Love is our new reality

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Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson, January

Linda Robinson ~ AA Zadkiel ~ A call to Love

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and the Angelic Realm of Light.  Today, we are issuing and requesting a call to Love.
You and your planet are continuing to receive many waves of powerful energy.  The results of the impact of this energy will be reflected in the way in which you conduct your thoughts and actions.  Therefore, we are requesting a call to Love.
This call to Love begins with the individual and ripples out into the masses of humanity and into the ethers.  You are all connected in a great web of life and eternity.  You may wish to picture it as a great web of silken thread in which each intersecting point contains the Soul and Spirit of an individual.  This is a vast web and spreads far beyond the imagination.  It contains a point for each Being, including those in all dimensions of the Universe, both visible and invisible.  The silken threads connect the points, and these may be considered threads of Light or energy.
Imagine a gentle breeze occurring in one of the intersecting points.  This breeze ripples throughout the web and each intersecting point or Being feels the breeze.  This may occur consciously or subconsciously, but it is reflected in the overall knowing of each Being.
The effects of the thoughts and actions of an individual can be compared to the effects of the breeze.  What one individual does affects the whole.  You and all Beings are connected in the Oneness of Creation.  We, in the unseen realms, are also connected with you.  Therefore, any thought or action, no matter how small, can have a great impact as it ripples out into the web of Creation.
When you consider that you are part of a great web of Creation, you realize that each Being came from the same Source, even though you are expressing your individuality in different ways.  The common thread is that you all came from the same Source.
You each carry a Divine Spark of Light in your heart center.  This is the Light that is reflected as your part of the great web of Creation.
In order to begin the call to Love, you may wish to begin your journey with the realization that you are all connected in this great web of Creation.
Then, you may wish to turn your focus to your heart center.  Let your attention rest on this area, and focus on your Divine Spark that resides within.  It is a beautiful Spark of Light that is always shining and reminding you of your connection to the Creator.  It is reminding you that each Being with whom you interact also has a Divine Spark within his or her heart center.
As you focus on your Divine Spark, it grows brighter, for what you place your attention on increases.  As you focus on your Divine Spark, you begin to feel a sense of the eternal Love that resides there.  Again, the more you focus on this feeling of Love, the stronger it grows.  You may find that this Love begins to grow until it surrounds your entire Being and radiates out to those around you.  You can continue this practice and picture this Love surrounding your planet and radiating into the ethers.
You begin to realize that your feelings of Love ripple out into the great web of Creation.  The more you focus on the Love in your heart center, the stronger your ripple of Love will be.
As you reflect on this web of Creation, you begin to see that spending some time each day focusing on your Divine Spark and its radiant Love and Light can be of great benefit to humanity and the Omniverse.
Further reflection on the Oneness and the interconnectedness can lead you to realize that your thoughts and actions are powerful.  Their energy radiates throughout humanity and the Omniverse.  When your thoughts and actions are for highest good, this creates an energy that promotes Love and Light.  Each individual thought or action is powerful.  Therefore, we are asking you to be mindful of your thoughts and to set an intention for highest good.
When many individuals monitor their thoughts and set an intention for highest good, a feeling of Love begins to spread throughout the fabric of Creation.  A sense of peaceful Light is available to all Beings.  You are a beautiful beacon of Loving Light.
Beloveds, we are very grateful that you have answered our call to Love.  We are joining with you as you are turning inward to focus on your Divine Spark and are sending Love and Light throughout the web of Creation.
Know that you are greatly loved.
WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Lady Amethyst, and the Angelic Realm of Light
…and we surround  you with Love.
And so it is.
All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson,