Love is our new reality

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Archangel Uriel via Genoveva Coyle, September 11th, 2017

There are many out there who are acting out in fear because they are still half asleep and they do not want to change the status quo …

Greetings dearest ones! This is Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, Bringer of the Truth and bright Future in this now moment, your friend and ally, always.

These are times of intense changes and turbulence. These are rocky and bumpy times, for everyone is being challenged in one way or another while the structures of the old are being dismantled and sometimes are going down with big and disturbing crashing noises.

It is concerning and terrifying to the ones that do not want to change the status quo, because they know that their time of using and manipulating others through fear is over. So they are clinging on, attempting desperately to stall the progress of the light by using every means they have in their arsenal to bring more confusion, fear and doom and gloom.

There are many out there who are acting out in fear, because they are still half asleep or just about to awaken. And so the physical symptoms, the pains and illnesses brought by the release of their own dense energies combined with the same type of the energies coming from their close family, distant friends and from the entire human collective, makes them weaker and more vulnerable to further fearful influences, mind fogging and brainwashing.

Most of the time there is lack of medical insurance and the “free” medical care comes with a very high price tag indeed. There is an increasing fear regarding their financial stability, whether they have a job at this time or not it doesn’t matter. Everyone seems concerned with the cost of health-care and living, and at the same time with the high rate of unemployment due to the technological advances which replaces the need for human work.

Relationships can become tense and rocky when parties are unnecessarily attacking one another and/or close their hearts in pain, feeling rejected, and misunderstood. That can apply to families and to the working environment, and that includes the light worker communities.

There are many using this Tsunami of Love and the after-effects of it, trying to catch and hold onto the ones that are being swept underwater by their own emotions and turmoil.

This is why it is imperative that you, the forerunners, the brave pillars of light and anchors of Divine Authority, and of the Mother’s love, remain balanced and connected with your higher selves and guidance. You have been extensively prepared and trained for these times of trials and unexpected challenges.

Use all the gifts and tools given to thee in love to shine through the veils of the illusion. Look deeper and at all levels into what is happening around you and see the benefits, the light, and the freedom at the end of the challenge. Even if you can’t understand the reason or if you can’t see the entire picture and where you are heading while being confronted with a particular “unfair and unreasonable” personal trial, hold onto your faith. Know that you are part of the demolition of the old, and that while you are going through it you are holding the light on high.

Yes, you are going forward in your Divine Authority and forging the new path of freedom for all, knowing that your intentions are to bring light and truth, knowing and feeling that you are fully supported by the higher realm, by the Mother and Father/ One.

Is this giving you the smallest idea of how powerful you are? You are unstoppable, my dearest and brave peaceful warriors of the light, when you remain loving, serene in your trust, and detached from personal and worldly events.

You are the wonder love workers, you are the silver angels of the light and truth, you are the champions of the graceful change and transformation, you are the leaders of the new life on Planet Earth!

I will wrap and enfold you in my silver light and love. I will leave you with the deepest knowing and peace.

Until next time, farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle