The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, March 23

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

“The Physics of Consciousness” 3-23-16


We appreciate it is now time to explain more fully about a number of topics, as indeed a tone has been struck among you, with Gaia, and so, yes, what was heralded in a missive the channel normally would not have accessed is confirmed. In it, highly coded, and rather specific for a, we say a certain amplitude along the wave that you are.

We tell you now that what was foretold has come to pass, in that a manifestation of consciousness has reached a perceptible pitch, and can be appreciated with Hertz scale, although it is, perhaps, the magnetics of your planet that are the most spectacular at this time. We ally magnetics to sound, and wish for you to understand that all is vibration, and, if looked at, appreciated thusly, with a willingness to perhaps allow your body to resonate with the concept, or the appeal you hold for a thought, allow this to grow.

We are speaking now of amplitude and frequency, and yet, these are mechanical tools for a quantum job. Let us explain.

We have given the channel many visuals this day, the first being the visual understanding of the holographic nature of the DNA. Understanding that at a subatomic level, yes, as there are groupings, at this level, there is a signature, a vibration, within which holds all information of that self, in all forms, and more, oh so much more. It is this that is then replicated within the DNA to express as you are. Cell scraping from you cheek renders the hologram, and your devices, yes the measure the stones and mortar, but they cannot describe the path, the journey, the significance or the divinity.

WE tell you this to illustrate the workings of your body of which you are unaware, and we caution you to please remember that all aspects of this creation have a magnetic signature as well. And you do understand, do you not, that sound is sound because a wave is being interpreted by an amplification device, one which then coverts mechanical energy for electrical stimulus.

Within this amazing soup you ride, not knowing of the brilliance of your creation, of your sheer capacity for enjoying what you have created.

We bring it to your attention because we ask you to consider what might happen, theoretically, if the very space in which the originating electrons manifest into your reality, what if that space has changed, or if the posture of the entry has nudged a bit? What happens, we ask you to consider, if the medium in which the electron is manifesting has altered?

And what has altered it?

We have said that the space in which the electron rides is that of consciousness, of source. And this is true. But do you not understand, when the electron is manifesting as YOU, and you are a creature who is entrained within magnetics and other vibrational realities of which you are unaware, these have layers, dear ones, and they have altered because of intent. Because of you.

WE tell you that nothing here is anything but cooperative and benevolent, and we understand that this is very hard to believe in any literal way, at times, given circumstances self and other created, for the higher good, of course.

We tell you that what is done is done, and consider it good, we pray. Consider it finished, however.

There has been a birthing process within each, and we caution you to consider what was occurring for you at the equinox. The evening may have passed gently. We are aware many did not, instead, using the event for lesson.

There was a magnetic reset that was felt among many, with anything from an unusual fogginess of thought to physical incapacity. Has it not been part of the fear culture, the conspiracy side as well, to consider that a magnetic pole shift would be calamitous, and would render humans incapacitated? And have we not repeatedly said that magnetics were at the root of no less than two of the civilization completions, as, with a vast and swift change in magnetics, the human is “wiped,” this is the word we use for this procedure.

And so, we ask you to consider that things are not always what they seem, and that things, the grid, the planet, you, have changed.

And we tell you nothing happens except through agreement, and that each must and will experience this as they will, and there is a grin, as it is realized yet again that everyone is a sovereign expression of source, here by agreement, out of love, devotion, honor, the flavors of love which have been discussed this day.

As the resonance is felt, we tell you there will be certain emotional states which you will not think to enter, and those which are uncomfortable to enter. WE gave the channel this experience and wish to explain, as this was a fine example of cooperative work.

The channel is an emotive one, and has found resonance in a place now which does not welcome certain thought groups.. She found herself feeling and thinking as she once had, and found that the thinking was of course circular, sticky, impossible to resolve. There had been discussion earlier about consciousness as vibrational frequency, and these frequencies are indeed impregnated with thought groups, belief structures, and they are quite palpable to the sensitive. We have called these agreement fields in the past, and we say that when there is enough amplitude, a simple reality can indeed become shared. That is what we are, in fact, explaining.

We wish to encourage all as their senses heighten. The channel can understand us innately now, and there is meld . The tone it strikes is a tone many have also found, and many are finding, in these hours and days. We have said it is effortless and we tell you this is true. You have known that the best things are natural, easy, simply perfectly perfect, and this is one of those events. There are some who can feel this as it occurs for the collective, and most who are sensitive will discover, as we have said, a host of new thoughts more readily available to them than previously. This is the new amplitude.

WE talk about resistance as a n energetic force, and the channel wrings her hands and discusses what if feels like to be experiencing it, and how it is cured through thought. WE say it is cooperative, because of course all thought forms have a signature, from where they emanate, their intent, their taste, their color. Everything you emit is filled with holographic information, dear ones. You do not just shed skin cells and hair. You shed your hologram everywhere you go.

Consider that the palette you were painting from last evening is filled, very abundantly, with acrylic paint. Sturdy, colorful, pliable, easy to work with, the masters of which make as much nuanced art as any artist, in any medium.

And, this morning, the pallet, yes, there is your beloved thumb groove, the pock marked third paint well, the little cracks along the edge, and yet, the aroma from the paints is old, familiar, revered. The colors are spectacular, and the box from which they came is filled, absolutely filed, with oil paints.

Rather than think about which medium is better, and why this tragedy with your beloved acrylics had to occur to such a devoted and talented painter, instead, you pick up the palette, approach your newly stretchered canvas, and begin, confident, grateful and excited, deeply gratified, honored, thrilled.

A portrait is a masterpiece if there is use of contrast. What is art but masterful use of contrast? And your lives are your living, breathing sculptures, your chef d’oevres, your Mona Lisa’s.

There have been gradations on this adjustment, and it is wise to remind all the metaphor of the child. One does not become wholly independent overnight. There have been upgrades, downloads, many ways it is seen, and yet we see it as resonance, as a gradual turning of a dial, and the result is a fine tuning, a clarity of thought which are but symbols for that which has occurred organically.

With these teachings we are asked to recall the desire in many millions of hearts, beating in unison this day, for the world to come to its senses and feel brotherhood. To stop fighting. To be accepted as you are. To find no fault in another. EW know of your desire, for the earth to breath easy, if only for a moment, and this encoded desire, the seed, the root, which leads many to world peace meditations, and to quiet moments of peace within self, this is occurring. Not in a flash, for all, but for some, the changes are remarkable, exceptional. But we warn of no cataclysm, no horror. Shocks to the consciousness, some require, and stories have their momentum. There are mass consciousness creations which can be affected, now more than before, but with the still small voice of one who knows that the conflict does not really exist. Be the one in the room, if you are only one in the room, who holds this knowledge, and acts accordingly.

WE leave you in great comfort and peace this day.



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