Love is our new reality

Archangel Raphael via Genoveva Coyle, August 3d, 2018


then sit patiently and peacefully in the knowing that when a certain type of lesson is done, tested, and incorporated, then you move on to the next…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! Greetings my friends, my family, my beloved brothers and sisters! I AM Archangel Raphael, healer and physician of this universe and multiverse and way beyond, permanently on call and ready to sit with you and truly with anyone that is asking for my intervention and assistance.

So, therefore, dearest ones, do not hesitate to call if you are in need of insight and clarity over any kind of matter, no matter how trivial it may seem to you. There is nothing that is too small, for if it is troubling and upsetting for you, then it is important to take a keen and closer look at it and heal it.

It is in that intention, to want to see and to want to let go of the low and bothersome energies, that you are opening yourselves to healing, and therefore allowing your higher selves and me, and the entire Council of Love to intervene and assist you.

There are times when you feel tired of having bad events or even an entire day of “misfortunes” and “crazy happenings,” and you wonder when will it all come to a stop so that you can permanently shift into a state that is flowing with happiness and bliss, being love and loving, learning and progressing on your journey with laughter, joy, and ease.

But I am saying to thee to let go of self-judgement and impatience with your sweet selves; for when you are ready then you are! So then sit patiently and peacefully in the knowing that when a certain type of lesson is done, tested, and incorporated, then you move on to the next and more exciting one. Stop wishing that you would rather be over there, somewhere else, or like someone else that you love and admire, or right now in that future moment where all is bliss and contentment! Just decide to be where you are right now in thismoment, and hold on in serenity and self-acceptance, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be!

And let’s sit together and smile at the beauty and the brilliance of your plan! You would have to agree that you are being guided with love and wisdom! Do you see the subtle signs and the sweet breadcrumbs that your guidance and loving family from the higher realms is giving you constantly? Do you see how wise you are because you can decipher and translate them into insight, showing you where you do still need to make adjustments and corrections?

“But why all this post factum learning,” you ask yourselves, “when is this going to end and change into foreseeing and therefore avoiding the tears and the suffering?”

Dear ones, you have become wonderful spiritual adults – those Nova Yous that have assumed that mantle of Divine authority – have no doubts about this. You are continuing to live and function in an inspired manner constantly, always connected with your higher selves and guides. But there are times when you need to release yourselves from carrying unnecessary burdens that are not yours to carry, that never have been, and then focus your attention on the places and spaces where you are still giving your power away.

We are giving you clues and insight through feelings and emotions, but are you looking and paying attention to the signs and symptoms of the dis-ease? We know you are, and we know how much you want to prevent and completely avoid the disease and the suffering. This is exactly what you are doing – learning to see and then act quickly on that faint but sweet voice of your intuition, rather than waiting for stronger evidence and the outward manifestation of your knowing!

Every situation and each and every one of you is unique, and no one said that being your own physician is an easy and simple task. There are no books or texts that you can follow, but there is a wisdom and a knowing inside each and every one of you that will guide you through each experience and situation.

Call on me or on my emerald green, call on me to assist you in shifting into that space of clarity and peace, so that you can see for yourselves and understand the truth, your truth!

It is truly an honor to be here with you, it is really a great pleasure to be part of your exhilarating journey! Farewell for now.

By Permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.