Love is our new reality

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The Council of Twelve via Kathy Vik, April 17th

DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL Of The Council of Twelve By Kathy Vik

“Two Spiders” 4-17-16

WE wish to describe the processes unfolding in ways which will assist you in your comfort, and to make each day all that more exuberant. Whether a day, for you, includes moods which are darker than not, we ask you understand that during the height of a swell of difficulty, this is the time when higher thinking is most constricted, and it has a mild amnesic, in that, in a state of rage, or great fear, and we place anxiety, rumination, obsession and worry in this category, these are states which narrow options, which limit possibilities, and which dim sight.

It is understandable, is it not? While engaged in thinking upon your certain humiliation, your certain lack, if you do not do an activity which creates this cash for which all is so seemingly dependent at this point, this is a central conundrum of daily life.

When in lack, or fear of lack, when thinking through probabilities in front of you, it is all too easy to let the past, or even, we say, a skewed version of the present, become the template for the future. And this we say, does lend a certain ZING to it when things work out well, but we wish to point out the circuitous route that this can take a t times.

Assuming that you are failing, will fail, will come upon calamity, and NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT, we have told you repeatedly, this is the seed beneath most fear scenarios. Being seen as weak, a fool, unable. These are competency fears. They are fears based upon the notion that not all experience, and not all activity is VALID, and further, this means that the experiencer is also not VALID. Of course, we know this is due to the phenomenon that the experiencer is the experience, as well as its originator, but, while in it, while feeling and learning and growing within it, it has come to feel anything but self generated, and an unwanted reality. Some experiences are rough, and unpleasant, it would seem. WE still caution you, however. If you are experiencing it, it is best to understand you are also generating it.

WE ask you go beyond the patterned reactions common with simple triggering events. We are aware that each have situations which cause them anxiety, and we do not wish to communicate anything but high regard for all human experience. WE do say now that when you sense something in your environment, in your heart, in your days, which is vaguely familiar though brand new, or that which automatically hearkens you to another time, transporting you once more into a perhaps idealized moment in your memory, we say that when familiar events occur, you are offering yourselves crossroads.

It may seem paradoxical, because, as things present which feel familiar, there is a deep sense, normally, of recognition, and of ease. That the events or circumstances presenting be versions or, some would call them fractals, of past conflict may not immediately be evident, and yet, when given a time in your life when you must choose a certain course, perhaps, or choose how to spend your money, or how to spend your evening, if you are confronted with an old sense of familiarity, we ask that you consider that this is then a reality with a basis in the past, and as such, it can be chosen as something to perpetuate, or something in which to behave as a new creature, thus changing outcomes.

It has been said that when a choice comes to you, it can be seen as neutral. Any event, any decision, any situation is, in essence, far from neutral, but packed with benevolence and love. It is there, obvious, so obvious, and yet, if one is not able to believe it is possible, it does not exist. Therefore, let us label events neutral, though, they are always, dear ones, benevolent. Always.

Can you begin to imagine that the things with which you wrestle with, disagree with, feel moral indignation about, that these things are also neutral, at the least, and benevolent, if looked at more clearly. WE do not say that a “Pollyanna” outlook is healthy or balanced, but we do say that situations which you indeed bring to yourselves are never malevolent.


Yes, acts which are done with a small, constricted, countenance are neutral, though they may not be to the observer, the participant. Imagine that! The most vile act, it is neutral. It is the observer who assigns meaning “vile,” you see.

It is the observer who assigns meaning.

And so, as observer participant, how much courage to you have, to see the things which you feel are hurting you, to consider these things, and the things you have done to, in your opinion, hurt yourself, what if those are also neutral events, and it is your assignation of punishment, recrimination, it is the assignment of significance, cause and meaning, of an event, which makes it what it is, individually and en masse.

WE would say that on this planet many atrocities have been committed, and with the darkness which is currently lifting, it is not necessary, though an interesting endeavor, to look into the past and ask, ok then, how is the holocaust an individually experienced, neutral, or indeed, benevolent event?

You do understand, do you not, that it was not one person who enacted the holocaust. This militaristic build up and its machinations were an outgrowth of individual consciousness, and this was an event which came to pass primarily as a spasm of mass consciousness, as a final break, as the release to a tension that had been building for centuries.

Can you see the folly in dipping into past events to assign meaning to current ones? Can you being to appreciate that by so doing, you are indeed comparing and contrasting one experience, one awareness of consciousness, to another? Arbitrary, at best, and highly inexpert, once one understands the function of the past, in mind and in akash.

There is more, dear ones, always more, but we wish to leave you this day with a little story. These always petrify the channel, if we may use such hyperbolic terminology. WE wish only to deliver on her request, to be surprised, to be delighted with something brand now. And so we begin.

There once were two spiders.

One lived in one hedge, and the other lived in a hedge opposite, separated by what, to them, were such distances as to make interaction impossible. They could not appreciate the other visually, due to their size, and how they both tended to use the vegetation as cover. And yet, they not only knew of each other, and could pinpoint just where the other was tin their shrubbery, but wanted with all their beings to experience their days in company. And yet, each knew of the other without physical contact, and without any observable way of knowing how they knew. But, they most assuredlyknew of the other.

Neither spider were leapers, but as the months passed, the awareness of the other grew, as did a restlessness, a dissatisfaction borne of not doing that which had never been done.

One day, Mabel sat quietly under a big leaf in her shrub, and gazed intently at the wall of green she saw everyday. She had stopped trying to call out. It was not helpful, it tired her, and, never hearing a call back, it made her sad. She sat quietly, wondering why it was she needed to go to the other shrub, knowing it had to do with one of her kind, but nothing more.

Her compatriot was sheltered beneath his own leaf, marking time, Otto, a spider similar to Mabel in every way but one.

Otto had attempted furling out his web, and silky flotsam, unincorporated into webbing, fluttered from his shrub. Passersby often remarked on this little patch of fluffy white, wondering what was going on, and yet, it was not a businessman or a harried mother who tarried this morning, to get a better look at Otto.

The little girl who stood stock still in front of Otto’s shrub knew on sight that something unusual was taking place. She studied the little clumps of white hanging from this shrub and felt such melancholy. She understood something that even the little spider did not.

She smiled, as she looked at the vegetation, happy to feel the sun on her head, sensing the crickets chirping inside her. She felt light, bubbly, and happy. Safe.

Her little hand slowly approached the shrub, and with gentle precision, Otto found himself in her hand.

She smiled at our little creature, the one who had been sending out ineffective tendrils of hope, wanting so much to bridge a gap too wide for his abilities. He clung to her skin, and looked at her face, which as kind, and open, and full of peace.

The little girl gazed upon the spider, and liked that it did not seem to want to leave her hand. She sat on the path separating the two shrubs, in this green, insulated space. She relaxed, and let her spider chum relax. He did not stray, and, in the end, this is what made her decide to do something she then wondered about for the rest of her considerably long life.

She stood, sighed, and faced the bush Otto looked at daily. She walked to it, and opened its canopy with her little hand. Mabel was close, and watched it all happen. She could feel this creature, riding in the girl’s hands, long before he scrambled out onto a leaf near her. She had watched, rapt, at the little girl, knowing something extraordinary was on its way, again, not knowing anything more than that.

The shrub rustled as the little girl withdrew her hand. She looked up at the sky and let the sun warm her smiling face, and then she continued her walk.

WE tell you of Mabel and of Otto to remind you that there are many things afoot now that you are simply unable to anticipate, in that, this is the time of connectors, and connections. Of receiving help.

You are only too aware, of course, of the social climate into which you have incarnated, and the expectations of behavior inherent in successful navigation of your realities. WE are only wishing to ask you consider the word successful, what this truly means, to close.

Both Otto and Mabel had been successful spiders, had they not? It goes without saying, and we find this fascinating, that when humans gaze upon nature, it is with overall acceptance. WE say this about creatures especially, and although there are a few creatures which man has not taken a liking to, we say all creatures, all nature, in understood at an innate level to be benevolently cooperative.

Modern consciousness has set itself apart from its experience, objectifying its inner experience in outer realities, and therefore, this law of reflectivity is always in effect, however, we caution you to remember that though each spider was itself sovereign of its own reality, both had a natural longing, a natural leaning or bent toward an experience neither had any prior exposure to. And how is this possible? WE do not wish to answer. We wish only to pose this question to you, for your answer.

Two little creatures, neither able to realize their impossible hope, to get to the other side, to be with others, found themselves in company, chatting and helping each other, laughing by sunset that night. This was the desired state for each, and so, the arrangement came to be seen as the norm, as time passed. Having been in separate walls of green, this was the past, more and more unreal as the new reality became common.

We tell you this simple tale to remind you that it is best to remember that you are in a cooperative reality, and there are many here to assist you. What it is you wish to accomplish, this signature alone is enough, and stating intention only strengthens and enhances this key portion of the signature. However, although effort was outlaid, outcome was not assured, for our spiders, until an unexpected force came, and went, walking in innocence and wonder, through a garden.

We ask you listen for your guidance, drop in and ask for guidance, for assistance, and remember that you are as much a part of the universal web, this weave, as anyone. The little girl in our story was not a god or goddess. She had no superhuman skills. She was a girl, filled with curiosity and wonder, guided only by an intuition she herself questioned from time to time, in idle moments.

Your beloved said, seek and you will find. Knock and the door is opened to you.

Kneeling while weeping and gnashing teeth, full of angst and defeat and panic, this is also a prayer, and we say that coming to self stormy allows for calm. Allowing self to feel anything at all, and still come home, still sit quietly and find gratitude, in the end, this is a prayer which yields blessings. Crying out, “Oh my God, please just HELP ME,” is perfect, it is acceptable, it is beautiful, and yet, it is a petition, cried in frustration and defeat and fear. These are states at times necessary for propulsion, and yet, we say there is another way.

Quietly, knowing that when you sit and breathe slowly, slowly, deeply, long and still, this steadies the being, and it is within this calm that we can indeed present far more easily. Great crashing conversations with self are wonderful, and yet, the still, small and quiet voice which rides beneath the drama is always there, almost imperceptibly, at first, and it whispers, “All is well. God indwells you and is well pleased. You are so loved, so honored, so dear. So dear. So dear.”

It is good to problem solve. It leads to a sense of competence and resolution, and we honor this. However, there is more. There is acceptance, and there is simple dismissal. There is seeing all as part of self and therefore fully acceptable and welcomed.

It is from this place of fullness that our spiders wish you a fond adieu this day, glancing at each other, as they are still prone to do, chuckling at their great good fortune. Can you see, given this, that the little girl’s lingering guilt, or questioning, is indeed for her own reasons?

Think well on our beloved arachnids, and know you are well this day, and in all days.