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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, March 23d

Archangel Michael on Last-Minute Interference with the Reval

Michael 23In this second snippet from my March 23, 2016 reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, we discussed the Reval. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: On the Reval, do we have far to go?

AAM: It is closer than many anticipate. There have been some last-minute interferences.

The greed and the desire for control upon your planet, if anything, is heightened at this moment. And it is also heightened, we are sad to say, on the part of many lightworkers as well and that is very unfortunate.

But what we are referring to is those who have conspired to take this money or steal this money for themselves and their own uses. There have been some blips on the fulfilment schedules because these individuals have been taken out of the equation and that has been one of the primary reasons for delay. But it is very close on the horizon.

Steve: Is everything – historic bonds, Reval, prosperity packages, etc. – going to be released at once? Or will the humanitarian projects and private groups go first?

AAM: The humanitarian projects and the private groups are going first.

The prosperity funds of St. Germaine, etc. are already in the dispersal mode and those will also go to humanitarian projects. They do not go to private groups. So it is to ensure that those who have committed in a public or a quasi-public way to their desire for what they wish to do with the funds, and who have taken time to at least begin to formulate what this looks like, who will be considered first.

Steve: It seems like we have different understandings of the prosperity packages. I remember that I signed up with XXX [for a prosperity package] and a lot of other people did too. Now you’re talking about the prosperity packages funding the humanitarian-project side. Am I correct in thinking that the list of people we submitted to XXX will not get a prosperity package?

AAM: They will, but that is her undertaking. It is to take care of a number of lightworkers. That is her humanitarian work.

Steve: How can I say this? [I think to myself to ask him about specific dates for the prosperity packages. Forbidden subject.]

AAM: I have already heard you.

Steve: Okay, what’s your answer?

AAM: Patience is a virtue, dear heart.

Steve: Ok. Thank you very much!