Love is our new reality

The Council of Twelve (channeled information)

The Council via William LePar, May 2nd

Auras – A Unique Perspective

output_45hDR0The Council:  Many of you are aware of what is referred to as the aura, but  even in the most advanced concepts of the aura, again, you are only  beginning to scratch the surface, for the aura is your presence, is  your being, and it is composed of the character that you are: those  positive traits and those negative traits that you hold dear, your  spoken intentions and those intentions that are not spoken, those  things that you hold deep within inside of you; and as these  intentions change either from the negative to the positive or from the  positive to the negative so changes your aura or your presence or  your being or your character. The only way to true perfection, whether it is achieved in the material manifestation or whether it is achieved in those levels beyond, is through your ability to love  without selfishness, your ability to communicate that love in  whatever way you have the opportunity to, and so those with the  greater love have a greater aura, a much more sensitive aura, now when we say “greater” we do not mean it necessarily in size but  greater in its intensity and its strength and its ability to extend   even further the concept and the action of love.  One may ask is there dimensions to the aura?  No, not in reality, not once you have left the physical there is no dimension to the aura, there is no limit to the aura, consequently, there is no dimension or limit to you, in reality.  You are unending, without limitation, yet you maintain a perimeter.  The purpose of this is to keep from infringing upon the spiritual rights or rights of others.  In those communities that are more advanced in the aspect of love, then your perimeter is much greater, there are less restrictions to your sharing.  It is the intermingling of this delicate energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity which is the essence of you and which can be related to what is referred to as the Breath of God, so that this spiritual electricity as it is made more godly through your efforts it becomes what is referred to as your aura and that is influenced and enhanced by the degree of love that you demonstrate.

Questioner: Some who have professed to be qualified aura readers say that a good aura reader should be able to see an aura extending six feet away from the physical body.

The Council:  Well, again, a good aura reader will see the aura in terms that they would understand and could deal with.  The aura, in actuality now, if we can skirt the very outer limits of the material manifestation, in actuality has no color.  It is an energy field which is just that, but as that energy field is more and more permeated by the material manifestation, then it will take on certain characteristics that are related to the material manifestation.  Those characteristics are individually interpreted by the aura reader themselves.  There are some adequate or good auric readers that see small auras or tight auras around positive people.  This comes in contradiction to what we have said, but for that auric reader it is accurate providing, of course, the auric reader is accurate.  So such things are basically left to the individual who is seeing such things.  If one could be trained to see the auric field as it actually exists, not from the personal interpretation, but from a true spiritual sense, then they would see what we have stated.  They would not see color, but they would see an emanation of activities from the outer perimeters of the physical body.  This would have no color but would be seen as an activity of which we could not explain since we are talking about seeing with the inner eyes.

The Council through William LePar.

The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, April 21st

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL Of The Council of Twelve By Kathy Vik

“The Oak and The Ivy” 4-21-16

We wish to describe vibrational resonance and reality creation by means of an illustration.

WE bring your attention to a prison cell. It is only mildly unpleasant, as the inhabitant has become accustomed to the surroundings, and has made peace with the situation.

One morning, upon awakening, prior to opening eyes and seeing nothing new, the prisoner breathed deeply, and indeed did sense a change in the environment. Upon opening the eyes, yes, there in the corner, through a crack on the cement, a tendril of ivy hangs.

The prisoner leaps up, scrambles to the corner with a chair, and reaches high, pushes up with toes, and captures the tendril, which smells like spring, crushed and broken, in the prisoner’s hand.

Weeks pass, and no growth is seen. The prisoner realizes an error was made.

Again, unexpectedly, one morning, a tendril is seen, coming from a different corner, a longer one this time, more mature.

The prisoner knows to greet the shoot, and to allow it its presence.

Over time, this tendril becomes longer, and it branches out onto the adjacent wall.

And then, one day, upon awakening, the prisoner sees that there are two new tendrils, coming from other cracks. The cell has much new growth, and yet, its origins remain hidden, the greater movement unavailable to the one watching from this unique perspective.

The prisoner’s life is far better now than it was a year hence, new growth greening this space daily, now. The plants have brought insects, and far from being pests, this prisoner has instead found new companionship, and feels less lonely, knowing there are others about, though they do not speak her language and have an agenda which disallows much communication.

One night, while sleeping, the prisoner had a dream.

In it, the ivy glowed, its green arms alive with power and magic. As the ivy glowed brighter and brighter, that walls to which it clung melted from the dreamer’s sight. Before here as a giant oak, ivy growing in its branches, carpeting the ground, and surrounding her. Beneath her feet, a cushion of meadow grass, and all around her, a jungle of green ivy. Her world was verdant, lush and fertile.

The walls shimmered and went up again, and all the prisoner saw were the ivy’s arms, dangling from grey coldness. Then the walls dissolved again, and she saw from where the ivy was coming. This garden of delight, literally invading her room, she separated from it only by a layer of stone.

Upon awakening, icy in place, walls intact, she once again began her day. And perhaps the release came in the form of a letter from the governor, and perhaps the release came from the happy accident of key being left in lock by a forgetful keeper. In any case, this is not a paradise the prisoner will be barred from. The release came, as it had to, and she walked out of the grey box, and into a garden, in which she lives to this day.

WE give you this story to illustrate that many of you are having experiences which are perhaps unique and unexpected, within your set and expected realities. As this occurs, we caution you to revel in your joy, without pulling upon or clinging to these offshoots of a new reality.

Further, we mention that this prisoner did not spend her hours and days meditation on these tendrils, traveling energetically with them, to discover from whence they came. Instead, she appreciated the changes, enjoyed them, and allowed them to take place.

Understanding, fundamentally, that there is new growth all around you, and worlds for which you have been eager and unable to explore, are so near that they are sending to you vibrant messages of hope, daily, we say.

When one is unconvinced of their validity, and their worth, it is possible to develop misaligned expectations, and so we say to you that staying in your own essence is vital to enjoying this experience. While staying within one’s own essence, one’s core, one’s habitus, one’s signature, then, this growth can be seen for what it is. A harbinger of the inevitable.

The prisoner did not earn the oak and the ivy, the ease and the release. The imprisonment sharpened her senses and allowed a vibrant appreciation of this phenomenon, however, it was not by virtue of incarceration that the tree grew. And yet, there is no other reason for this oak to grow, than to one day present itself to the one who had been walled away.

WE give you this story to illustrate that a new life is not in a box, gift wrapped, with a bow, in practice. It is a series of incremental changes, shifts, at times imperceptible, at times palpable, and yet, it is linear, is it not?

Allow yourself the pleasure, when confined within the walls of a reality for which you find little use anymore, to, rather than splay your energy out, seeking release this way, we ask you consider consolidating yourselves, coming to appreciate and love and tend to self as both mother and child, as both keeper and the kept.

During times of confinement in situations you do not enjoy, seek well for the signs indicating new growth, and remember our oak. Remember that a sign of new life is a messenger of a full and complete reality, complex, and interdependent, and beneficial.

Steady self in the knowledge that where there is new growth being established, it indeed has a source, and if you are unaware of this source, perhaps this is due to you not being able to comprehend its source, its purpose, its grandeur, and its own life force, its own reasons.

It is in time, and with movements of which you are not consciously aware that massive changes, such as the crumbling of a prison, occur. And the crumbling can occur magically, as if in a dream, with simple dissolution of the block held against experience, and at times it is incremental, vegetation crumbling, finally, that which was never meant to stand.

WE tell you that much that you desire is as inevitable as oak is to acorn, and ask you be content, today, in your dwelling, aware of your beauty, aware of your right and your desire for growth, natural beauty, ease.

Allow growth to continue. Allow your walls to come down, and allow the reality, the truth of new growth steady your countenance day to day. Before you is a mighty oak, from which come all good things, and under which lie all manner of gifts.

WE love you this day and wish you peace.

The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, April 17th

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL Of The Council of Twelve By Kathy Vik

“Two Spiders” 4-17-16

WE wish to describe the processes unfolding in ways which will assist you in your comfort, and to make each day all that more exuberant. Whether a day, for you, includes moods which are darker than not, we ask you understand that during the height of a swell of difficulty, this is the time when higher thinking is most constricted, and it has a mild amnesic, in that, in a state of rage, or great fear, and we place anxiety, rumination, obsession and worry in this category, these are states which narrow options, which limit possibilities, and which dim sight.

It is understandable, is it not? While engaged in thinking upon your certain humiliation, your certain lack, if you do not do an activity which creates this cash for which all is so seemingly dependent at this point, this is a central conundrum of daily life.

When in lack, or fear of lack, when thinking through probabilities in front of you, it is all too easy to let the past, or even, we say, a skewed version of the present, become the template for the future. And this we say, does lend a certain ZING to it when things work out well, but we wish to point out the circuitous route that this can take a t times.

Assuming that you are failing, will fail, will come upon calamity, and NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT, we have told you repeatedly, this is the seed beneath most fear scenarios. Being seen as weak, a fool, unable. These are competency fears. They are fears based upon the notion that not all experience, and not all activity is VALID, and further, this means that the experiencer is also not VALID. Of course, we know this is due to the phenomenon that the experiencer is the experience, as well as its originator, but, while in it, while feeling and learning and growing within it, it has come to feel anything but self generated, and an unwanted reality. Some experiences are rough, and unpleasant, it would seem. WE still caution you, however. If you are experiencing it, it is best to understand you are also generating it.

WE ask you go beyond the patterned reactions common with simple triggering events. We are aware that each have situations which cause them anxiety, and we do not wish to communicate anything but high regard for all human experience. WE do say now that when you sense something in your environment, in your heart, in your days, which is vaguely familiar though brand new, or that which automatically hearkens you to another time, transporting you once more into a perhaps idealized moment in your memory, we say that when familiar events occur, you are offering yourselves crossroads.

It may seem paradoxical, because, as things present which feel familiar, there is a deep sense, normally, of recognition, and of ease. That the events or circumstances presenting be versions or, some would call them fractals, of past conflict may not immediately be evident, and yet, when given a time in your life when you must choose a certain course, perhaps, or choose how to spend your money, or how to spend your evening, if you are confronted with an old sense of familiarity, we ask that you consider that this is then a reality with a basis in the past, and as such, it can be chosen as something to perpetuate, or something in which to behave as a new creature, thus changing outcomes.

It has been said that when a choice comes to you, it can be seen as neutral. Any event, any decision, any situation is, in essence, far from neutral, but packed with benevolence and love. It is there, obvious, so obvious, and yet, if one is not able to believe it is possible, it does not exist. Therefore, let us label events neutral, though, they are always, dear ones, benevolent. Always.

Can you begin to imagine that the things with which you wrestle with, disagree with, feel moral indignation about, that these things are also neutral, at the least, and benevolent, if looked at more clearly. WE do not say that a “Pollyanna” outlook is healthy or balanced, but we do say that situations which you indeed bring to yourselves are never malevolent.


Yes, acts which are done with a small, constricted, countenance are neutral, though they may not be to the observer, the participant. Imagine that! The most vile act, it is neutral. It is the observer who assigns meaning “vile,” you see.

It is the observer who assigns meaning.

And so, as observer participant, how much courage to you have, to see the things which you feel are hurting you, to consider these things, and the things you have done to, in your opinion, hurt yourself, what if those are also neutral events, and it is your assignation of punishment, recrimination, it is the assignment of significance, cause and meaning, of an event, which makes it what it is, individually and en masse.

WE would say that on this planet many atrocities have been committed, and with the darkness which is currently lifting, it is not necessary, though an interesting endeavor, to look into the past and ask, ok then, how is the holocaust an individually experienced, neutral, or indeed, benevolent event?

You do understand, do you not, that it was not one person who enacted the holocaust. This militaristic build up and its machinations were an outgrowth of individual consciousness, and this was an event which came to pass primarily as a spasm of mass consciousness, as a final break, as the release to a tension that had been building for centuries.

Can you see the folly in dipping into past events to assign meaning to current ones? Can you being to appreciate that by so doing, you are indeed comparing and contrasting one experience, one awareness of consciousness, to another? Arbitrary, at best, and highly inexpert, once one understands the function of the past, in mind and in akash.

There is more, dear ones, always more, but we wish to leave you this day with a little story. These always petrify the channel, if we may use such hyperbolic terminology. WE wish only to deliver on her request, to be surprised, to be delighted with something brand now. And so we begin.

There once were two spiders.

One lived in one hedge, and the other lived in a hedge opposite, separated by what, to them, were such distances as to make interaction impossible. They could not appreciate the other visually, due to their size, and how they both tended to use the vegetation as cover. And yet, they not only knew of each other, and could pinpoint just where the other was tin their shrubbery, but wanted with all their beings to experience their days in company. And yet, each knew of the other without physical contact, and without any observable way of knowing how they knew. But, they most assuredlyknew of the other.

Neither spider were leapers, but as the months passed, the awareness of the other grew, as did a restlessness, a dissatisfaction borne of not doing that which had never been done.

One day, Mabel sat quietly under a big leaf in her shrub, and gazed intently at the wall of green she saw everyday. She had stopped trying to call out. It was not helpful, it tired her, and, never hearing a call back, it made her sad. She sat quietly, wondering why it was she needed to go to the other shrub, knowing it had to do with one of her kind, but nothing more.

Her compatriot was sheltered beneath his own leaf, marking time, Otto, a spider similar to Mabel in every way but one.

Otto had attempted furling out his web, and silky flotsam, unincorporated into webbing, fluttered from his shrub. Passersby often remarked on this little patch of fluffy white, wondering what was going on, and yet, it was not a businessman or a harried mother who tarried this morning, to get a better look at Otto.

The little girl who stood stock still in front of Otto’s shrub knew on sight that something unusual was taking place. She studied the little clumps of white hanging from this shrub and felt such melancholy. She understood something that even the little spider did not.

She smiled, as she looked at the vegetation, happy to feel the sun on her head, sensing the crickets chirping inside her. She felt light, bubbly, and happy. Safe.

Her little hand slowly approached the shrub, and with gentle precision, Otto found himself in her hand.

She smiled at our little creature, the one who had been sending out ineffective tendrils of hope, wanting so much to bridge a gap too wide for his abilities. He clung to her skin, and looked at her face, which as kind, and open, and full of peace.

The little girl gazed upon the spider, and liked that it did not seem to want to leave her hand. She sat on the path separating the two shrubs, in this green, insulated space. She relaxed, and let her spider chum relax. He did not stray, and, in the end, this is what made her decide to do something she then wondered about for the rest of her considerably long life.

She stood, sighed, and faced the bush Otto looked at daily. She walked to it, and opened its canopy with her little hand. Mabel was close, and watched it all happen. She could feel this creature, riding in the girl’s hands, long before he scrambled out onto a leaf near her. She had watched, rapt, at the little girl, knowing something extraordinary was on its way, again, not knowing anything more than that.

The shrub rustled as the little girl withdrew her hand. She looked up at the sky and let the sun warm her smiling face, and then she continued her walk.

WE tell you of Mabel and of Otto to remind you that there are many things afoot now that you are simply unable to anticipate, in that, this is the time of connectors, and connections. Of receiving help.

You are only too aware, of course, of the social climate into which you have incarnated, and the expectations of behavior inherent in successful navigation of your realities. WE are only wishing to ask you consider the word successful, what this truly means, to close.

Both Otto and Mabel had been successful spiders, had they not? It goes without saying, and we find this fascinating, that when humans gaze upon nature, it is with overall acceptance. WE say this about creatures especially, and although there are a few creatures which man has not taken a liking to, we say all creatures, all nature, in understood at an innate level to be benevolently cooperative.

Modern consciousness has set itself apart from its experience, objectifying its inner experience in outer realities, and therefore, this law of reflectivity is always in effect, however, we caution you to remember that though each spider was itself sovereign of its own reality, both had a natural longing, a natural leaning or bent toward an experience neither had any prior exposure to. And how is this possible? WE do not wish to answer. We wish only to pose this question to you, for your answer.

Two little creatures, neither able to realize their impossible hope, to get to the other side, to be with others, found themselves in company, chatting and helping each other, laughing by sunset that night. This was the desired state for each, and so, the arrangement came to be seen as the norm, as time passed. Having been in separate walls of green, this was the past, more and more unreal as the new reality became common.

We tell you this simple tale to remind you that it is best to remember that you are in a cooperative reality, and there are many here to assist you. What it is you wish to accomplish, this signature alone is enough, and stating intention only strengthens and enhances this key portion of the signature. However, although effort was outlaid, outcome was not assured, for our spiders, until an unexpected force came, and went, walking in innocence and wonder, through a garden.

We ask you listen for your guidance, drop in and ask for guidance, for assistance, and remember that you are as much a part of the universal web, this weave, as anyone. The little girl in our story was not a god or goddess. She had no superhuman skills. She was a girl, filled with curiosity and wonder, guided only by an intuition she herself questioned from time to time, in idle moments.

Your beloved said, seek and you will find. Knock and the door is opened to you.

Kneeling while weeping and gnashing teeth, full of angst and defeat and panic, this is also a prayer, and we say that coming to self stormy allows for calm. Allowing self to feel anything at all, and still come home, still sit quietly and find gratitude, in the end, this is a prayer which yields blessings. Crying out, “Oh my God, please just HELP ME,” is perfect, it is acceptable, it is beautiful, and yet, it is a petition, cried in frustration and defeat and fear. These are states at times necessary for propulsion, and yet, we say there is another way.

Quietly, knowing that when you sit and breathe slowly, slowly, deeply, long and still, this steadies the being, and it is within this calm that we can indeed present far more easily. Great crashing conversations with self are wonderful, and yet, the still, small and quiet voice which rides beneath the drama is always there, almost imperceptibly, at first, and it whispers, “All is well. God indwells you and is well pleased. You are so loved, so honored, so dear. So dear. So dear.”

It is good to problem solve. It leads to a sense of competence and resolution, and we honor this. However, there is more. There is acceptance, and there is simple dismissal. There is seeing all as part of self and therefore fully acceptable and welcomed.

It is from this place of fullness that our spiders wish you a fond adieu this day, glancing at each other, as they are still prone to do, chuckling at their great good fortune. Can you see, given this, that the little girl’s lingering guilt, or questioning, is indeed for her own reasons?

Think well on our beloved arachnids, and know you are well this day, and in all days.




The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, April 16th

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL of The Council of Twelve By Kathy Vik

“Changes In Cellular Awareness” 4-15-16

Our intentions are manifold, however, they are all benevolent, and, further, they are called in by you. WE cannot speak unless there is permission, and, once granted, we allow the entity its own pace, working with the entity’s restrictions, to loosen them, assisting them in seeing more completely their role in their experience.

WE wish to explain the function of the channel and the way in which the work will now progress.

Completion of cellular processes has taken place, and where once there was dissonance, there is now resonance. This is due to meld, and it is thought this is gained after much effort.

Although it is true that this is not a path all desire, due to its arduous nature and the losses and change it incurs, all may witness the results, now. A typical process, brought to light in a simple journal. WE have many things to congratulate this channel on, but, by far, it is her willingness we honor this day.

WE have explained to her and now wish to elucidate a key concept at this time.

When it is understood cellularly that each carry energies which are angelic, which are higher in intelligence, wisdom, love, light, there is realization of this inheritance. It is a progression. And it is from this energy that the body is manifest, and the intellect has stood apart from this creation in a way we now wish to explain.

There has been a division within, and this division is quite strong in many. It is this division which creates disharmony in the fields, and it is this disconnection which then creates behavioral and situational disturbance, to which love is applied, for final solution.

As such, as a living, bleeding, thinking and feeling representation of all you are, all you have ever been, all you have the intention to know, this is then walled off from the intellect, and this is not due to moral failings, intelligence quota, social conditioning. No. This is a soul habitus issue which is regulated, to some degree, cooperatively, at a template level, allowing certain conscious states, and disallowing others, as they are not within the potential of the entity’s awareness.

Understanding, cellularly, that this is an angelic guidance system which is yours by birthright, and understanding that it is not indeed EARNED in any way is vital to awakening. It is to, see this as logical fallacy, and is instrumental in coming to terms with the nature of this reality.

Understanding at a corporeal level, at the deepest levels of physicality, that there is a presence which you most certainly are, as close to you as your own breath, this in and of itself constitutes a level of ascension which many are now attaining.

As this occurs, true mastery may be witnessed.

To know, to know, to know that this stream, this life force which is YOU, is intrinsic, is your ally and protector and origin, this is the way of ascension. As this occurs, it becomes clear to the entity that a union makes for a happier life, and, in the case of this channel, she has been given the understanding of how this standing apart was indeed a voluntary action, a choice she made.

WE showed her the agreement she made decades ago, that to carry this knowledge consciously would be “cheating.” Although this is a fine example of independence and rebellion, we say, it is no longer necessary to stand apart from the entity, and a union is more appropriate.

She sees this in her life, and now understands the ways in which her relationships have mirrored this disconnection, this turning away, this standing apart.

WE have given the channel much about “the return,” and yet, even these clues did not prepare her for the gifts she feels she has received over night. WE allow her her sparkles, her exuberance and her sense of accomplishment, It is indeed a singular one. And, there is more, always more, now.

WE have much to discuss regarding the use of intent, but wish to leave you with these words on this most important subjects.

Intent is a tool in reality construction. Used by the wise prior to significant activity, all activity, and, finally, in a global fashion, we say that pinpointing and then speaking one’s intention out loud is the single most helpful thing that can be done to ease the minds and hearts of those in transition.

We wish to state that the greatest peace the channel has felt interpersonally has occurred recently, with the understanding that those she is in contact with, who are in her life, have positive intent. They do not hold negative intent. This single awareness was given prior to much of the data which has followed, but this was necessary, as the changes which have occurred to her as a result of understanding this on a corporeal level have been significant. Rocket fuel, this is a term the channel enjoys using for such events.

Being aware of one’s intentions assists your fellow travelers significantly. Setting intention, far more solid than simply stating intention, allows for many realities, and disallows others. It can be seen as a switch on a railroad, in that, by stating intent, entire conversations, situations, constructs, may be more fluid than originally assumed.

Stating one’s own intention is best, and, if intention for others is stated, let it be for their highest good. WE urge the use of this phrase, for the highest good of all involved, with gentleness to all parts of self. The other key phrase we wish to leave you with this day is an old one, used repeatedly by many, that of stating, regarding realities presented to you, “This or something better.”

TO assume that you will lose a joyful experience and it will be replaced with pain is a common trick of the dark. Anticipating pain is a pain experience. Rather, setting intention removes this, and simply seeing a situation and saying to it, this or something better, it releases the need for “this’ to be perfect (which ii is, in its own way), and allows for other realities to emerge in wonder and anticipation rather than struggle and suffering.

WE leave you in peace this day, to explore your new environment, changed by its perceiver, enhanced by the intention of love, the intention of inclusion, the intentions of good will, safety, tenderness and warmth. These are balms, and you do not need to engage in these behaviors, but caution you that they feel better, and are states which grow exponentially, once realized.

The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, March 23

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

“The Physics of Consciousness” 3-23-16


We appreciate it is now time to explain more fully about a number of topics, as indeed a tone has been struck among you, with Gaia, and so, yes, what was heralded in a missive the channel normally would not have accessed is confirmed. In it, highly coded, and rather specific for a, we say a certain amplitude along the wave that you are.

We tell you now that what was foretold has come to pass, in that a manifestation of consciousness has reached a perceptible pitch, and can be appreciated with Hertz scale, although it is, perhaps, the magnetics of your planet that are the most spectacular at this time. We ally magnetics to sound, and wish for you to understand that all is vibration, and, if looked at, appreciated thusly, with a willingness to perhaps allow your body to resonate with the concept, or the appeal you hold for a thought, allow this to grow.

We are speaking now of amplitude and frequency, and yet, these are mechanical tools for a quantum job. Let us explain.

We have given the channel many visuals this day, the first being the visual understanding of the holographic nature of the DNA. Understanding that at a subatomic level, yes, as there are groupings, at this level, there is a signature, a vibration, within which holds all information of that self, in all forms, and more, oh so much more. It is this that is then replicated within the DNA to express as you are. Cell scraping from you cheek renders the hologram, and your devices, yes the measure the stones and mortar, but they cannot describe the path, the journey, the significance or the divinity.

WE tell you this to illustrate the workings of your body of which you are unaware, and we caution you to please remember that all aspects of this creation have a magnetic signature as well. And you do understand, do you not, that sound is sound because a wave is being interpreted by an amplification device, one which then coverts mechanical energy for electrical stimulus.

Within this amazing soup you ride, not knowing of the brilliance of your creation, of your sheer capacity for enjoying what you have created.

We bring it to your attention because we ask you to consider what might happen, theoretically, if the very space in which the originating electrons manifest into your reality, what if that space has changed, or if the posture of the entry has nudged a bit? What happens, we ask you to consider, if the medium in which the electron is manifesting has altered?

And what has altered it?

We have said that the space in which the electron rides is that of consciousness, of source. And this is true. But do you not understand, when the electron is manifesting as YOU, and you are a creature who is entrained within magnetics and other vibrational realities of which you are unaware, these have layers, dear ones, and they have altered because of intent. Because of you.

WE tell you that nothing here is anything but cooperative and benevolent, and we understand that this is very hard to believe in any literal way, at times, given circumstances self and other created, for the higher good, of course.

We tell you that what is done is done, and consider it good, we pray. Consider it finished, however.

There has been a birthing process within each, and we caution you to consider what was occurring for you at the equinox. The evening may have passed gently. We are aware many did not, instead, using the event for lesson.

There was a magnetic reset that was felt among many, with anything from an unusual fogginess of thought to physical incapacity. Has it not been part of the fear culture, the conspiracy side as well, to consider that a magnetic pole shift would be calamitous, and would render humans incapacitated? And have we not repeatedly said that magnetics were at the root of no less than two of the civilization completions, as, with a vast and swift change in magnetics, the human is “wiped,” this is the word we use for this procedure.

And so, we ask you to consider that things are not always what they seem, and that things, the grid, the planet, you, have changed.

And we tell you nothing happens except through agreement, and that each must and will experience this as they will, and there is a grin, as it is realized yet again that everyone is a sovereign expression of source, here by agreement, out of love, devotion, honor, the flavors of love which have been discussed this day.

As the resonance is felt, we tell you there will be certain emotional states which you will not think to enter, and those which are uncomfortable to enter. WE gave the channel this experience and wish to explain, as this was a fine example of cooperative work.

The channel is an emotive one, and has found resonance in a place now which does not welcome certain thought groups.. She found herself feeling and thinking as she once had, and found that the thinking was of course circular, sticky, impossible to resolve. There had been discussion earlier about consciousness as vibrational frequency, and these frequencies are indeed impregnated with thought groups, belief structures, and they are quite palpable to the sensitive. We have called these agreement fields in the past, and we say that when there is enough amplitude, a simple reality can indeed become shared. That is what we are, in fact, explaining.

We wish to encourage all as their senses heighten. The channel can understand us innately now, and there is meld . The tone it strikes is a tone many have also found, and many are finding, in these hours and days. We have said it is effortless and we tell you this is true. You have known that the best things are natural, easy, simply perfectly perfect, and this is one of those events. There are some who can feel this as it occurs for the collective, and most who are sensitive will discover, as we have said, a host of new thoughts more readily available to them than previously. This is the new amplitude.

WE talk about resistance as a n energetic force, and the channel wrings her hands and discusses what if feels like to be experiencing it, and how it is cured through thought. WE say it is cooperative, because of course all thought forms have a signature, from where they emanate, their intent, their taste, their color. Everything you emit is filled with holographic information, dear ones. You do not just shed skin cells and hair. You shed your hologram everywhere you go.

Consider that the palette you were painting from last evening is filled, very abundantly, with acrylic paint. Sturdy, colorful, pliable, easy to work with, the masters of which make as much nuanced art as any artist, in any medium.

And, this morning, the pallet, yes, there is your beloved thumb groove, the pock marked third paint well, the little cracks along the edge, and yet, the aroma from the paints is old, familiar, revered. The colors are spectacular, and the box from which they came is filled, absolutely filed, with oil paints.

Rather than think about which medium is better, and why this tragedy with your beloved acrylics had to occur to such a devoted and talented painter, instead, you pick up the palette, approach your newly stretchered canvas, and begin, confident, grateful and excited, deeply gratified, honored, thrilled.

A portrait is a masterpiece if there is use of contrast. What is art but masterful use of contrast? And your lives are your living, breathing sculptures, your chef d’oevres, your Mona Lisa’s.

There have been gradations on this adjustment, and it is wise to remind all the metaphor of the child. One does not become wholly independent overnight. There have been upgrades, downloads, many ways it is seen, and yet we see it as resonance, as a gradual turning of a dial, and the result is a fine tuning, a clarity of thought which are but symbols for that which has occurred organically.

With these teachings we are asked to recall the desire in many millions of hearts, beating in unison this day, for the world to come to its senses and feel brotherhood. To stop fighting. To be accepted as you are. To find no fault in another. EW know of your desire, for the earth to breath easy, if only for a moment, and this encoded desire, the seed, the root, which leads many to world peace meditations, and to quiet moments of peace within self, this is occurring. Not in a flash, for all, but for some, the changes are remarkable, exceptional. But we warn of no cataclysm, no horror. Shocks to the consciousness, some require, and stories have their momentum. There are mass consciousness creations which can be affected, now more than before, but with the still small voice of one who knows that the conflict does not really exist. Be the one in the room, if you are only one in the room, who holds this knowledge, and acts accordingly.

WE leave you in great comfort and peace this day.


The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, March 26th

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

“Notes on The Merge” 3-26-16


It is now time to assist with daily life issues, and we are gratified for the confluence of factors which allow this assistance to reach you this day.

It is not common knowledge at present that humanity is indeed genetically linked with those from other star systems. This information must be delivered slowly to the mass consciousness, and yet, is it not so that many of you walk with this knowledge, and are finding it curiously difficult NOT to hold such thoughts, from time to time, while living your physical life?

And so, it is time to integrate this information further, for the reader, and to reassure, first of all, those who read, of things which are certain. This is a vital missive for all involved, and we are overjoyed to be indulged by your heart at this time.

Let it be said and understood that there is no human being on this earth engaged in anything but divine activity. Do you understand? Can you comprehend this key piece of information? Although it is true that divinity, within many earth cultures, centers around grief, loss, redemption from enslavement of others/ego/evil, we are here to reassure you that the judgments required to sustain such structures is what is melting, and it is from the timber, made stronger with the crumbling of connections which no longer assist as well with cohesion as other infrastructure, now readily available.

This being said, we wish to clarify. It is as if the bones of the skeleton remain, and to it are added, layer by layer, a new human being. The structure was unalterable. It was the cloaking which has been altered.

Of course, this idea of stripping a skeleton may cause some to feel fear, and so we ask forbearance in metaphor, in that, we are wishing to assure you that each individuals core being is of a value, a quality, an essence, a song which perhaps is unknown to all but the one individual, and yet, the song is sung, as the cells reproduce and the heart beats, and this core, it is this which has never and can never change.

Are we saying this is one’s soul? WE ask you to broaden terminology, as this assists in broadening channels of informational flow. Breaking definitions assists in creating larger swaths of connective area from which the mind and heart, in tandem, can then operate.

We say this to assure each of you that no one on this earth, at any time, is damned. Is less than you in worth and meaning. Is more than you in worth and in meaning. Equals, each of you.

And so we come to the daily life section, a place for each to perhaps gain nourishment, as the physical vehicle alters.

We wish to clarify immediately, as this vehicle is not changing nearly as dramatically as you might think. Yes, there are electrical and magnetic alterations which are creating a change in sensorium for some, however, we say that instead of imagining the body as weirdly morphing, or being burned away and regenerated, consider instead that each ell is infused with a breath of stardust. A billow of the cosmos. Innervated, invigorated, enlivened. And so, has the body changed? Has the system changed? We tell you they are as interrelated as wave is to ocean.

Many report sleep changes, and there is no one way to do sleep correctly, is the general take away many are having. As such, if one’s sleep is altered, disturbed, rearranged, the daily life is affected. We will explain more on sleep and dreams, but state a few remedies and assists during times of trine sleep, in that there are three distinct “pockets” in which work is done at night, with the corresponding two periods of wakefulness. When this is occurring, structure in conscious thought is being laid, and so we ask for you to, when awakened, middle of the night, no reason, but, you being to see, perhaps, a pattern in the awakening times, then we ask you remain head on pillow, and perhaps grin. Perhaps reach your arms to your body, when possible, and embrace your body. This is what we are doing, at those times.

Integrating data in the vehicle is required, and it requires a sleep pattern which allows for the consciousness to “breathe,” so to speak, in and out, through the sleep time.

The other pattern is that of early morning awakening, understanding there is no more work to be done lying down. Many are experiencing this, and finding it quite curious, and maddening.

Again, we say, if one’s very sleep cycles are disturbed, and cannot be regulated, then, is it not the daily life which is then requiring attention?

WE say there are many work patterns which are designed primarily to restrict the flow of free-form thinking, and movement, and attainment of personal desire, and these hours are long, and over time, they dull one’s self. It is a compulsion, driven in karma, and it is a societal expectation that all sleep cycles are generally unchanging, and stable, and nourishing enough to then meet basic physical needs.

We do not recommend pharmaceuticals for sleep induction, but say that it is not necessarily what is ingested, but one’s agreement with what is ingested. Still, chemical changes are brought about by pharmaceuticals, and we insist that the changes in sleep pattern many experience is precisely done to induce metabolic states more amenable to proceeding.

We wish to discuss muscular pain, and joint pain, as many have this. Many also experience headaches, currently. This is due to surges in electrical data, and simply remnants of these surges. Further, it is true that the areas of lesson, and of emotional and survival importance are triggered during such surges. WE tell you that conflict, emotional conflict, life conflict, this accumulates as energy in the muscles, and so, we say self nurturing, self adoration, this is the best tonic, of course.

Simple lemon water is a good alternative. A tried and true assist with simple conduction issues, lemon water assists all in much like a battery can be activated with an acidic solution. Simple chemistry. Simple physics.

WE say above all that this is the time for the innate body, your body electric, shall we say, to begin communicating It will not begin the conversation, but it is open to all forms of contact. It is quite important to be considering the mystical nature of your physical body. It assists in drawing through it potent healing abilities, simply though simple recognition. This, and many things which may seem unbidden, but are on time, serve to activate a process which allows for the body to change, over time.

This is again where no judgment is required, as many may look upon changes of a fundamental physical nature, and one’s posture toward the vehicle, it follows, and this would be seen as a form of psychosis, or worse, an obsession with self.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We bring such a thought up to remind you that this is, for all, an individual experience, brought to self in perfect timing, and in concert with assistance.

Simplifying the diet is of assistance, but again we say, it truly matters not what is ingested, at a certain point. There are some, now, who are finding they do not eat, and surprise themselves with their vigor. Far from being orange clad monks, they are housewives, they are grandmothers, they are children, there are many who are in your ranks now. You have understood that man does not live by bread alone, and have seen to it that you have proven this out, with your bodies. Others, we caution that all others, on this road, have come upon odd cravings, alterations in hat is pleasant tasting, and many can no longer tolerate certain substances that once were felicitous to their being.

We must further clarify what can be expected, as this is as important as these changes discussed.

We ask you be willing to KNOW something, and to then follow this knowledge. We are referring here to a guidance system that many are noticing they cannot squelch with ease. A knowing. And we say, the knowing, it may very well extend to the physical body’s wellness, to situations far beyond the human’s daily existence, knowledge, too, of others, and a knowledge, in the moment, of what to do.

Many are reporting being able to hear guidance in their bones. An intrinsic knowledge, rather than something that is strained for, trained for, conferred and earned. No. This is a wisdom which is always right, and comes from within.

There is a confidence to hearing this, following its guidance, and being rewarded with outcomes which are pleasant, or fruitful, or necessary. And it is this knowing, in the end, that is the most important gift, something that cannot be dampened, not for long, not now.

It has been called a still small voice. It has been called the will of the people. It has been called conscience, in its grandest forms, and we bring to mind the great Mahatma Gandhi. A simple man, leading a giant’s life, humble, eyes blazing with certainty, and more, with great love.

The changes are nothing to fear, and are to be welcomed. WE are concerned we may have worried some, and we assure you that if this is being read by your watchful eyes, any concern you may hold of your abilities, or willingness, are tendrils, and they can be pulled to you, their fruit glistening, and in your fingers with only a small tug, effortless now.

Practice, we ask, acceptance, of whatever thought, action, deed, desire, you may hold now, and now, and now. WE say that resistance, unwillingness, pushing away, these are common, and they are perfectly acceptable, but we ask you do not engage in such behavior with all parts of self. Greet each and every part of self as long lost lover, as worthy opponent, as beloved counselor. Truly, the only way in which difficulties are amplified is in the cloak of self recrimination, self loathing, regret.

These are considerations further and further away from relevance, as acceptance of a movement certainly not ones own, outside of self, comes upon one. Changes which cannot be argued with, both physical and circumstantial, lead to greater understanding of one’s core, in relation to lesson, and without.

Consecrating self, we wish to end by asking this be done by those who would find such an idea attractive. WE tell you that many cultures encourage the marking of skin as a way to mark passage, rank, identity. Not necessary, to give oneself a permanent mark, but we ask that you find a way to consecrate your vehicles.

Can you imagine, if you are Christian, the great devotion and love that was applied to Jesus’ body, lying in state? Would you consider applying that level of profound mystical reverence upon your own body, unbattered, well nourished, safe? If one understands that the skin is an emanation of that which animates it, that tissue is tissue once prior to and after soulic presence, then, we ask, how can you not adore your own self? Your own skin? In balance, understanding, of course, that this miracle has indeed been replicated nearly 8 billion times, on this globe, at this moment.

If, in your quiet moments, you find a love which passes all understanding, for your path, for your choices and troubles and resolutions and indomitable spirit, we pray you sit with this, and in those moments, it will become more and more clear that all are endowed, all possess this nature, this divinity, which can speak through one’s soul, in a whisper, in a cry.

Each sacred emanations of source, completely sovereign over the body, but with shutters over understanding the connections which navigates soul in man. Merely shutters. And now, a simple turn of the wrist is all that is required for a better view. Tending to the body is helpful, tending to one’s relationship with the self, this is the all.

WE leave you in good humor and in very good health this day.