Love is our new reality

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Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, May 21st

Archangel Raphael

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Raphael and I would like to share some words with you today. Be of good cheer, people of the Earth. It might seem as if it is the dark that surrounds you, while in fact it is the Light that surrounds the dark. The dark can find no way out and some rage can appear here and there. This will pass. They cannot do too much damage since their power is drastically diminished. The Light doggedly paves the way and converts darkness to Light. The dark either flies the Light or allows itself be converted to Light.

There is much that you will encounter within yourselves. It can hurt and feel difficult, but the relief is great once you have let go and forgiven yourselves. When the heart is filled with the power of love and forgiveness then it is not hard to go on and understand the power of the true spirit of forgiveness for all who need it. There are many on Earth today that need it. Many feel guilt and powerlessness when inconvenient truths appear. Love and forgiveness are the sole remedies. There is nothing else that can help more than this. It paves the way for the Light, which only understands and gives Love to all who need it and wants to receive it. Deep inside all want to receive it, but are afraid to see its own darkness. They have difficulties with forgiving themselves. They need to be reminded of the fact that they live in an illusion and that the School on Earth has been a rewarding school. They have learned to live separately and how it is to dwell in darkness.

Now it is time that they find the Light in themselves and start the trek homewards to their Father. He is more than happy to send Light to them that need it the most, with the help of all the light beings that surround him. You are all his children and equally loved and welcomed home again. Your Father will always await your return. The joy is great when you turn your steps homewards again. This is what you now have done, dear children, and a splendid celebration is prepared for your return.

The joy and the trumpeting up here are overwhelming. Had you felt a small drop of the joy that is found here all your doubts would have been washed away. Here there are no doubts, only victories. You are heading towards victory, dear children on Earth. You have vanquished the dark and are now marching towards your greatest victory in your long history. Rejoice with us and see and understand that the Light is here to stay and you wander together with Mother Earth into the Light, in the bright future that is yours.

We, all light beings that are up here love you so much and send you as much love as we can.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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