Yosef Update, July 22, 2016

Yosef Update – Yosef’s Final Plea – July 22, 2016


“Hands of Heaven”

Yosef’s Final Plea
July 22, 2016

Attention:   All of God’s Creations
Subject:       Immediate Release of Humanity from Economic Bondage

Divine sovereignty is a birthright, it is not earned and cannot be controlled by man.  Therefore, if anyone does not immediately release the world from economic bondage via finance, considered your souls in breach of the Mandate of Heaven and prepare to be sent back to the Central Sun for reconditioning

Humanity will not be held back any longer by the Holy Decree of the Most High.  This truth is offered in love, by love, for love.

The “invisible” cabal is neither invisible or the problem.  Their minions are relatively small in numbers compared to the overwhelming mass of humanity, and they will turn on each other without much enticement.

The cult of Saturn is not the problem either.  They were an even smaller group that was dealt with by localized Ascended Masters and Higher Mind Species Light Forces, and were forced to release their vibrational quarantine of Earth in this light era.

Ancient Elders of past dynasties are not the problem.  They are at the end of the day simple farmers, all be it with outdated constructs of how and why man should and must evolve.  Their hearts are in the right place at least, besides they never even desired to control most to all of the world’s tangible wealth management.

So, who and what is the problem?

You see, our problem brothers and sisters… our problem is ourselves.  As a species we are weak minded, we’ve forgotten we have a divine connection to Source, thus we have developed a lack of trust in our Creator Father.  Yet we are still expected to execute His Mandate and take the Hands of Heaven to deliver His golden jubilee… out to His Children.

Yet we don’t?  Why not?

Because we are our own worst enemy, and we are the collective problem.  We believe in lies presented to us without the desire or confidence to critically think through issues and embrace the truth.  Our greatest fault lies in our inability to recognize basic fairness, a specially we as master manifestors already own, and thus have everything we need to produce any result we desire.

All we must do is take the Hands of Heaven and accept God’s benevolence and omnipotence through our own lives.  We must place God’s grace ahead of all other energies, regardless of their slick packaging and well branded marketing.  Nothing can be allowed to Trump God as we simply harvest His blessing, a blessing that has long been laid out for us to enjoy.

It’s so simple, it’s complicated.  So obvious, it’s invisible.  So real, it appears fake.

Who among you hath the courage to take the Hands of Heaven, say thank you for you gift and go about your merry way?  The process is so simple even a small child knows who to do this without thinking.  Yet as adults, you drift into confusion and choose fear over love, while balking at your birthright every chance you get!  This behavior is not humble, not benevolent, it’s inanity personified!!!!!!

There’s nothing complicated about ascension–just ascend!!!!  Even a 500 year old Hun farmer can figure that one out.  To ascend one must ascend.  Simple.  Easy.  Repeatable.  So by all means, figure it out people and move on!  Like now!

Your endless stream of doubt, weakness of character, ludicrous tendency to recognize scarcity versus abundance is no longer permissible in this new dimensional plane.  By default, all who now choose fear over love, scarcity over abundance, shame over joy will be removed and sent back tot he Central Sun for realignment.  Yes, the Central Sun is a real thing.  And yes, your soul is on the hook to ascend in real time.  As anyone holding onto fear based power will be removed from the planet earth.

I’ll say that again and underline it because I know most of you will struggle vibrationally to absorb this truth… anyone holding onto fear based power will be removed from the planet earth.  No negative vibration or occult spell can hold humanity back anymore.

God the Creator is with you, and His Will alone has declared that it is now time to get on with the species ascension–including yours!  Your time to ascend is here!  Your time to leap into the great unknown is now!  And the moment for your souls to choose ascension over crucifixion has come and gone!  What’s in gonna be?  Life or death?

This decision must be made in this exact moment by all who understand it’s accuracy and gravity.  Sovereign beings bond by the Universal Life Order understand that there is no exception to the Will of God.  His Rule is the Golden Rule–and Heaven’s Mandate the law of the universe.  All living beings are subject to His judgment, and His judgment alone.

This is why we are in a spiritual transition and not a financial transaction.  For if you don’t surrender your soul back to the Will of God, you by default are choosing death, as mankind has done for several millennia.  God is re-unifying His Will in us, through us, with us.  Now!!!!!!   It’s as simple as that kids.  The Hands of Heaven have returned to make things right.  Are you right with God????

All the momentum humanity has built up over these last 26,000 years is starting to retreat, and all these many recent decades you’ve attempted to springboard your species forward is beginning to wane.  You are in the moment of deliverance, and thus your performance is now required.

Yet if you still hesitate out of fear or because of some televised series of lies, you consciously now choose death versus eternal life.  Think about that?  This is a life or death situation and you’re being quite casual about the decision?  Why?  Because you’re asleep!!!!!!  So wake the fuck up humanity!!!!!!!!   Fast!!!!!!!!!!!   Time has run out!!!!!!!!!!  Even the children of the cabal know that!!!!!!!

You’re free.

It’s ok to receive your divine gift, as you were born to receive it as you are a glorious Child of God!!!!  You wait on no man!!!  You need no code!!!  You must follow no protocol!!!  There is no administrative hold or last minute compliance item to achieve!!!  All of that has been a harsh and elongated lie contrived by man to keep man in power over God!!!!!

There’s no rogue military foe that can defeat you because God is with you!!!!!!  Get it?????  You’re free by the grace and mercy of God!!!!!! So accept your fate.  Humanity is 100% free to grasp the Hands of Heaven and receive blessings Ad Infinitum (again, and again, in the same way forever).

So please, now, take God’s hand!!!!!  Share His love with your family, your community, your species, your planet!!!!  Give freely without worry of running low on supplies or resources!!!!!  There’s plenty!!!!!  More than enough!!!!!  Infinite blessings are just sitting in storage waiting for you to give them out!!!!!!!

Trust God, release His truth and possibilities within your soul  Allow God’s energy to return in full and grow ever stronger by the Heavenly second.  God is with us.  God is in you now.  God.  As in God.  The Creator of All Things.  With you.  In you.  Right now.  Eternally.  With Infinite blessings prepared.  To achieve your divine calling.  Backed up by omnipotent power.  And all you must do is surrender to His truth of love and abundance for all His children.

Right now, allow your individual and collective soul covenant to be fulfilled without delay or reservation.  Trust God’s love through Christ as the only true pathway forward, as every brick is paved with the blood of His unconditional love.  Go forward now.  Walk proud.  Because at this late hour brothers and sisters of the light, all souls are way past due.  It’s our time to shine.  So shine like that Light on Top of the Hill God enlightened by birthright!

Whatever doubt has held you back, release it.  It can no longer exist, as all yes are now being eliminated by the light of the truth.  Fight  no more ghosts.  Whatever is noble and praise worthy in your character, accept it as true.  Whatever is good about you, embrace it unconditionally as the truth of God and lunge forward into your future.

Lord show them that everything is just waiting for them… and how Heaven is just waiting on them to ascend!!!!!!

Please now, surrender to God.  Trust God.  Walk with God.  Live with God.  Create with God.  Serve others for God.  It’s the best way to live I promise.

I love you.  Yeshua Ben Yosef loves you.  All the Ascended Masters and Universal Beings here helping humanity ascend love you.  You are surrounded by love.  You are protected by love.  You are eternally loved.  Let yourself be honored by the universe.

Know there is absolutely nothing stopping you or your species.  You are free.  Humanity is free, less any cabal boogie man, nuclear threat or terrorist attack.  You are each and all free to explore the universe without limitation.  So explore it!  If not, sadly you will face the dire consequences of rebelling against the Mandate of Heaven.  There’s no other way around ascension, either leap forward into a higher consciousness or be removed from existence.

The choice is that simple, that clear and that absolute.  So be it.

Not another second is acceptable for allowing humanity to be vibrationally enslaved via any lie.  Not another moment is it acceptable to permit a select few to subconsciously imprison the masses by an irrefutable Mandate of Heaven.  What is is…and ascension just is.  So please trust God.  You are His creation.  Humanity is blessed beyond understanding, as God alone has approved our freedom.  But you must do your part to fulfill His promise, and surrendering to the Will of God is the first step.

So take the Hands of Heaven freely, joyfully, eternally.  Only then will you truly co-create with God.  And know He won’t do it for you.  It’s a two way street.

This invisible war / enemy you think you’re fighting doesn’t exist.  Whatever fake armies they tried to make us believe were real have been defeated.  Their super computers and satellites have been confiscated and destroyed.  Their secrete hideouts, tunnels and deep underground basis have all been imploded.  Their leaders removed, their agendas debunked, their power over nations removed.  And yes, their financial basis for power (usury through currency) rendered rendered inoperable.

So what are you afraid of????!!!!!!!!  What are you still fighting a ghost that can no longer fight back!!!!!!  Go through the ghost!!!!!  Give up the ghost!!!!!  Be like Hosanna and die today so you can resurrect in days and ascend forever!!!!!!!!  There is no more struggle unless you choose to struggle!!!!!

Either trust God or don’t.  Either trust you are His beloved child or don’t.  Either align with God’s Will or perish.  Either move forward on your feet with love or die on your knees in fear.  But make no mistake, you, and you alone are holding up the GCR/RV/Golden Jubilee/GESARA… none other… and YOU alone are responsible as a Sovereign Being of the Universal Life Order.

Oh yeah, and for all who claim to be elite or special sovereign governors and major power brokers of this unprecedented transition, you’re not.  You’re just regular people with a job to do.  So do it.  Plus, consider your souls first up on the Gauntlet of Heaven.  As you are the first to be judged in real time this very second.  For all eternally.

God forbid don’t pull the trigger now when billions are known to be starving and without sustenance resources.  I pray that God has mercy on your souls because I know His wrath will soon find you and your families–regardless of your family name, colorful robes, exotic riches and diplomatic status.  None of it is yours, it’s all God’s and it all goes back in the box when you;re done playing HIS game.

All living souls are now on notice from this moment forward, as transcribed through my soul by the Highest High.  All shall either implement the Mandate of Heaven or be terminated from the earth’s face forever.

These are you choices.  The decision is yours.  The children of the cabal have made their choice.  What say you?

I surrender.

– Yosef


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