Love is our new reality

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Archangel Uriel via The Lemurian Light Council, December 2nd

Greeting dear Ones,

Lots of people in the Lightworker Community are actually in a search for Truth, what is Real, what is not… You are essentially living in your own Universe, part of a virtual reality game. While you only perceive the reality you create, you believe it is the only one existing, yet there is an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting. You are shifting from Parallel Realities to Parallel Realities every Present Moments.

According to how you change your vibrational frequency you will enter a Parallel Universe matching this very frequency, not very different from the precedent one in your perception, yet completely different in vibration and energy. This is about calibrating your frequency to match the reality you want to create for yourself and others, which is not very different than turning the button of a radio receptor.

This game is about realigning with your True Creator Selves, and create your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All at the same time in your Own Universe. This is about being the Lucid Creator of your Vibrational Environment, like in a Dream State, yet it is the same in the Physical World, just on another dimensional level. This is what explains Albert Einstein’s theory about relativity.

You are essentially the Children of Light in your own world, here to expand Love and Create the most Beautiful Reality you would like to experience. From this perspective nothing can be true or untrue, there is but One Truth that envelops everything within the One Creator Mother Father God. You are within God and God is within You, you are not separated from anything in existence at all, You Are Unique and the Whole at the same time. You are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, the Center of your Own Universe.

Then, only you can create separation in your world, by believing you are not God, or worshiping any entity/someone outside of you for being God. By believing in separation, you give your power away and miscreate your own reality. You may believe in the existence of a negative entity that separates you from God, you may call “ego”, yet this is only an illusion, for nothing is separated from God.

It is not about releasing your ego or beating yourself for having an ego, negative thoughts or emotions, but about accepting that it is safe for you to experience these emotions and have negative thoughts, no matter how negative they are, because this is just the Universe being very creative. You do not have to blame yourself for experiencing and tasting the Whole Rainbow.

It is Your Job to be Gentle with Yourself and Love Yourself in the process, to Trust the Process. It is up to you to recognize that you already are One with God, to reclaim your Power and Create with Love for Yourself and Everyone in your Reality.

Therefore, you can have whatever Truth which resonates deep in your Heart, this will always be the one you will experience in your World of Perception and Reflection. You can give whatever meaning you want to anything, to any symbols, this will be the History of Creation of your own Universe.

Creation did not happen in the Past, if All is Now then it’s still Now. Events from the Past and the Future are created from the Energy of the Now, the Infinite is Now. Your own vibrational frequency is what dictates which Reality you are in the Now.

Ask yourselves “Can I Love myself as much as God Loves me?”, then you know what Real Unconditional Love is, without any judgements. From this Infinite Love, you expand your Vibrational Frequency and become more and more aligned with your Eternal Lucid Creator Self. By Loving your own Heart, you bless all other Hearts equally, with the same ammount of Love.

From Love, you can set Powerful Intentions and Meanings to everything you do or perceive. You can remember how easy it is to create. By seeing Beauty in All Things, you create more Beauty. By saying for example: “Each bite of food brings Infinite Abundance to All”, or “Each drop of water I drink Purifies All Oceans” ; you set very Powerful Intentions that are aknowledged and acted upon by the Universe.

If you really want to create Abundance for Yourself, start Blessing everyone with Infinite Abundance, start perceiving everything as Symbols of Abundance. The meanings you give to everything, is what creates your vibrational environment. The more positive you are, the more positive your reality will be.

Then, Dear Human Creator Gods, I wish you to get along with Infinite Love for Yourselves, and create the most Beautiful Reality you could ever experience for Yourselves and All Living Beings in your Own Universe.

I send you my Infinite Support and Love ~ Know that all Beings in the Higher Realms are always hoping to help you~ the only thing to do is asking, and trusting that this help will always be provided no matter what.

~ I am Uriel of the Sun ~ Lemurian Light Council of Terra ~