Love is our new reality

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The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, March 26th

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

“Notes on The Merge” 3-26-16


It is now time to assist with daily life issues, and we are gratified for the confluence of factors which allow this assistance to reach you this day.

It is not common knowledge at present that humanity is indeed genetically linked with those from other star systems. This information must be delivered slowly to the mass consciousness, and yet, is it not so that many of you walk with this knowledge, and are finding it curiously difficult NOT to hold such thoughts, from time to time, while living your physical life?

And so, it is time to integrate this information further, for the reader, and to reassure, first of all, those who read, of things which are certain. This is a vital missive for all involved, and we are overjoyed to be indulged by your heart at this time.

Let it be said and understood that there is no human being on this earth engaged in anything but divine activity. Do you understand? Can you comprehend this key piece of information? Although it is true that divinity, within many earth cultures, centers around grief, loss, redemption from enslavement of others/ego/evil, we are here to reassure you that the judgments required to sustain such structures is what is melting, and it is from the timber, made stronger with the crumbling of connections which no longer assist as well with cohesion as other infrastructure, now readily available.

This being said, we wish to clarify. It is as if the bones of the skeleton remain, and to it are added, layer by layer, a new human being. The structure was unalterable. It was the cloaking which has been altered.

Of course, this idea of stripping a skeleton may cause some to feel fear, and so we ask forbearance in metaphor, in that, we are wishing to assure you that each individuals core being is of a value, a quality, an essence, a song which perhaps is unknown to all but the one individual, and yet, the song is sung, as the cells reproduce and the heart beats, and this core, it is this which has never and can never change.

Are we saying this is one’s soul? WE ask you to broaden terminology, as this assists in broadening channels of informational flow. Breaking definitions assists in creating larger swaths of connective area from which the mind and heart, in tandem, can then operate.

We say this to assure each of you that no one on this earth, at any time, is damned. Is less than you in worth and meaning. Is more than you in worth and in meaning. Equals, each of you.

And so we come to the daily life section, a place for each to perhaps gain nourishment, as the physical vehicle alters.

We wish to clarify immediately, as this vehicle is not changing nearly as dramatically as you might think. Yes, there are electrical and magnetic alterations which are creating a change in sensorium for some, however, we say that instead of imagining the body as weirdly morphing, or being burned away and regenerated, consider instead that each ell is infused with a breath of stardust. A billow of the cosmos. Innervated, invigorated, enlivened. And so, has the body changed? Has the system changed? We tell you they are as interrelated as wave is to ocean.

Many report sleep changes, and there is no one way to do sleep correctly, is the general take away many are having. As such, if one’s sleep is altered, disturbed, rearranged, the daily life is affected. We will explain more on sleep and dreams, but state a few remedies and assists during times of trine sleep, in that there are three distinct “pockets” in which work is done at night, with the corresponding two periods of wakefulness. When this is occurring, structure in conscious thought is being laid, and so we ask for you to, when awakened, middle of the night, no reason, but, you being to see, perhaps, a pattern in the awakening times, then we ask you remain head on pillow, and perhaps grin. Perhaps reach your arms to your body, when possible, and embrace your body. This is what we are doing, at those times.

Integrating data in the vehicle is required, and it requires a sleep pattern which allows for the consciousness to “breathe,” so to speak, in and out, through the sleep time.

The other pattern is that of early morning awakening, understanding there is no more work to be done lying down. Many are experiencing this, and finding it quite curious, and maddening.

Again, we say, if one’s very sleep cycles are disturbed, and cannot be regulated, then, is it not the daily life which is then requiring attention?

WE say there are many work patterns which are designed primarily to restrict the flow of free-form thinking, and movement, and attainment of personal desire, and these hours are long, and over time, they dull one’s self. It is a compulsion, driven in karma, and it is a societal expectation that all sleep cycles are generally unchanging, and stable, and nourishing enough to then meet basic physical needs.

We do not recommend pharmaceuticals for sleep induction, but say that it is not necessarily what is ingested, but one’s agreement with what is ingested. Still, chemical changes are brought about by pharmaceuticals, and we insist that the changes in sleep pattern many experience is precisely done to induce metabolic states more amenable to proceeding.

We wish to discuss muscular pain, and joint pain, as many have this. Many also experience headaches, currently. This is due to surges in electrical data, and simply remnants of these surges. Further, it is true that the areas of lesson, and of emotional and survival importance are triggered during such surges. WE tell you that conflict, emotional conflict, life conflict, this accumulates as energy in the muscles, and so, we say self nurturing, self adoration, this is the best tonic, of course.

Simple lemon water is a good alternative. A tried and true assist with simple conduction issues, lemon water assists all in much like a battery can be activated with an acidic solution. Simple chemistry. Simple physics.

WE say above all that this is the time for the innate body, your body electric, shall we say, to begin communicating It will not begin the conversation, but it is open to all forms of contact. It is quite important to be considering the mystical nature of your physical body. It assists in drawing through it potent healing abilities, simply though simple recognition. This, and many things which may seem unbidden, but are on time, serve to activate a process which allows for the body to change, over time.

This is again where no judgment is required, as many may look upon changes of a fundamental physical nature, and one’s posture toward the vehicle, it follows, and this would be seen as a form of psychosis, or worse, an obsession with self.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We bring such a thought up to remind you that this is, for all, an individual experience, brought to self in perfect timing, and in concert with assistance.

Simplifying the diet is of assistance, but again we say, it truly matters not what is ingested, at a certain point. There are some, now, who are finding they do not eat, and surprise themselves with their vigor. Far from being orange clad monks, they are housewives, they are grandmothers, they are children, there are many who are in your ranks now. You have understood that man does not live by bread alone, and have seen to it that you have proven this out, with your bodies. Others, we caution that all others, on this road, have come upon odd cravings, alterations in hat is pleasant tasting, and many can no longer tolerate certain substances that once were felicitous to their being.

We must further clarify what can be expected, as this is as important as these changes discussed.

We ask you be willing to KNOW something, and to then follow this knowledge. We are referring here to a guidance system that many are noticing they cannot squelch with ease. A knowing. And we say, the knowing, it may very well extend to the physical body’s wellness, to situations far beyond the human’s daily existence, knowledge, too, of others, and a knowledge, in the moment, of what to do.

Many are reporting being able to hear guidance in their bones. An intrinsic knowledge, rather than something that is strained for, trained for, conferred and earned. No. This is a wisdom which is always right, and comes from within.

There is a confidence to hearing this, following its guidance, and being rewarded with outcomes which are pleasant, or fruitful, or necessary. And it is this knowing, in the end, that is the most important gift, something that cannot be dampened, not for long, not now.

It has been called a still small voice. It has been called the will of the people. It has been called conscience, in its grandest forms, and we bring to mind the great Mahatma Gandhi. A simple man, leading a giant’s life, humble, eyes blazing with certainty, and more, with great love.

The changes are nothing to fear, and are to be welcomed. WE are concerned we may have worried some, and we assure you that if this is being read by your watchful eyes, any concern you may hold of your abilities, or willingness, are tendrils, and they can be pulled to you, their fruit glistening, and in your fingers with only a small tug, effortless now.

Practice, we ask, acceptance, of whatever thought, action, deed, desire, you may hold now, and now, and now. WE say that resistance, unwillingness, pushing away, these are common, and they are perfectly acceptable, but we ask you do not engage in such behavior with all parts of self. Greet each and every part of self as long lost lover, as worthy opponent, as beloved counselor. Truly, the only way in which difficulties are amplified is in the cloak of self recrimination, self loathing, regret.

These are considerations further and further away from relevance, as acceptance of a movement certainly not ones own, outside of self, comes upon one. Changes which cannot be argued with, both physical and circumstantial, lead to greater understanding of one’s core, in relation to lesson, and without.

Consecrating self, we wish to end by asking this be done by those who would find such an idea attractive. WE tell you that many cultures encourage the marking of skin as a way to mark passage, rank, identity. Not necessary, to give oneself a permanent mark, but we ask that you find a way to consecrate your vehicles.

Can you imagine, if you are Christian, the great devotion and love that was applied to Jesus’ body, lying in state? Would you consider applying that level of profound mystical reverence upon your own body, unbattered, well nourished, safe? If one understands that the skin is an emanation of that which animates it, that tissue is tissue once prior to and after soulic presence, then, we ask, how can you not adore your own self? Your own skin? In balance, understanding, of course, that this miracle has indeed been replicated nearly 8 billion times, on this globe, at this moment.

If, in your quiet moments, you find a love which passes all understanding, for your path, for your choices and troubles and resolutions and indomitable spirit, we pray you sit with this, and in those moments, it will become more and more clear that all are endowed, all possess this nature, this divinity, which can speak through one’s soul, in a whisper, in a cry.

Each sacred emanations of source, completely sovereign over the body, but with shutters over understanding the connections which navigates soul in man. Merely shutters. And now, a simple turn of the wrist is all that is required for a better view. Tending to the body is helpful, tending to one’s relationship with the self, this is the all.

WE leave you in good humor and in very good health this day.