Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Susan Leland, October 13th

Archangel Michael:
Excalibur Shows Truth,
Love Empowers Peace
and Ascension!
Ashtar On The Road
Teleconference-October 13, 2015

“Greetings to you, all of you dreamers and visionaries and holders of the Light!  For it is you, Beloved Ones, that I and those with me come to honor – for keeping the LoveLights burning in the lives that you have lived and for inspiring the Brightness in others! For now you have come to this very moment in your time when the Light shines upon all matters and all beings, most particularly, upon Humanity. And it is that you have literally kept the faith in yourselves, and in each other, and that is a Grand Truth!!!  Planet Earth is shining so bright, the entire Universe is in awe and in honoring of you, for your courage and for your steadfastness, even when looking at the very darkest of Truths.

“And we know that many of you, all of you in fact, have had moments of wondering, ‘When is the World going to wake up? When is this Peace going to happen?  When is the Truth going to finally come forth so that everyone can understand why it is that so much change is needed?’  Well, I tell you, Beloved Ones, that this is the state of Planet Earth right now!  The Truth is coming out, but, you see it has been striving, if you will, to keep it in balance with the Love that is so necessary to energize continuing forward progress, or I might say progress ‘upward’.  It is most necessary to keep things in balance even while this Truth is coming out!

“And how best to do that is to, yes, shine your Lights upon the Truth.  Let that Light be Love!  When the Light of Love shines upon it, it is not as difficult for others – who have had their eyes closed – to look upon it.  Indeed, the Light is so bright and yet at the same time it has a comforting to offer, or an assurance that it is safe to look at that Truth and to join in shining the Light upon it.  It is not that it is any different as far as its content.  It is simply that when one looks upon all Truth from the shining Light of Love, it is not so much that it will provoke any feelings that are the opposite of Love – and if it does, it can be quite temporary when the individual recognizes that they are feeling less than Love!

“Now in the past I have offered you the use of my sword, Excalibur, and again I extend it to you all so that you can discern more easily that which is Truth, and that which is not.  You have heard Truth spoken here in this Gathering, and you will find much more coming to you.  And if you are not sure of some part of something that you are seeing or reading or hearing about, then I invite you to take Excalibur.  You know, a sword is sharp. A sword can cut away that which is false!  So if you wave Excalibur upon whatever it is that you are somewhat in wondering about, and if you give the intention and ask questions clearly, Excalibur has the empowerment to show you that which is real Truth!!!

“This is for you as much as it is for me.  This is another tool of Love, to be used in Love and to be used in order to discern the Truth and shine your own LoveLights upon it.  Along with this, then must come to you that Peace of which Ashtar was speaking,* that Peace which Dr. Keshe** is offering to the World through his inventions, yes, through his inspirations, connections and Communions, which are absolutely providing the empowerment for his inspirations to become real!!!

“Remember!  His ultimate goal is Peace for Planet Earth.  These inventions of his, these offerings are most sacred indeed, for they are inspired from that Love out of which comes that High Dimensional Peace, for each one as an individual and for the entirety of Planet Earth!  He is a wondrous one who understands why he is here, and who will only be that much more empowered by our Love, and by our understanding that the ultimate goal is to bring the World into Peace, so that all may enjoy all that there is to be enjoyed in the Higher Dimensional Lifestyles!!!

“And while it may seem as though he is addressing basic and fundamental needs, where else would you start to change the World except to provide everyone with equal access to all of the benefits that are to be enjoyed?  When a person is well-fed, sheltered, and when they have heat or cooling as their climate may suggest to them, when they have Peace, the kind of Peace that we are speaking of here, then they are not forced to focus upon survival and climbing up the corporate ladder and all of those kinds of things that have become such a part of third dimensional lifestyle!  They are free to be Love, to love themselves and all others, to raise their vibrations, to join hands and Hearts around the World to assist others, and in that way Planet Earth moves into the Golden Age and beyond!!!

“For I shall say that Humanity is not looking on, but becomes a participant it its Ascension, eyes open, with the greatest Truth of all, which is that all humans have that spark of Love!!!  All humans were created out of Love; all humans are here to return to Love – Unconditional, High Vibrational and Eternal because it has never died – that part of every human that exists in the Higher Dimensions already is Love!

“Love cannot be killed!  Love can be lost sight of by Humanity, but it always IS.  And it is that which we are reclaiming.  Oh, yes!We are here to assist Planet Earth in reclaiming Humanity’s Divine Birthright and indeed, the Birthright of all beings – below, on and above the Planet – to come together in Peace and Harmony and to recognize the Truth of Individual Divinity and the Divine Nature of all!!!

“And I tell you this Great Truth, Beloved Ones!  When you are in Love, when your entire being is filled – when your energy fields are expanded – with that energy of Love of which I speak, you have no limits!  You have no boundaries and you will indeed find that you are moving faster and faster, if you will, into your own Homecomings, your Ascensions.  LOVE POWERS YOUR ASCENSIONS!!!  Now that is a Great Truth of the Oneness of science and spirit!

“Honor yourselves, Beloved Ones, and honor those who are leading the way, such as Dr. Keshe.  And then, if you will, see yourselves empowering and leading with them –you are making it possible for them to do the great works that they are doing and, therefore you, Beloved Ones, are the greatest of Lightworkers!!!

“Thank you for your attention, for being here, in this togetherness, in this Communion of Love, and most of all, for shining your LoveLights so bright, so beautifully that you outshine even the brightest of stars.  Namaste!”

*  The transcript of Ashtar’s message will be published.
**  Dr Keshe – Ambassador’s Meeting in Rome Oct 16, 2015: 
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, October 13, 2015.
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