Archangel Uriel via Lynette, July 18th

A. Angel Uriel speaks on the Great Awakening Kwan Yin


You see me standing before you radiated in the Light of God.
I stand eternal in the Sacred Heart of all.
Do you not remember that you also have stood here before your leap into the duality contained in the human form?

Glorious One of pure soul, you cringe in every fibre of your human form at the vibration of violence and anger radiating out on Earth.
This is because of the Earth changes preceding the Great Awakening of the human being.

All around you are signs of the new birth, the breaking down of old laws and outdated visions.
New ideas of peace and togetherness are birthing into the very fabric of life as you know it.
Many are now voicing what their inner voice cries out for – remembrance of the Sacred Heart of your soul, of unity, of Oneness.

You are well aware that darkness will never be able to survive, nor exist in this sacred of sacred’s heart.
Do you remember your Light, your soul joined in Oneness for eternity?
An eternity of a peace you are unable to fully comprehend in human form.
You see glimpses and experience what you call bliss when you move your ‘essence’ into a higher plane of existence.
A place where no hate, no time, no pain exists.
A glimpse, a small glimpse of your Sacred Heart existence. Kwan Yin

I come today with my dear brother Kuthumi’s support and the open heart of this scribe to remind you of your sacred authority, your birth right.
Your Sacred Heart is your refuge and your strength through the negative vibrations you are experiencing as I speak now.
Many old ideals of power and superiority will be broken down.
It must be so before the Great Awakening can be birthed fully.
Already on Earth warriors of Light are present.
There are great ones who will fight for unity of all in order for Oneness to be.
As above, so below.

You were told of a birthing time.
This time is upon you now.
Brave souls will fulfill their destiny and return to us in glory.
These souls will create change.
A great change of intention through your leaders who must understand that leadership does not mean abuse of race, color of skin or beliefs.

Sadly it will take more of your time for this to pass into your daily reality.
The process has begun.
So I bring you the message of strength, pure essence of the eternal Light, knowledge of your own soul and remembrance of your Sacred Heart.
Your refuge, your shelter, your courage.

Know we are with you, so many of us.
Those who can will feel us as a warmth, a tingling or a knowing.
Some will view me in my Light as I present to them.
But know we are among you, with you, reminding you to be strong.
This is why you chose to birth at this wondrous time on Earth.
To assist in the process of awakening to a new existence of peace and goodwill to all. Kwan Yin

Many here have spoken of this time.
Told you of the unfolding.
You have been prepared.
Now your Sacred Heart must sustain you.
Stand together in the unity of God, of Oneness.
Guard your Sacred Heart with care.
Do not allow yourself to slip to past – to lower vibrations of anger and hate for another repeatedly.
If you do you will sorely regret that decision on your return here.

Shall I tell you why glorious one?
Because you will be assigned to repeat the experience until you listen to your soul and remind yourself – ahhh, my Sacred Heart, I will not play the game of hate or revenge for that will diminish my sacred Light greatly.
My energy field will be muddied.

And so you evolve and you grow evermore bright in Oneness.

Shine your Light glorious one for all to see.

I am Uriel of the Angelic realms.

If you share this channeled transmission, please acknowledge the channel – Lynette and Kuthumi School of Wisdom and our web address.


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