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Archangel Michael – What Power of Light Is Coming to the Planet?, April 22nd, 2023

Archangel Michael – What Power of Light Is Coming to the Planet?


As I have said other times, my presence here does not need to be announced or planned; I will come whenever necessary. I am not saying with this, that Sananda is not fulfilling her role; she is, and she is fulfilling wonderfully well. Just a few points; let’s say I’m a little firmer, in the way I speak. Sananda has a huge love. So I prefer to come here, call you to pay attention. It will not be a scolding here, it will just be a succession of small statements, which I want you to think about.

What have we all been saying for some time? That the Light Won, that the Light is 100% implanted on your planet. What does this mean? This is the first question. When we say that Light is 100% implanted on the planet, what do we mean? How do you understand this sentence? So, I would like you to reflect on it. So I’m going to talk a little about this sentence.

To say that the Light is 100% implanted on the planet, means that the power of the dark is compromised; that they no longer do what they want, that a whole planning for domination, to make you manipulable beings, no longer fits. What is the Light 100% implanted on the planet? It is simply to destroy everything that may have been created, to dominate you; it is to destroy any attempt at manipulation. Then many may ask, but are the dark ones still here?

At no time did we say that the Light killed all the dark just because it arrived. They are not the vampires you watch in your fiction movies, that all the Light is to arrive and they disintegrate. If it were like that, the planet would have already ascended. I can say that those who are effectively not human, are not on the surface receiving the Light, are very well hidden, as far away from the Light as possible. The big problem now is no longer them, they are the ones who control this planet; they are the ones who are incarnated and are their representatives. This is the big problem. Now there are no more outlandish solutions, nor catastrophic solutions to dominate the humans of the planet more.

Each of you who receives the Light that is coming, each of you who vibrates the Light, what do you do with your interior? It eliminates everything that may be inside and that is not illuminated. This means chip, implant, memories, feelings, everything. Or is the Light selective? “Oh no, the Light only acts on certain things; it has no power for everything.” I ask: What is this light that is coming to the planet? Is it the Light that has always arrived or is it the light of the Central Sun at very high frequencies, precisely to provoke the awakening of the planet? So this Light is not selective, it acts at all points in your bodies.

So we can say that everything you eat, drink, feel, is being modified by the Light. The big problem is the garbage that is staying in there; that the Light does not transform. It’s the same thing you imagined, that today a great machine would arrive here on your planet and clean all the oceans. Very well, she would do her part, now it would be up to you, to separate all the sanding that you have created yourselves. It would be very easy to get here, clean everything and even clean the cleaning product. And you would be lying on the net, just watching. Interesting.

So I tell you: the Light is eliminating everything, now the dirt is getting in there. So how to eliminate this dirt? Drinking a lot of water and avoiding causing new garbage. Because in a little while, you will be street trash. There will be nothing more negative in their bodies, but garbage will be prevailing in the whole body, and what does it cause? Diseases, because your body doesn’t know how to deal with this garbage. So when we say that you have to eat properly, you have to avoid industrialized things; it is so that the Light, when cleaning all this, does not produce more garbage; you are effectively cleaned. The garbage of feelings is enough, which you are transmuting and which is not little. Because you have already cleaned yourself of a lot of things, but you continue to produce garbage; you keep having feelings, which from time to time come to light and you don’t even notice.

So I ask the question again: What is the power of the Light that is coming? Don’t you have any power? Can you continue to feel afraid? We have already said this here and I will repeat: Those who are afraid of whatever it is, are vibrating in reverse. Do you understand that? I hope so, that you understand that any negative to something is fear. As of today… “I don’t eat anything animal anymore.” Is this fear? It depends, it depends on how you are facing, this… “As of today, I don’t eat anything animal anymore.” Are you stopping eating, because you believe it’s good, that you weren’t made for this type of food, or are you stopping eating, out of fear, fear of what that there might provoke you? What feeling are you putting on?

So I would say, if you are not eating out of fear, eat again, because it will do you less harm than you not eating. Do you realize the subtlety of things? Nothing that is done out of fear is of the Light. That will not bring an enlightened result for you. I ask the question again, and this will be the great theme of this video: What is the power of the Light that is coming to this planet? How do you understand this power? What are you waiting for from this power? Is everything still the same? Do all the processes that existed before, that were programmed to manipulate you, still exist? What kind of light is that then?

So it is a weak Light; it is not the Light that will take you to the Fifth Dimension; because being the Light that will take you to the Fifth Dimension, nothing else manipulates you. The decisions of those who are still incarnate exist and will continue to exist until they are removed from the planet. But they think they are doing something, or rather, they already know they no longer have that power. That everything that was planned with this viral went all wrong for them. Then there will be the one at that moment, which will say: “How come it went wrong, millions of people died!” So I’m going to repeat what I said at our last meeting: Souls made choices to leave, they don’t want to move to the Farm in the physical body and take the first transport. Other souls die for fear of disease. How would they die of fear of the flu, tuberculosis, pneumonia, any disease they caught.

Fear contaminates people, not disease. The virus no longer has the potential they want to give it. Only every campaign that is being made that everything is worse, causes what in people? Fear; and fear opens the door to disease. And if that person already has problems, they can’t stand it. Is it so hard to understand that?

So I’m going to ask once again the question: What is the power of the Light that is coming to your planet now? Then many will answer: “For me none, because nothing is happening”. Yeah, you’ve already chosen one side, you’ve chosen your side, the side of disbelief, of doubt. So you’re not on the side of the Light, you’re on their side. I’ve already said that here too. Choose which side you want to be on. There’s no more wall. One foot there, one foot here, there’s no more. Either you are on the side of the Light, believing without seeing or you are on the other side, with doubts, unbelielves, discouraged, vibrating fear.

I want each of you to reflect: What is the Light that is coming to the planet? And then I’ll add another ingredient: What are we, Beings of Light, doing? Everyone lying in the hammock, drinking juice I wouldn’t say, because I don’t drink, but we’re lying down; Oh I know, we’re all lying in the hammock talking about the future of another galaxy. Exactly that, we forget that we have a mission here, we forget that we have to act on the planet. All the Beings of Light who are around your planet are all with this focus, in another galaxy; they are here for fun.

So now the question will be another: What are we Beings of Light doing here on your planet? Nothing? We are playing hide-and-seek with the dark. Is that right? And then I see people, who today are already enlightened, people awake, afraid to take the vaccine. Why? Why are we thinking about another galaxy? Why is the light that arrives weak? Others are afraid to live, because they think they are going to die. Others are afraid to leave the house, because they think the virus has wings and catches in the air. Where is the Light that is coming? Where are we? So I leave this question here for you. I leave to each one, because I have seen, the absurd placements that have been made here.

You share…, by the way, this is another problem. They forgot what I asked for, didn’t they? The vast majority forgot, fill the devices of others, with videos that the other does not want to watch. But you guys keep going. Yeah. Do you think I don’t see it? I see, each one of you, I see and I’m really disappointed; because you forget the things I say here. Your understanding, your way of thinking, doesn’t have to be the other’s. So if you watched a video, you found it interesting, stay for yourself. Why spread it to the other? The other has his walk, if he feels like it, he’ll get videos; if he doesn’t feel like it, he won’t. You forgot about that.

Then I ask, are you just turning your back on what I say? Very well, it’s everyone’s choice. You harvest what you plant. And I see many videos of placements totally from non-Light, being shared; and you thinking it’s from the Light. Congratulations to you. Congratulations! You are helping them spread their energy. Congratulations! Keep doing it. I really can’t force anyone to do anything, and I don’t have this interest. You have free will, you do what you want. So keep sharing, keep giving strength to the other side. Now I don’t know what you’re doing here. And the worst, sometimes they share and still comment. Are you still at that stage of believing in everything you hear and see? You’re a little late, aren’t you?

So I’m going to ask the question again: What is the power of the Light coming to this planet? I want each of you to respond to this. The planet is in the same place it has always been, in space, in the universe; or precisely because it is inside the photon belt, is it receiving Light with an absurd intensity? But this Light has no power, does it? Does this light do nothing? The Light doesn’t kill… the dark ones that are here, I repeat, are not vampires. To be destroyed, it has to be otherwise. If you think we are on the net, talking about another galaxy, keep acting this way; being afraid of everything, emanating the fear of you to the other.

If you’re afraid of something, stay for yourself, you don’t have to emanate to the other. Assume your fear, but don’t pass it on to the other. The other has the power of decision. You don’t need to show what you think, just be it to yourself. Be alone emanating your fear. Don’t share this with another; because you have both little feet on the other side. If you want to emanate fear about everything, emane. Stay with your fear alone for yourself, don’t share your fear with the other.

I’ve always said that difficult times will come. So why everything I’m saying here today? Because I’m already seeing, when things start to happen, you desperate, sharing to millions of people, the fear of you; because that’s what you will do. No one will seek our help and ask for our help, to stay balanced. No, you’ll get the device, you’ll share your fear with everyone. So I ask only one thing from each of you: Choose which side you want to be on. Because many are oscillating, sometimes they are there, sometimes they are here. And every time you swing to the side there, you fall a few kilometers back. Those few meters that you advanced, you lost everything. Because you emanated fear, you didn’t trust. They did not trust the Light that is coming, they did not trust the Beings of Light who are here, working, doing for this planet.

So I’m going to finish this video with this question: What is the power of the Light that is coming to this planet? And I want everyone to answer for themselves. It’s not to fill the heads of others with your opinion; it’s for you. What power are you giving to this Light? Is it the power to act on you and clean everything? Or are you not giving any power, because you fear everything and are moving there on the other side?

Think about it and think a lot. Because what’s to come won’t be easy. And the way you’re walking… I’ll leave it to each one of you to think about it.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL! My role is to warn you. It’s drawing attention. Follow my words whoever you want. Whoever does not agree, very well, you have free will, go your way. And tomorrow, if you come crying and ask me for help, be sure, I will welcome you with open arms.


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