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Archangel Michael via Sanangel, March 21st, 2018

Hello my beautiful earth warriors, souls of light on Earth.

It is I, Michael, who speak.

During times when you require courage I am with you. In moments when you need protection I am with you. My blue light follows you wherever you go and the light you see in the corner of your eye, it is most often me.

My work is to be near you, and I ask you to call on me as soon as you need help with purifying your aura, cut etheric bonds or raising frequencies in a situation or in a place. It is with great joy that I together with my co-angels carry out our work on Earth during the ascension process.

My frequency is adjusted so that I can move around in all of Earth’s frequencies. You could say that I easily can dive through the darkest, heaviest clouds and transform them to light. And it is my task and joy to get to work with you. Call on me when the frequencies get to be too heavy – when the energies seem to swallow you whole and you need assistance.

My presence feels secure and strong and different exactly because I am able to come so close to you.

Allow me to help you.

With love, light and divine protection




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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