Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Susan Leland, July 12th

Archangel Michael: 

“I Give You Excalibur
to Know the Truth 
of the Lights You Are!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
July 12, 2016

“I am Archangel Michael and I come with great news.  And the news is You!  For you are all Beings of Light in your own right. And in the Realms of Light, you are voices heard throughout every part of what you call the Kingdom of Heaven, or I should say, the Kingdoms because there are many dimensions and levels of these Realms of Light.  I come to join with you because you, most Beloved Ones, are willing to bring yourselves into an upliftment of open Hearts – and, yes, Minds – to allow the Light to come in, so that we may indeed join and share our Love with each other!

“And that is the great news.  And if you have not made this known throughout the totality of your Beings, this is the greatest Truth. You may have heard from another Teacher: ‘The greatest gift of all is Love.’ Well you, Beloved Ones, are Love, the Light of Love, made only from that!!!

“Yes, you may have let in some third dimensional darkness from time to time throughout your lifetimes, but you have transmuted it into Light along the way.  You’ve learned your lessons. You’ve paid your dues, as it were, and some of it has been harsh, particularly in this lifetime, becausethis is the last lifetime for doing this!!!

“That’s it!  You’re ascending!  You don’t have to come back into 3D dense bodies anymore.  Oh, you can if you choose to – I don’t recommend it.  Because when you come into your Home, your space, your place of Home, it is so blissful, it is so joyful!  Join with me now and feel it even more in your Beings.  You have a whole Company of Light beaming you with that Love – take it in! Open to receive and take it in, and know and feel even more, the Truth of Who You Really Are.

“And if that Truth seems a bit elusive even in this moment of our togetherness, here, take Excalibur and wave it and let its blue Light, its waves of Truth wash over you and through you, assuring you of the Truth whereof I speak.  And the Truth is that you are safe – even though you might still have some programs that want to tell you otherwise – you are safe!  Turn them off!  Wave Excalibur again. That will help you!

“Remind, remind the Universe that you are here to express from your Higher Dimensional Perspectives.  And if there be any dark remnants or residues of programs hidden from you even now, wave Excalibur to discover them and to transformationally transmute them into even more LoveLight within your Beings!Wave Excalibur to build an energy shield of Love completely surrounding you, to let the whole Universe know that dark programs, dark beings need not even think about coming into your space, into your energy fields, because you are of the Light!

“And just like the Realms of Light, you are unto yourselves, each of you, a realm of LoveLight where only Love can exist, nothing that is of lower vibrational darkness!  Now this is the greatest news for all of you – no matter what is going on in the World, you are Beings of LoveLight!!!   You have been on your paths, most of you, for a long time in this lifetime and for long times in other of your lifetimes.

“But you have reached a point where you can be in your Home space whenever you choose.  And the more you choose, the more it becomes habit!  It is – for those of you who are quite liking the electronics that are available – it is a way of deleting old programs and upgrading yourselves so that only the new programs of Light and Love and Peace and Joy – and creations from Light and Love and Peace and Joy and expressions from those same places – only those may be downloaded into your Beings, because that is the Truth of why you’re here!!!

“The rest of the news is that you came to experience this. You came to lead the way!  You came to help others, by beaming your Love, your Lights and then – by teaching first and foremost, again by your beaming – opening, opening portals through darkness, the densest of darkness, shining the Lights for others, that they too may come up into these Realms where only Love exists, that they too may delete the old dark programs and download only the High Dimensional, High Vibrational programs that are all based in Love and all that grows from Love!

“This is the reason you all came, without exception!  No matter what else you have experienced, no matter what else you have accomplished in your lives, this is your Truth, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters of LoveLight!  This is your Truth and it is High Truth!

“Now you can be sure that those who would keep you in darkness, who keep throwing these dark programs out at you – well, it is their hope, their goal that you will allow them to be downloaded again even if you have deleted them.  We can assure you that we are neutralizing – disassembling and neutralizing these programs!  And that furthermore, we are disempowering those who are running the programs who, in turn, are being programmed and so on and so on, back to the very source of all of the darkness.  Why?  Because you have decreed that your lifestyles are to change!!!

“The Age of Aquarius* is another name for the Golden Age.  And it is here waiting for you to step into. Oh, yes, there are some, what you would call earthly matters, still to come.  Again I assure you, that I and all who come – what is sometimes referred to as Faction Three,** if you will, and all the Ashtar Command and all of the Ascended Masters and the Teachers and yes, the entirety of the Angelic Realms and Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms – we’re all here, all here to empower the coming – the complete transformational transmutations of the Light, for all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!!!  And, yes, there are still some third dimensional matters to take care of – that’s where you come in, Beloved Ones, but not in dwelling upon them.

“Be aware of them, and do so with the compassionate, observational Perspective of High Dimensional LoveLight. In so doing, by not letting them attach to you, you empower us that much more.  By sharing your LoveLights with us, you empower and energize us that much more, so that we can serve you! We’re Partners in Service!!!  And that, Beloved Ones, is the Truth of your World and what is going on in your World.


“So now you know the Truth of you and the Truth of the World. And it is all found in the Light of Love.  And it is all created as you and I have been created, out of the Light of Love, the very LoveLight of our Creator who shared with all of us!  And you are so special, most Beloved Ones, because you came to do your Missions in the density of the human bodies, on behalf of all of Humankind – to finish your lessons, to do your clearings, your healings, and your resolutions, to lead all the World into the Higher Realms, which is your destination!

“So be joyful!  Stand with us and utilize Excalibur, whenever you are inspired so to do.  It is my gift to all of you!  And most of all open your Hearts to receive our Love as we receive yours!!!  We are infinitely and endlessly grateful to you, Beloved Ones, and more than that, we Love you beyond all expression!  Thank you from our Hearts to yours.  And Namaste!”
*  Archangel Michael chose to be introduced by “The Age of Aquarius:”   
**Factions 1,2,3 Definitions:
   Faction 3 List:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, July 12, 2016.
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