Love is our new reality

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The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, April 21st

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL Of The Council of Twelve By Kathy Vik

“The Oak and The Ivy” 4-21-16

We wish to describe vibrational resonance and reality creation by means of an illustration.

WE bring your attention to a prison cell. It is only mildly unpleasant, as the inhabitant has become accustomed to the surroundings, and has made peace with the situation.

One morning, upon awakening, prior to opening eyes and seeing nothing new, the prisoner breathed deeply, and indeed did sense a change in the environment. Upon opening the eyes, yes, there in the corner, through a crack on the cement, a tendril of ivy hangs.

The prisoner leaps up, scrambles to the corner with a chair, and reaches high, pushes up with toes, and captures the tendril, which smells like spring, crushed and broken, in the prisoner’s hand.

Weeks pass, and no growth is seen. The prisoner realizes an error was made.

Again, unexpectedly, one morning, a tendril is seen, coming from a different corner, a longer one this time, more mature.

The prisoner knows to greet the shoot, and to allow it its presence.

Over time, this tendril becomes longer, and it branches out onto the adjacent wall.

And then, one day, upon awakening, the prisoner sees that there are two new tendrils, coming from other cracks. The cell has much new growth, and yet, its origins remain hidden, the greater movement unavailable to the one watching from this unique perspective.

The prisoner’s life is far better now than it was a year hence, new growth greening this space daily, now. The plants have brought insects, and far from being pests, this prisoner has instead found new companionship, and feels less lonely, knowing there are others about, though they do not speak her language and have an agenda which disallows much communication.

One night, while sleeping, the prisoner had a dream.

In it, the ivy glowed, its green arms alive with power and magic. As the ivy glowed brighter and brighter, that walls to which it clung melted from the dreamer’s sight. Before here as a giant oak, ivy growing in its branches, carpeting the ground, and surrounding her. Beneath her feet, a cushion of meadow grass, and all around her, a jungle of green ivy. Her world was verdant, lush and fertile.

The walls shimmered and went up again, and all the prisoner saw were the ivy’s arms, dangling from grey coldness. Then the walls dissolved again, and she saw from where the ivy was coming. This garden of delight, literally invading her room, she separated from it only by a layer of stone.

Upon awakening, icy in place, walls intact, she once again began her day. And perhaps the release came in the form of a letter from the governor, and perhaps the release came from the happy accident of key being left in lock by a forgetful keeper. In any case, this is not a paradise the prisoner will be barred from. The release came, as it had to, and she walked out of the grey box, and into a garden, in which she lives to this day.

WE give you this story to illustrate that many of you are having experiences which are perhaps unique and unexpected, within your set and expected realities. As this occurs, we caution you to revel in your joy, without pulling upon or clinging to these offshoots of a new reality.

Further, we mention that this prisoner did not spend her hours and days meditation on these tendrils, traveling energetically with them, to discover from whence they came. Instead, she appreciated the changes, enjoyed them, and allowed them to take place.

Understanding, fundamentally, that there is new growth all around you, and worlds for which you have been eager and unable to explore, are so near that they are sending to you vibrant messages of hope, daily, we say.

When one is unconvinced of their validity, and their worth, it is possible to develop misaligned expectations, and so we say to you that staying in your own essence is vital to enjoying this experience. While staying within one’s own essence, one’s core, one’s habitus, one’s signature, then, this growth can be seen for what it is. A harbinger of the inevitable.

The prisoner did not earn the oak and the ivy, the ease and the release. The imprisonment sharpened her senses and allowed a vibrant appreciation of this phenomenon, however, it was not by virtue of incarceration that the tree grew. And yet, there is no other reason for this oak to grow, than to one day present itself to the one who had been walled away.

WE give you this story to illustrate that a new life is not in a box, gift wrapped, with a bow, in practice. It is a series of incremental changes, shifts, at times imperceptible, at times palpable, and yet, it is linear, is it not?

Allow yourself the pleasure, when confined within the walls of a reality for which you find little use anymore, to, rather than splay your energy out, seeking release this way, we ask you consider consolidating yourselves, coming to appreciate and love and tend to self as both mother and child, as both keeper and the kept.

During times of confinement in situations you do not enjoy, seek well for the signs indicating new growth, and remember our oak. Remember that a sign of new life is a messenger of a full and complete reality, complex, and interdependent, and beneficial.

Steady self in the knowledge that where there is new growth being established, it indeed has a source, and if you are unaware of this source, perhaps this is due to you not being able to comprehend its source, its purpose, its grandeur, and its own life force, its own reasons.

It is in time, and with movements of which you are not consciously aware that massive changes, such as the crumbling of a prison, occur. And the crumbling can occur magically, as if in a dream, with simple dissolution of the block held against experience, and at times it is incremental, vegetation crumbling, finally, that which was never meant to stand.

WE tell you that much that you desire is as inevitable as oak is to acorn, and ask you be content, today, in your dwelling, aware of your beauty, aware of your right and your desire for growth, natural beauty, ease.

Allow growth to continue. Allow your walls to come down, and allow the reality, the truth of new growth steady your countenance day to day. Before you is a mighty oak, from which come all good things, and under which lie all manner of gifts.

WE love you this day and wish you peace.