Love is our new reality

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Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, February 9th, 2018


Friday, February 9, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Raphael and I come with healing gifts in my hands. I spread these gifts all over Earth today. There is much that will be healed on Earth. All of Earth’s creations need to be healed today. In some places there is more to heal than in other places. All of these creations have their own healing ability. It is this ability that is brought to life now. In your bodies there is an essence of holiness. It is this essence that has a great healing ability. Let your essence come up in your consciousness and you have all an ability to heal yourselves. Deep inside your body you can sense this essence and it lives on love. When you fill yourselves with love you can feel this essence of peace and happiness. You just are … are in the flow of light and love – A place you would rather not leave, but could stay in … forever. In spite of this you leave it after a short moment, as the energy is much too strong to be possible to hold for any longer time. The body needs to get used to this energy so bring forth your essence now and then. You do this most easily in your meditative moments. It allows the body to adjust itself according to this higher energy and to want to be there for longer moments. You are one with your dear body, you are partners and you strive together on Earth. Take care of your partner and it will give more back. Is this not also your own experience? How often do you not forget to take care of yourself because of all the musts that are prioritized instead? It does not take much of your time to give a little extra to yourself every day. You would notice a large change within yourself if you gave yourself a little love every day. You are not used to doing this for this is not what you have learned to do. You have been taught to fit in and do this and that, but now dear children, it is time to relearn. Take some extra time for yourselves and build up your energy. When you are in the higher energies within yourselves you give from the surplus and this surplus can be large and enough to give from to many. Also, you give out a higher energy that gives much more than the tired and heavy energy that you most often walk around with. The largest responsibility you have is for yourselves and it is then that positive thing can happen. Life opens up for completely new possibilities that you now have both strength and energy to pursue.

Feel your essence dear children on Earth and let it fill your body. Life then gets a whole different meaning for you and your whole existence obtains a golden edge. You understand the meaning of life in a deeper and more loving way. It is easier for you then to just be and you see your path as a whole long stretch of possibilities. You have found the deepest meaning of life and you thank life for all it has given you and taught you. You now walk on the path of light and possibilities and you literally radiate where you go. Be loving dear children on Earth, be loving wherever you go. You tear down walls and build new just by being in your love. This is the greatest and most beautiful that exists. It is these healing gifts that I now wake up on Earth – Love’s holy gift, which wakes up the holy essence that resides deep within you. It is your holy grail that is the cup that you now will drink on Earth. The cup is clean, beautiful and full of unconditional love. It is this light, beautiful and high energy that now streams down to Earth in order to fill each one of you. Earth’s all creations will be transformed by this energy and it is wonderful, beautiful and good.

I, Raphael, am now strengthening this light and beautiful energy on Earth so that more will be lifted up by it.

I send you all my love




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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