Love is our new reality

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Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, March 4th

Archangel Raphael

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Raphael and I would like to share some words with you today. The wind has changed and now it is blowing in your direction. The cold winds have warmed up and are now pleasant winds blowing. Humanity is on its way to rise up and out of its imprisonment, which has lasted for hundreds of years. It is a new dawn that now is at the door and the future is yours dear children on Earth. It is a future in the signs of Light vibrations.

A great healing is now happening on Earth, which changes all that lives on the surface to a higher form and vibration. Everything that has been hidden is now emerging from its hideaways and is showing its true face. This can be of both the positive and negative variety. Some things will disappear and others will return and blossom to its full potential.

Life – the true live can start to be lived and the joy is sounding far out in space. Feel that joy in your hearts and sense this true joy there. This is where you live and it is from here that you can spread the joy around you. It can be projected far, since it is a Light frequency. It is these frequencies, which change the collective and the surface world you live on. The collect is you as humanity and the faster you spread light vibrations in your own humanity the faster your world will change.

What is most important is that you hold the Light within you, it is the first step – the second step is to spread it around you by being friendly and loving towards those that you meet. A smile, a friendly gesture can be enough to make another human’s step a bit lighter that day. It is in meeting that we see each other. This is when fantastic things can happen. We all have a need to be seen, to know somebody sees us, so that we can feel we have value for some other human. Some people find themselves in a grey zone and they think they can be neither seen or heard. A small gesture can help them get out of this zone and start to open up to the world outside and inside themselves.

You have a large responsibility for your fellow humans, since they are a part of you and you are a part of them. Together you form a collective unit. It is as a collective unit that you will ascend and this is the reason it is so important that you bring along as many brothers and sisters as is possible.

I, Raphael, will help you by sending your healing all the way to the finish line. The healing will help you heal yourself and others that cross your path. You will find me in your heart. It is the way of the heart that is leading you forward now. The higher heart intuition works with your higher mind and leads you along the light path back home again to your Source’s origin.

I end by wishing you a Light and Healing journey. You are soon at the finish and great love is waiting for you there.

With Love,




Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan