Love is our new reality

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Archangel Uriel via Genoveva Coyle, December 11th, 2017

Greeting dear ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light of the truth and clarity, Archangel of the Future, your friend and family.

I come here to bring you a newer understanding of the gifts that you have been given recently or even some time ago, it really matters not.

I have ignited my Silver Flame into your fourth eye, into your heart and superimposed it on and intermixed it with your Pink Flame. I have activated the flame into your hands so that you can place it in front of thee when you are traveling into the shadows and shady areas. Then you can discern what is of the truth from that which is tricky and only attempts to distract thee so that you lose your focus and direction.

I have to bring to your attention that you can use this flame to foresee the future, to see where this or that action will lead you and may even eventually take you. You can see that you are going to arrive in the same upsetting and frustrating dead end that you have traveled in before, and so you could decide in that split second that you have to take a different route so you will have a better, smoother and more pleasant heart fulfilling journey. And of course, knowing this you would choose the action that is going to take you, and everyone that is connected to thee, into a more peaceful and joyful place. You would not want to repeat past errors.

Dear and beloved brothers and sisters, ask me to assist thee or use the Silver Flame to guide you for it is really the same. Whenever you feel triggered, which means upset or out of sorts, ask me to show you which part of thee is asking to be heard so you can better adjust your tone of voice and communication. Whenever it is frustration and impatience use the Silver Light and ask to see deeper beneath the situation to understand why you do feel the way you feel.

Is it your unheard and hurt inner child that is throwing a temper tantrum trying to express and convey to you the truth that he/she sees? Is this perhaps the pain of seeing how you, the grown- ups, kept on taking the scenic routes of the ego and then trying to force feed him/her into believing that this is the best and for the best of all? Is it your inner exasperated, rebellious and angry teenager that has the vision and the willingness to change the unfairness and inequality, and everything leading to feelings of being constrained and shut down forcefully by the authority? The same part of you that felt neither supported nor encouraged in pursuing his/her dreams of bringing in a different and better world, but rather was forced to be like the rest and to fit in with the herd?

With all the wisdom that you have accumulated upon awakening and all the clarity of the Silver Flame, you can now listen and really hear them out. You do not have to waste energy in arguing and defending your sweet self, because your young child and the older teen is very wise and does know that you had been heavily veiled and had forgotten your truth.

You can shed tears of sorrow if you feel you must, but when you take the time to really hear and comfort these parts of self, then the most miraculous healing occurs, and that brings you and your entire being a feeling of completion and a wonderful sense of true well-being based on wholeness and unconditional love of every aspect and facet of self. It creates a balanced and whole new and stable foundation in your dear self and at the same time it will greatly assist your earthly children as they grow and develop, as well as other adults of your extended and soul family and yes, even your grown up and elderly parents.

This is what we mean when we tell you to focus on yourselves, thus bringing about the change in your sweet self that you want to see in others, and so you will change the world.

Of course, as you can see there is always a deeper meaning to every saying, and you are ready to go deeper and wider into your being and into your wholeness.

I feel honored to assist you always and to hold my light up high for you to go and explore the depths of your world. I will leave you now with my eternal love and sparkles of Silver Light.

Until later, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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