Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, June 11th

Archangel Raphael

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Raphael that has come to you today to bless the New Earth, who is on her way up and out of her dark period in the third dimension. We are all grateful that you have kept your Light and your hope for peace and Love on Earth. This will not come to pass and you are well deserving of it.

New lights are daily lit up and the hope for peace on Earth is strengthened at the same pace. All war weary people are now searching for the light, because their wish for peace and love can be found there. The Light is strong and may have a strong influence on their souls. For this reason they may need guidance and assistance so that they can find their way home to their hearts where the light of their souls reside.

The work will start now for you, dear Lightworkers, to welcome all these newly awakened people into the light. It is part of you, a part of the human collective that you belong to. They grow, you grow, everybody is growing into the task of returning ourselves and Earth to our true origins – where we are a part of the Whole.

Nobody can take away our rightful share of all that is. We are all small lights in the universe and everybody has an important function to perform in the matrix that we belong to in the macro and the micro.

The Light is calling you, dear children of Earth. It is intended that you should hurry towards it, in order to enjoy its warmth and love. Do not hesitate, this is your fair inheritance, to get to bath and enjoy all its rays of Light and joy. This is your future, dear children, to get to live happily and free together with other happy and free people. This is Love! Love far beyond your current perceptions in the world that you now belong to.

Your perceptions also slowly adjust to the light, but it has to be connected to the higher Light of the Heart. It is meant that the whole body will be integrated with this Light. It is by having patience with oneself that one can obtain this step by step. Love your mind as your heart. Give support and love to your whole body. Sense that the higher energy is flowing through your body and dissolve the tensions that are left.

The energy is strong now dear Earthlings. You can all feel it in your bodies. However, not everybody understands what is happening with them. This is where you Lightworkers can be of great assistance. Some will listen and find it easier to absorb everything that is happening, others need more help. You can only tell them what you know, in a way that you intuitively understand that the other can receive. You cannot do more and sometimes they need a little rest. Some will come with constant questions and need more confirmations. Everything is perfect as it is. We are all different and need different things to move on in our lives and our development.

The highest development that people on Earth have done can be found in the collective, and which is available for all. This means that it will go faster today and that the development for those that just have started will go faster. Those who already are awake and have started their journey as lightworkers now have the possibility to develop their full potential and become One with Earth and humanity. They can in turn guide others and in this way speed up development on Earth.

It is you who do this work, dear Earthlings. It is you who are the blessed people. Heaven holds its hand over You and gives you the best possibilities that you can get to move on now. The decree from Heaven is clear – Earth and its people are blessed and all possibilities are being prepared for them to return home and become One with All.

All and everybody are now working at your side in order to return you home. The jubilation and the joy is grand in the Universe, because now is the moment when we will be reunited again.

I rejoice with you and send love and light so that you can receive it in your hearts.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.



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