Love is our new reality

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The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, April 16th

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL of The Council of Twelve By Kathy Vik

“Changes In Cellular Awareness” 4-15-16

Our intentions are manifold, however, they are all benevolent, and, further, they are called in by you. WE cannot speak unless there is permission, and, once granted, we allow the entity its own pace, working with the entity’s restrictions, to loosen them, assisting them in seeing more completely their role in their experience.

WE wish to explain the function of the channel and the way in which the work will now progress.

Completion of cellular processes has taken place, and where once there was dissonance, there is now resonance. This is due to meld, and it is thought this is gained after much effort.

Although it is true that this is not a path all desire, due to its arduous nature and the losses and change it incurs, all may witness the results, now. A typical process, brought to light in a simple journal. WE have many things to congratulate this channel on, but, by far, it is her willingness we honor this day.

WE have explained to her and now wish to elucidate a key concept at this time.

When it is understood cellularly that each carry energies which are angelic, which are higher in intelligence, wisdom, love, light, there is realization of this inheritance. It is a progression. And it is from this energy that the body is manifest, and the intellect has stood apart from this creation in a way we now wish to explain.

There has been a division within, and this division is quite strong in many. It is this division which creates disharmony in the fields, and it is this disconnection which then creates behavioral and situational disturbance, to which love is applied, for final solution.

As such, as a living, bleeding, thinking and feeling representation of all you are, all you have ever been, all you have the intention to know, this is then walled off from the intellect, and this is not due to moral failings, intelligence quota, social conditioning. No. This is a soul habitus issue which is regulated, to some degree, cooperatively, at a template level, allowing certain conscious states, and disallowing others, as they are not within the potential of the entity’s awareness.

Understanding, cellularly, that this is an angelic guidance system which is yours by birthright, and understanding that it is not indeed EARNED in any way is vital to awakening. It is to, see this as logical fallacy, and is instrumental in coming to terms with the nature of this reality.

Understanding at a corporeal level, at the deepest levels of physicality, that there is a presence which you most certainly are, as close to you as your own breath, this in and of itself constitutes a level of ascension which many are now attaining.

As this occurs, true mastery may be witnessed.

To know, to know, to know that this stream, this life force which is YOU, is intrinsic, is your ally and protector and origin, this is the way of ascension. As this occurs, it becomes clear to the entity that a union makes for a happier life, and, in the case of this channel, she has been given the understanding of how this standing apart was indeed a voluntary action, a choice she made.

WE showed her the agreement she made decades ago, that to carry this knowledge consciously would be “cheating.” Although this is a fine example of independence and rebellion, we say, it is no longer necessary to stand apart from the entity, and a union is more appropriate.

She sees this in her life, and now understands the ways in which her relationships have mirrored this disconnection, this turning away, this standing apart.

WE have given the channel much about “the return,” and yet, even these clues did not prepare her for the gifts she feels she has received over night. WE allow her her sparkles, her exuberance and her sense of accomplishment, It is indeed a singular one. And, there is more, always more, now.

WE have much to discuss regarding the use of intent, but wish to leave you with these words on this most important subjects.

Intent is a tool in reality construction. Used by the wise prior to significant activity, all activity, and, finally, in a global fashion, we say that pinpointing and then speaking one’s intention out loud is the single most helpful thing that can be done to ease the minds and hearts of those in transition.

We wish to state that the greatest peace the channel has felt interpersonally has occurred recently, with the understanding that those she is in contact with, who are in her life, have positive intent. They do not hold negative intent. This single awareness was given prior to much of the data which has followed, but this was necessary, as the changes which have occurred to her as a result of understanding this on a corporeal level have been significant. Rocket fuel, this is a term the channel enjoys using for such events.

Being aware of one’s intentions assists your fellow travelers significantly. Setting intention, far more solid than simply stating intention, allows for many realities, and disallows others. It can be seen as a switch on a railroad, in that, by stating intent, entire conversations, situations, constructs, may be more fluid than originally assumed.

Stating one’s own intention is best, and, if intention for others is stated, let it be for their highest good. WE urge the use of this phrase, for the highest good of all involved, with gentleness to all parts of self. The other key phrase we wish to leave you with this day is an old one, used repeatedly by many, that of stating, regarding realities presented to you, “This or something better.”

TO assume that you will lose a joyful experience and it will be replaced with pain is a common trick of the dark. Anticipating pain is a pain experience. Rather, setting intention removes this, and simply seeing a situation and saying to it, this or something better, it releases the need for “this’ to be perfect (which ii is, in its own way), and allows for other realities to emerge in wonder and anticipation rather than struggle and suffering.

WE leave you in peace this day, to explore your new environment, changed by its perceiver, enhanced by the intention of love, the intention of inclusion, the intentions of good will, safety, tenderness and warmth. These are balms, and you do not need to engage in these behaviors, but caution you that they feel better, and are states which grow exponentially, once realized.