Love is our new reality

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Archangel Uriel via Genoveva Coyle, August 8th, 2017

Archangel Uriel’s message through Genoveva Coyle…”Create the space for the new to find its way into your consciousness, and then, almost immediately you are being given the new steps and actions needed to gracefully respond to and solve any triggering matter.”

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Archangel Uriel, Archangel of love and Silver Light, bringer of the future in this now moment, your closest friend, and your constant companion and beloved family.

Turn to me, my dearest ones, at any time or use my silver and grayelsha gentle light to assist you in discerning process, to show you a deeper meaning of that which you are facing in this moment. For as you know, there are many layers and deeper aspects of the illusions and veils that need to be removed and cleared, so the purest light and truth can be uncovered.

The deeper you go into the root of the problem(s), the faster and more efficiently you will find your peace and serenity, while living and journeying through these chaotic energies.

It takes only [a] few moments to go within, to align with your hearts and then to allow the knowing to come and give you every answer and detail of what next needs to be let go of, to freely flow away from you and from the entire humanity, either to get transmuted into light or to be completely eliminated and discarded for good. When you set the intention to release all that which you have been made aware that needs to go, you are creating the space for the new to find its way into your consciousness, and then, almost immediately you are being given the new steps and actions needed to be taken, so you can gracefully respond to and solve any triggering matter.

Yes, my light is soft and gentle, yet bright enough to shine and illuminate every corner and hidden fear in your heart and being. It is not meant to shock thee or make you uncomfortable in any way, but it is meant to deepen your understanding and knowing about your world you have been choosing to immerse in, and about the entire picture of your grand plan that you have designed for this exciting journey on planet Earth.

You are wayshowers and the ones in the frontline in this beautiful adventure of the awakening and ascension. You are not compromising your missions by working only on a surface level, you are determined to take your time and diligently remove every single little bit and remnant of illusion and distorted truth. Evidently, you are not the trailblazers of Nova Earth just to point out mistakes and problems, you are not here to assign and to delegate others to do the heavy lifting and the works. You are taking them upon your brave selves, experiencing and living through them fully, only to find out easier solutions and to remove all of these self-imposed barriers and blockages based on fear and powerlessness that have kept humanity stuck in smallness and shadows for so long.

Dear hearts, you are strong and extremely powerful in your decision to bring out only the light, the truth and the love of the Mother/Father/ One.

There is nothing else out there but love and you know that whenever you choose love over fear, when you trust that love is the answer to every single problem, then you are bringing yourselves and everyone else closer to the absolute freedom, to joy and light, to the bright future of the Nova Earth.

I will leave you now with sparkles of silver light and joy, with my eternal gratitude and love.


By Permission.

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