Love is our new reality

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Archangel Raphael via Dana Zook, September 3d, 2017

Feel the love coming up within you and welling up within you and coming out and surrounding you. Open the heart to the love, I reside with the heart

Yes beloveds, I am Archangel Raphael and I have been working with all of you today.

You have embarked on this journey and committed yourself to learning, to open yourselves and it may come as a surprise but that also means opening with each other and healing core issues; for what are we to one another but mirrors of ourselves? Anything that makes us uncomfortable is an indication of something that needs healing within us.

It may not even be something you remember. It may be from another life. And as you pull out the thorns one by one and heal with my green light, with the love of your heart, that wound will no longer fester and it will heal and you will not be able to even know it was there.

This is what you are doing dear ones. It is a process and yes, it is just as important to have that discussion as it is to spend the time in the energies and the love and allowing us to use your voices.

We have told you that the three of you [channeling group] are very dear to us. You tend to, all of you, forget who you are and think less of yourself than you actually are.

You put yourself in a box or you could say, clip your wings, when you do that. It is one thing to stay humble but when you acknowledge your greatness you are not becoming arrogant, you are becoming more humble with the awareness of how amazing you are and how much you have to give and how much responsibility you have.

This responsibility is not one that is with stress and strain or feeling a burden, it is one that is a joy, that is lighthearted, that makes you feel freer and more full of love and joy as you fulfill it. The Mother does not wish you to feel burdened, dear ones.

I am surrounding each of you with my green light. It is like effervescent little bubbles going in and around your body, your blood is turning to green little bubbles and your emotional and mental bodies, etheric bodies, and causal bodies, all energies are being healed in this energy.

Archangel Gabrielle wants to throw her little gold sparkles in there because she is the one that is so full of joy and she brings it too, every time you get together, to try and uplift you. And it is hard to be uplifted if you’re feeling pain and heavy.

I ask all of you to call on me. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental or emotional or physical or spiritual, I am the Healer of the Cosmos, beyond the beyond that you can even imagine. I am the one who will help with your healing, to bring you into what actually already exists, that is, your wholeness. But for you, it doesn’t feel that

And so I, also, am able to work with my beloved brother and so when you do the false grids, you can call me as well and the two of us will come and work with you. You are all doing wonderful my dears, wonderful!

You are healing, you are moving things, you are lifting things. It may not feel like it but you are all moving forward or deeper or however you wish to see it. You are all moving more into the love. Feel the love coming up within you and welling up within you and coming out and surrounding you. This is what heals. This love is what heals.

This one has tried to spend so much money getting so many little things to try and help or to heal or supplements or whatever it is and yes, they all have had some help, but the love, opening the heart to the love, I reside with the heart.

The chakra is green and I am here, right here within your heart. So stop and come to me, not just calling help, but come to me in this space; allow me to come into you, to feel my love. That is her only step right now, is to heal.

And with that I wish to say farewell for now. Go with my love. I love all of you so, so much. You have no idea how much you are loved by the entire Council of Love.

Blessings, dear ones. Farewell.


» Source  – Channel: Dana Zook