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Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman, March 23d, 2018

Archangel Uriel ~ You Are Embodied Perfection


By Jennifer Hoffman

This article is an Archangel Uriel channeled message that asks that we celebrate our perfection and embrace our imperfection as the fulfillment of our soul mission to create energetic congruence in our lives.

You are embodied perfection, a spark of divine light embodied in human form. You can never doubt or question your perfection because it is a profound, unquestionable spiritual truth. Yet your desire to ‘be’ perfect creates so much fear, sadness, and powerlessness when you do not achieve the level of perfection you see in others. Rather than question your perfection, question your belief that you are not perfect. Why do you accept this as your truth when all of the Universe supports you as a perfect, whole spark of divine light? If you believe Source is perfect, then you cannot question your own perfection. You are perfect in every way now, let that be your new truth.

Your belief in your imperfection happens when you compare yourself to others and you see that you are not as accomplished or as successful as they are. You do not have what they have or do not do what they do. Have you set your intention to manifest those things in your life? And if you had those things would that make you perfect or happy or whole or complete? There is no standard of perfection. What have you done until this moment that was perfect? Everything because your perfection lies within you, not with how you can imitate others. It is part of your be-ing.

You desire perfection so you can be free from others’ judgment and criticism. But they judge your perfection, not your imperfection. Those who judge you see you as more ‘perfect’ than they are. Their criticisms and judgment are a reflection of their envy, jealousy, and their own imperfections. You cannot avoid judgment by those who will judge you but you can avoid limiting yourself and your innate perfection by not believing their judgments.

Your life purpose is the expression of your soul mission of service to Source and to humanity, based on changing your ‘imperfect’ energy of trauma, suffering, and pain to the perfection of healing, wholeness, and congruence. This soul mission is based on your perfecting your imperfection – the soul wounds and karma that you have created and are healing and completing now. It is your imperfection, the blocks in the flow of divine energy, that creates the life purpose of your journey into perfection. Rather than seeing this as ‘not perfect’, change your definition of perfection to congruence, wholeness in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The harmonious flow of energy into and through your life that creates an unlimited flow of miracles is activated by your movement from the imperfection of imbalance to the perfection of congruence. That is true perfection.

You serve Source and humanity by fulfilling your soul’s mission of completing your path of healing, wholeness, and congruence. Every day you fulfill this soul mission in many ways and it is your gift to humanity. Every step you take towards healing your soul wounds, expanding your frequency and vibration, fulfilling your healing mission also expands your perfection. And it is the imperfection of your path that creates the perfection of your journey.

Celebrate your imperfection as the journey into the perfection of congruence, the completion of your healing journey. Remember that as a spark of divine light you cannot be imperfect and that even the imperfection of your soul wounds, healing journey, and fear are perfect. You are recognized by every being in the Universe as perfect, celebrate your perfection and become congruent with your divinity. Embrace the perfection of who you are as your spiritual truth and that makes you perfect.

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