am here today to say, “Come on, let’s lighten up, let’s laugh!” Consider it part of your assignment every day to do something that gives you outrageous joy. And it can be quiet or it can be raucous. But it is as important as tending the fields; it is as important as paying attention to your stewardship; it is as important as staring at the wall and tending to your family.

Suzi: Okay, so for people who feel responsible for the suffering of others and just can’t be at peace? And I’m not speaking for myself; I actually don’t worry and I know it’s all happening and I have no doubt. But, at the same time, we see suffering and ignorance in the world, and as the loving and compassionate angels that we are, it still affects us.

So what would you say to people to soothe them, to say, “Okay, so this is the action you can take: You can bless them, you can post the Archangels, whatever it is and just let go of it.” Because we do need to have awareness of what’s going on in the world, but as you said, we can’t dwell there, and just move on to the better thought, the joyful thought, the play.

AA Michael: Of course you need awareness, and that is part of being stewards and leaders and wayshowers. But think of it this way. Let me be a practical Archangel. When you see someone who is very sick and perhaps dying – which is the greatest joy of all – in the hospital, what do you do? You say, “I’m going to go and cheer them up. I’m going to go.” Or someone is sick or shut in and you say, “I’m going to go and see them and cheer them up.”

You don’t go over and tell them all the woes and what has happened on the news and that 30 million people are starving to death. You go and you share light and love, and perhaps even one of those funny casseroles that you are all so crazy about [laughter] and you cheer them up. And if you have a joke or something to make them smile or a picture of your latest adventure, then you share it and you cheer them up.

So think of all those people that are suffering and in pain – and I don’t simply mean in refugee camps. I mean people everywhere who are in that dark night of the soul, or some people who are simply in the neutral zone and who have completely forgotten what joy is about.

So, of course you give them compassion. You might even extend Jesus’ mercy. But what do they really need to break out? Yes, they need someone to hold them and to share their pain and to pat them on the shoulder. But then they need somebody to break through that pain, not only saying, “it’s going to be alright,” but to help them see and feel that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And how does that happen? Sometimes they’re not ready to laugh but they are ready to smile, they are ready to feel the energy of upliftment, and that’s really what we’re talking about. Now, how do you get upliftment? Of course, you can get it in meditation when you are sending the joy and the feelings of compassion and the knowing of their situation.

But when you send true joy and play, when you send them an etheric invitation to join you in laughter and smiles and ease and grace, which the Mother gave you ages ago, then you are really breaking through. And for many of these people, if it’s a single smile, it changes not just their day or their moment but their entire outlook. When you laugh, your chemistry changes!

So is it not a hologram, but certainly a reality that you have occupied that has been completely filled chock-a-block with illusion? The answer is yes. And when you look at it and you laugh and you think, “That is ridiculous; that is absurd; that is actually funny,” rather than buying into what people think is a serious drama, then you dispel it, you dismiss it and you change the energy.

Suzi: Yes, bringing joy to others is a form of sacred play. It’s a wonderful idea. And there are also other things we could think of as sacred play in terms of using our imagination to connect with you and masters and the higher realms and our galactic friends. We could consider that sacred play too, for those who aren’t really feeling the connection or feel like nothing is going on. It’s a great way to call on sacred play.

AA Michael: But let me tell you something. You can call it imagination – and let me tell you, I have a fabulous imagination! But it’s also… you have that saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it”… when you keep imagining yourself coming with me and painting the aurora borealis, or when you come with me and you help see and fill in the shades of the colours of the Sahara Desert.

Suzi: Oh, what lovely ideas!

AA Michael: Then come! And you may think you’re imagining it, but in our reality and in your reality, you’re really with us! So you may start by thinking it’s your imagination, but then it will become – your term is lucid dreaming. Well, it will be lucid imagination! And then you will realize, “Oh my gosh, I touched Michael’s wings. I felt him give me an elbow and say ‘Look at that!’”

Suzi: So is this the kind of thing where our perceptions of that reality will continue to grow until the reality we live in right now is going to fade?

AA Michael: It will be a dim memory. We won’t completely erase the memory, because it’s important that there be a distant memory of the 3rd dimension the way it was so that it never occurs again. But, it’s history!

Suzi: I was kind of expecting… well, not expecting… hoping of course that with all these celestial events the results are more subtle in the outside world than we might like to see. So I’ve just been really wondering if there is an actual separation coming? I know we’re all going together, but it seems kind of hard unless everybody just gets wiped clean in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to imagine because there’s really a lot of ignorance; it’s pretty bad.

AA Michael: But, you see, you’re treating it as if it’s real, so you’re giving it energy and tangibility. Now, I’m not asking you or suggesting that you live in a fool’s paradise or that you enter into severe denial, because we aren’t interested in giving your psychiatric practices any more money – which is a joke, is it not!

Suzi: Not a funny one, but yeah…

AA Michael: Yes, it is a joke; it is a very sad joke. But let us say, “Dont give it any energy.” What you’re doing… I want you to start living today, in this moment, as if everything you’ve ever wanted, everything that you’ve been asking for, everything that you’ve been hoping for, is there!

Suzi: Okay, [laughter] I like it!

AA Michael: And that is what I am preparing you for. When you shift, part of your Nova Earth and your Nova Being isn’t – please! – to put your nose to the grindstone. That’s old thinking. Everybody will be gainfully, joyfully employed in their mission and purpose. But part of that mission and purpose is play, laughter, fun, ridiculous antics, rolling down a hill of grass, jumping in the waves, flying in the sky!

You are thinking of the responsibilities, but you’re not thinking of the fun you’re going to have, and we’re trying to balance this out with you. We are balancing it out with you!

Suzi: Yes yes, I love rolling down hills! I have to say my immediate thought is – and I really don’t like that this is my thought – but I think of ticks. I don’t want any ticks. My daughter got Lyme Disease a couple of years ago. Ticks are scary. I don’t want them to be in my world. So don’t pay attention to them any more?

AA Michael: Don’t pay attention to them. But also what’s happening is that, for example, ticks have been representative of much of the dis-ease upon your planet and the feelings of vulnerability that have interfered with your sense of play, of rolling down that hill.

When you are in a different reality, when you have anchored a different form, then ticks have no need to be poisonous. They can be like ants living happily building colonies and not interfering with anybody. No, not inside your house!

Suzi: [Laughter] Alright, so just focus on what we have to look forward to. What about being in the now?

AA Michael: It is, “Being in your now,” as well. I am not saying to you, “Come and play with me in the future.” I am saying to you, “Come and play with me in your now,” and begin today with what you have on hand to play, to lighten up, to enjoy what you are doing.

So, for example, if you decide that you are going to bake something absolutely scrumptiously delicious and you go to your cupboard, and you don’t want to go to the store because it’s a rainy day and you feel like staying in – then you create something with what you have in the cupboard.

So you are working with what you have, but also using what you know to be your birthright. And your birthright is the ability to create out of thin air what you truly desire. So one of the best ways – and we know this – one of the best ways in which to create and to bring forth your fullness of creation is in the sense of play.

It is not in trying to be diligent and work, work, work. Work, as you have defined it, has your attention and its place, but not to the exclusion. When children do a finger painting, have you noticed how they always put a sun in there and that they all have smiles on their faces, unless it’s a severely abused child? That’s creation and that’s play.

They don’t say, “Now I’m going to work at this painting.” A true artist doesn’t say, “I have to work on this.” Now, is it labour-intensive and requiring great focus and artistry? Yes, but it’s joy! The time passes and you are in the zone of creation. When you are writing, you are paying attention and you are bringing forth what you desire to create, but it should never feel tedious and hard.

It should feel like, “This is what I was born for and it is so much fun. Oh, and by the way, when I’m finished with this, I’m going to go for a beautiful walk; I’m going to go down to the water and I’m going to have an ice cream cone!”

Suzi: [Laughter] Yeah, we love ice cream!

AA Michael: So it’s the balance – it’s the balance and it’s not looking behind you. Now, in the Mother’s New Time – think of it as the ocean, as the fluidity – you can fly to what you’re thinking of as your future joy. Pick it up the same way a seagull or a hawk will pick up a fish, bring it back to your present, drop it at your feet and feast! Bring it into your now.

That is what I am suggesting to you. Play with time because when you are doing that, you are bringing it literally, you are playing with the construct, the idea of time. All is already in the unfoldment. It is already in play and in place. So what you are doing… it is like hopscotch – I am jumping ahead a few squares, now I’m bringing it back to my square and I’m playing right here.

Suzi: Okay. So to mirror what you’re saying is that there’s no more interference to us using our creation abilities besides what limitations we put on ourselves and our belief structure?

AA Michael: That is absolutely correct.

Suzi: Yeah, that’s very exciting!

AA Michael: Yes, it is. Yes, I’m full of good news this day!

Suzi: You just are! I will just add the caveat, necessary or not, “All in the highest good of all concerned and in the name of the light,” and then we’re limitless now.

AA Michael: That is correct. We aren’t going to participate or watch you do things that are not for the highest good and within the construct of the Mother. No, we’re not interfering with your free will, but we certainly aren’t going to be helping to create greater chaos! We are in favour. I have given you my sword ages ago and you can use it to destroy what doesn’t serve, but I’m certainly not going to have you mow down people. Oh no, that’s not fun!

And so think about it. Think about it from your perspective and our perspective. You want to have a project. You’re thinking of what you’re going to do next. And let me tell you, “next” is very, very right there on your doorstep.

So when you’re thinking about this, it’s not supposed to be tedious. It’s like, “What fun is this going to be? How am I going to make this playful, fun, enjoyable for me, for those I love, for those I cherish and for those I don’t even know?”

Suzi: Wow! Well, this is really fabulous news. I’m very excited and it’s just delightful. Thank you so much.

AA Michael: Now, have you ever seen an archangel roll down a hill?

Suzi: No, can I? [Laughter]

AA Michael: Yes, you can! You see, we’re asking you to invite us to come and play. Each of us has a different idea, but we are full of ideas. Come and ride the unicorns with us!

Suzi: Okay, and we’ll just put a protective sheet on the hillside so that the ticks will all behave themselves! [Laughter]

AA Michael: Yes. You can use my shield, my friend.

Suzi: Alright, we’ll roll down the hill in wings together. Sounds good, excellent! Well, we do have a little bit more time. What shall we talk about?

AA Michael: Let’s talk about playing by yourself as well, to take that delight in who you are. No Suzi, I’m not edging into your favourite topic of sex!

Suzi/AA Michael: [Laughter]

AA Michael: I am talking – although it could be that! – I am talking about looking in the mirror and taking that joy in the colour of your eyes, the shape of your face, the shape of your body – and if you don’t like it, change it! That’s as simple as that. Look and see the bright angel you are. You’re not taking enough delight.

And I’m not just talking to you and Linda; I’m talking to all of you. Take delight in the form that you chose. Think about it. Throughout the omniverse, then the multiverse, and then this universe and this planet – this is the biggest party ever!

So what you’re doing on the planet right now – not tomorrow, not last week, but right now – what you’re doing in this ascension and re-patterning, bringing back to original form the love of the Mother, is the biggest event anywhere. People would pay big money to have a ticket to this!

And many are in observation. That is what your star brothers are doing. They’re not just here to help. They’re here to have a good time!

So think about it. You’re at the biggest party, the greatest show on Earth, and literally you have this body that you and we and the Mother all formulated because it was perfect. And here you are not taking delight in it. This is what you chose for this greatest event.

Celebrate it! Enjoy it! Love it! Love it up!

Suzi: Love it up, and love ourselves up and love you up and love each other up, and just love love love!

AA Michael: And that is all there is – joy joy joy. And, of course – blue blue blue!

Suzi: [Laughter] Oh, that’s wonderful. Thank you so much. This has been a delight!

AA Michael: My friends, my family, the legions of blue and purple and amethyst and pink – we love you. Invite us over. We want to play!


Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript: Archangel Michael on Heavenly Blessings ~ Come And Play With Us!” Channeled by Linda Dillon, June 21, 2016, at

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