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Archangel Uriel via Shanta Gabriel, October 20th

A Message about Light and New Life from Archangel Uriel via Shanta Gabriel


We are in a time of expanded Light frequencies. New doors are opening for your ability to perceive in more expansive ways. The power of keen perception is available to all who ask and take the time to receive.What you require now is to relax into the Divine Light flooding the planet and allow it to complete the rewiring process that is working within your energy system to create your ascended Light Body.

Deepening your breath is a key ingredient in opening and expanding into the new empowered frequencies of Divine Light. When you breathe very shallowly, your energy field contracts and your body interprets the constriction as fear because it is afraid that it won’t receive enough oxygen. With a breath, fear can become excitement and your energy field will expand. This is not only a delicious feeling for the body, the expansion allows you to receive more Light into your energy system.

Recognize also that many people are experiencing the same type of ascension symptoms. It is always good to check these symptoms out with a doctor. After that, do your best to not take what you perceive as unusual activity in your body so personally. Remember that this is a mass awakening process. Be aware of the extreme quality of your spiritual evolution being demonstrated, and as you release the old patterns in yourself, know that it also helps to clear those same frequencies for all humanity.

There is a divine correlation between your ability to expand your perspective to allow new frequencies to work through you and that same awakening consciousness in all of life. What you are experiencing and letting go of is assisting the awakening of all beings on the planet. There has been a constant state of upgrade and rewiring process occurring through this past year, and it has been very difficult for most people.

Throughout time there have been moments when the Supreme Consciousness is impulsing new light frequencies for the awakening of humanity. This was true in the periods of history such as the Renaissance and Industrial Age. The energy of this time, however, is without precedence and it is important to use this time wisely. You have stepped foot into the River of All Creation. Whatever you need could be available with Grace and Ease. It is a matter of focusing the Divine Light in expansive ways.

When you learn to ground the new frequencies and allow the accelerated energy to flow more freely through your body, your life will feel more elevated and inspiring.

Consider the practice of giving the Light of Divine Love to all the parts of yourself that are suffering, questioning, or in pain. As you send Light and give more Love to yourself on a daily basis, an ease begins to permeate your life and new levels of consciousness explode through your being.

Change is the constant expression of this time. The acceleration you are experiencing is the awakening of new 5D life on the planet. When you know that your spiritual evolution is creating the changes within and around you, it helps to relax the questioning mind. Change is only uncomfortable when you are holding on to old patterns. Change is exhilarating when you can relax and expand with the new frequencies. It may be unknown territory, but the new life opening in your energy field will delight you in its magical qualities of synchronicity and freedom.

Activation of Light is an inside job. Your perception of the world is clearly a vehicle of Light. Have you been looking through a glass darkly? Whatever you see is colored by your perception and attributes. From profound realization to discouragement in the face of discordant information, all that you see is through the lens of your thoughts and attitudes.

Your alignment with Source energy changes your reality and how you perceive. The amount of Light you bring into your mind changes your energy system on all levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The connection you create to your heart also assists you in seeing more clearly, and with expanded awareness.

Through all life there are moments in time when all that can be seen is limited by how you look at the situations around you. Know you can Illuminate the darkness when you can stand within the Light of Truth and Love.

Allow yourself to receive from higher levels of expanded awareness. Use the spiritual tools you have been given to support yourself through this process. And learn to trust yourself in a whole new way.

Know that you are being held in Wings of Pure Light and being led through this time by the power of a Love that never ends. Rejoice in the knowing that you are a part of a grand momentum of Light that will transform the world as you have known it. The creation of New Life Awakening is happening within and around you.

You will be able to use these powerful new frequencies of Light more and more to create the life you desire. Know that your clear intentions are holding the planetary consciousness in new expansive states of awareness. This benefits all of humanity.

Open to receive Divine Light. Allow Light to flow through you and ground in the earth. Let Light fill and surround you. Bring Light into your heart and radiate your Light into the world. From this place of expansion, you will truly know that all is well.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Uriel
August 18, 2016


“A Message to You from Archangel Uriel,” Channeled by Shanta Gabriel, August 18, 2016, at